Anticipation of Pledgeship


Making the transition from high school hot-shot to university frat-star isn’t one of ease. For all you cocky shitheads who think that high school stardom matters, you’re so fucking wrong it’s not even funny. The Brotherhood salivates for pledges like you. There are two sides to the anticipation story. If you’re a freshman about to pledge, it’s a combination of excitement and fear. If you’re in the Brotherhood, the anticipation of pledgeship mirrors that of the night before Christmas. Whether you’re shitting your pants or planning your new hazing technique, the anticipation of pledgeship is classic.

The Brotherhood prepares for a new batch of pledges with semi-annual form. It’s a process, an art, and it’s been practiced to perfection. The entire semester of pledgeship is written out, and it’s ready for implementation. Fuck yea. With every semester, the pledging process becomes more simulated, quality-oriented and kick-ass. It’s like directing a puppet show, yet you get to hand-select your finger-puppets during rush. First impressions are key, and if you’re a rushee, be on your best behavior. The extent to which your balls will be hazed can be traced back to the very first few days, or atleast the first time you meet a brother. Atleast wait a few weeks before you fuck up.

For both Spring and Fall rush, the brothers of the Brotherhood are coming off of a break. They’re slightly hormonal and bitchy as they will have gone atleast a month without pledges. It’s serious. Life without pledges is burdensome, complicated and tedious. The Brotherhood enjoys a batch of mandatory comedians, custodians and note-takers. during pledgeship. How dare society take pledges away during the holiday seasons, it’s just not right. So, is the Brotherhood looking forward to pledgeship? … is Tiger Woods a bro? Absolutely.

And then there’s the other end of the spectrum. The anticipation of pledgeship is almost completely different from the eyes of a future pledge, rushee or incoming freshman. These nieve youngsters walk onto campus with sugar-plums dancing in their heads. The idea of fraternity life seems heavenly, and rush serves as the nail in the coffin. They want it, without a doubt. Yet, pledgeship lies in the way. One hell of roadblock if you ask me.

The emotions are classic, and they’re definitely note-worthy. A pledge entertains about 30% excitement, and 70% fear. If not fear, atleast a form of anxiety. Rumor and stories are all they rely on. In high school, the idea of joining a fraternity kicked-ass. Now that they’re staring at the front door to it all, a few drops of piss might come trickling out. There’s no reason to be embarrassed as it happens to the best of us. Let us not forget that even the most legendary frat stars were once incoming freshman, rushees and hopeless pledges.

Some will claim that they were never afraid entering pledgeship. I respect this, yet I call your bluff. You can all go fuck yourselves, because in the moment, you know for a fact that there was shit you couldn’t control. You’ve heard horror stories of hazing, and you’re wondering whether they could actually be true. Anyways, go ahead and act like you were a hardass in those days. You’re not fooling anybody.

Anticipation? Absolutely. Whether you’re a brother or a pledge, the days leading up to pledgeship are classic.

It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.

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