Animal House


I think we can all relate to one historical past-time that fully encompasses all that is Greek-life: Animal House. Nothing sparks a national boner more than a few alcoholic frat boys with an overdose of testosterone and unlimited kegs to tap.  Although this epic film is a few years old (debuted in 1978), we can never erase the image of a black & white sweater with “college” embroidered on the front. Belushi is the hero of both young & old.

Pledging wasn’t exactly born on the heels of Animal House, but you better believe that this groundbreaking film sent shivers through every #49 future frat-star. Becoming a brother, which comes along with surviving pledgeship, remains atop a lofty pedestal for all incoming freshman. While is supposed to bring together the entire national pledging landscape in the form of an online bitchfest, credit must be given where credit is due. Animal house woke us up.

Yes, pledging does suck.  We’ve thrown down more than enough reasons as to Why It Sucks. Yet, for every shitty moment that one endures comes an even larger pleasure for another.  While one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, pledgeship parallels the same concept. One pledge’s humiliation is another brother’s jubilation. Seriously— that’s really how it works.

So tip your hats to the greatest film ever made in which pledging eyed the spotlight. If only today’s Greek life had the balls to live by the rules of those days. But hey, as I’m sure we’ll see later on, fraternities around the country are doing well to conceal their deepest, darkest pledging secrets. Yet, it’s time to let loose— bitch away. If you went through it, spill it! There’s a weird satisfaction in anonymously revealing the worst experiences of your life. If it makes you feel any better, the more you reveal, the more you’d make John Belushi proud.

It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.


  1. PledgeMaster says

    Comment all you’d like. If you’re feeling generous, submit a story for consideration. You’ll stay anonymous, and your story might end up as the next post of the PledgeMaster.

  2. FUCK GEEDS says

    classic haha

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