14 Most Brutal Hazing Rituals


Hazing? Never heard of it. Who hazes? Well, for those who believe in the ludicrous myth that fraternities and sororities carry on the age-old tradition of hazing, here’s your glorified top-10 list. Make that 14. With the help of Ranker.com, we’ve compiled the top-14 most brutal college hazing rituals. Take it with a grain of salt as the sorority chicks are thrown into the mix. We’ve left out the obvious hazing rituals that straight-up kill pledges. These combine the most well-known, yet brutal techniques out there. If we’ve missed your favorite, speak the fuck up by sounding off in the comments…

Raped By A Sharpie

No, this isn’t the kind ofSharpie Rape you see in most schools that really just means getting marked on by a Sharpie (a permanent marker) unexpectedly. This is actual, sexual, penetration; using a Sharpie.

In 2002, seven football players from Methodist College in North Carolina were arrested on hazing charges for restraining a freshman, stripping him of his underwear, writing all over his butt and smacking it numerous times.

The worst part is that to “seal the deal”, as it were, the player with the most ironic position-name, Antonio Wilkerson (wide receiver for the team) sexually assaulted the freshman athlete with a Sharpie marker after everything had been said and done.

He, along with the other Methodist players involved, were suspended after their November 14th arrests and did not partake in the team’s final game. Check out the fucked up story here.

Decision: Cocaine or Dildo?

Sororities are just as sexually cruel, if not infinitely moreso, than Fraternities. Looking at this list, it’s apparent that the women in Sororities are more interested in emotional and social humiliation than the males. Males tend to angle towards the physical feats of strength or disgustingness. Both (freely) exercise public humiliation, but the levels of both differ and definitely run deeper in female circles. For examples…

The Hazing Prevention Center, one of the leading non-profit organizations working to eradicate hazing, receives hundred of emails from traumatized victims of sorority and fraternity hazing. One e-mail was from a girl who reported that she had to either use a dildo in front of all her “sisters” or take a hit of cocaine.

So it’s either your morals… or your morals? Or your common sense vs… your common sense? It’s a toss-up. Well fuck, I’m a guy, I’d push to watch the dildo scene. But hey, that’s just me. I’m not a heavy drug pusher. I like my girls drug-free. In college, weed is just as prevalent as alcohol. But coke is a whole new ball game…

Boiling Hot Water

At Tulane University, pledges for Pi Alpha Kappa were put under boiling water for the most physically enduring pain they’d ever had. Fraternity brothers used boiling water containing pepper spray and a “crab boil” seasoning mixture containing cayenne pepper to pour over their victims’ backs.

Oddly enough, the ones who screamed didn’t get burned as badly, but those who held it in got the worst of it. As the evening went on, the water got hotter, and the burns deeper.

One pledge suffered second- and third-degree burns to his back, chest, buttocks and genitals. He was subjected to twice-daily burn treatments by doctor’s orders. He was also not able to take his exams or travel that semester.

10 of the “brothers” faced charges of aggravated second-degree battery. That’s fucked up…check out the story.

Boob Ranking

In a story run by ABC News, author and researcher Alexandra Robbins reported that the worst kind of emotional hazing she saw in sororities was “boob ranking.”

In this procedure, the sisters forced pledges to strip off their shirts and bras in a cold room, and then line up in order of breast size. Hard nipples? Abso-fucking-lutely. It’s a clear mind fuck. Not exactly painful, but if you’re a chick, it goes a little deeper.

I guess it’s like lining up in order of dick size? Whatever, it’s a chick thing. Read about it here.

The Elephant Walk

The infamous elephant walk, a classic hazing technique. Gay? Yes. Slightly funny? Maybe…

Vermont passed an anti-hazing law in 1999 due to an incident at University of Vermont where members of the hockey team forced freshman players to drink warm beer until they vomited and perform the “Elephant Walk”.


According to the Urban Dictionary, there are many forms of the “Elephant Walk”.

1) A group of males walks in a straight line, each person putting one thumb in their mouth and the other thumb inside the anus of the male in front of them.

2) A group of males walks in a straight line holding onto the (erect) penis of the males behind and in front of them.

3) A group of males walks in a straight line holding onto the (erect) penis of the males in behind them while putting one thumb into the anus of the males in front of them.

The elephant walk definitely enters the top of the list when it comes to ridiculous hazing. Personally, gay hazing shouldn’t even be an option. But hey, it’s out there, so we’ll talk about it.


Paddling is a classic ritual first shown through the brilliant eyes of Animal House. It’s what’s most commonly associated with the ancient tradition of hazing. Paddling sounds jolly, but is still one of the worst pains out there. In fact, many have gone to the hospital with severe bodily injuries due to the violent act.

This infliction of harm upon each other is often meant to strengthen the bonds between the victim and group (don’t ask how that works), but often it’s just plain shitty. One girl reported to The Star-Ledger that she was told the beatings would “humble” her and build love and trust between the sorority sisters.

However, after seven nights of beatings and being struck a total of 201 times, the pledge went to the hospital as she was no longer able to sit due to the blood clots and welts all over her ass.

Another paddling incident that resulted in the victim in a hospital took place in 2007.

Two Florida A&M fraternity brothers were given two years in prison for paddling a pledge with wooden canes.

One of the Kappa Alpha Psi members was paddling the pledge while the other member was an encourager (in the grimmest sense), urging the pledge to take the paddling and reviving him when he passed out. What a great brother.

Anyways, paddling is an iconic symbol of fraternity hazing. It’s not going anywhere…

Water Overdose


When somebody goes to college and dies from a WATER overdose, you know they’ve really missed out on the whole college experience. This is exactly what happened at a fraternity hazing ritual at the State University of New York.

In March 2003, Walter Dean Jennings III was pledging Psi Epsilon Chi when he was forced to drink numerous pitchers of water, often to the point of vomiting. He ended up drinking so much that his brain swelled. He died from water intoxication. That’s right, there’s such a thing.

21 students were punished by the university and 13 were charged with crimes that included criminally negligent homicide.

Another incident of water intoxication took place in 2005 at California State University Chico (the classiest of the CSUs).

Matthew Carrington and a friend were pledging the Chi Tau fraternity when they were doused with gallons of cold water and powerful fans blew cold air on them.

If that wasn’t enough, they were forced to do calisthenics while standing on one foot and drink several gallons of cold water. As any normal human being would do under such extreme conditions, Carrington collapsed.

He unsurprisingly had hypothermia, along with brain swelling from water intoxication. He died two hours later. Oh, and this was during the Winter semester.

After all was said and done, no need to worry as the cold-hearted “brothers” were brought to justice. Fucked up? Absolutely.

Alcoholic Chug

Adam Marszal and Russell Taylor, two former students at California Polytechnic State University, were sentenced to jail after hazing a freshman who died of alcohol poisoning while pledging Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

The boy, 18, died after drinking large amounts of alcohol in 90 minutes. There was no afterparty.

The boy, at his time of death, had a Blood Alcohol Level of .44. Just to put it into perspective, that is more than 5 times the legal limit for driving and actually exceeds the levels of the effects of surgical anesthesia.

I’m obviously not going to support the fact that the pledge passed away. Yet, there are never any moments in a pledge’s life in which he can’t merely say NO. Life goes on if he walks out the door. Know your limits. Either way, the brothers shouldn’t have pushed him to such limits. Fucking alcoholics.

Public Body-Critiquing Assembly

Another humiliating case reported by Alexandra Robbins was a woman who was forced to stand on a bench in front of an entire fraternity, completely exposed.

When she got up onto the bench, the fraternity would give public critiques by yelling out the parts of her body that needed “work”.

After talking to one of the women that endured this type of scrutiny and humiliation just to become a part of some social group, she said, “This happened in the ’90s and almost a decade later she still had emotional scars.”

That’s rough, I don’t care how you look at it.

Choose Your Object

Alexandra Robbins, author of the book “Pledged: The Secret Life of Sororities,” spent a year undercover and witnessed one incident where the pledge class had to answer trivia questions and drink straight vodka when they got the question wrong. Not too bad, right? Just a normal, run-of-the-mill drinking game.

If they got enough wrong, though, they were presented with a Sharpie (what is it with these things?), a knife, a hammer and a dildo, with the threat that one of those objects would violate them.

What the fuck would you choose? Again… gay. Not cool. Not that I’m anti-homosexual, but if you’re a straight male, you shouldn’t have to go through that shit.

Circling The Fat

As if they didn’t already have to endure this enough as an awkward teen in high school, body critiquing still exists in the university Greek system as a heinous part of the hazing process for many sororities.

What’s more humiliating than being told you’re “ugly” and “fat” in front of a new set of peers you want so badly to impress? Well… nothing. So, often times what happens is that they get one of the pledges to walk across a table in their underwear so that the rest of the sisters can draw on her body to circle the parts of her that need physical improvement.

This form of hazing and psychological warfare is one of the more (physically) benign, but surprisingly common practices found in hazing rituals around the U.S.

I’m not gunna lie, a few girls out there need some work… it’s better that there girlfriends let ’em know, as opposed to a guy getting slapped in the face. Right?

Shit Piss Workout

There’s nothing that says brotherly love more than shit and piss. Although it is said that many frats force their pledges to drink urine, few documented examples beyond just hearsay have surfaced with discreet details (at least as far as college hazing rituals go… military hazing rituals are a whole other world).

An incident took place at Hartwick College where pledges of Alpha Chi Ro were forced to carry feces-covered rocks through a forest, and do push-ups & up-downs in urine-soaked garbage. It’s worse than it sounds.

The garbage also contained glass and dirty diapers.

The basement was in the house of Peter Torabkhan, who along with two other guys, were charged by state police at Oneonta with first-degree hazing.

Another man, Yury Pertsovsky, who was not a student at Hartwick, was also charged with second-degree aggravated harassment for making threatening phone calls to the freshman who reported the incident.

Shitty? Uh huh.

Drink of Death

A brother known as the “pledge father” says, “We want to see you down this stuff, balls to the wall.”

And then you start chugging a spicy and thick drink known as “Death” before you don’t-die-but-almost-feel-like-dying for about 5 hours.

Each pledge of Lambda Phi Epsilon, a historically Asian fraternity, must drink about two gallons worth of this time-honored concoction (a rumored mixture of ketchup and Tabasco sauce).

This usually takes about 4 to 5 hours for everyone to finishing drinking, then puking, then drinking some more. Click here for more information on this delicious, popular, new drink.

From personal experience, drinking shitty concoctions doesn’t bode well with the stomach. Yet, it’s one of the lesser evils on this list.

Raw Liver, No Teeth

This is a vintage piece with about as much panache as any modern-day hazing ritual.

In 1959, the pledges of Kappa Sigma had to swallow pieces of raw liver (each as big as a club sandwich) soaked in oil without chewing.

Richard Swanson was not successful in swallowing the liver. After his fourth try, the liver lodged in his throat, forcing him to be taken to the hospital.

The attendant in the ambulance, however, did not know about the liver. Swanson died at the hospital less than two hours after he began choking.

Anything ending is death shouldn’t have happen in the first place. But eating a liver? Let alcohol do the dirty work…

Ranker gets the credit for the article. Interesting to see various stories out there. Let’s give a pat on the back to sorority hazing. Their hazing might not be the roughest, but atleast the tradition continues.

To wrap it all up, any hazing ending is death is ridiculous. Fuck that. Anything homosexual should be thrown out the door as well. Normal traditions should be kept, but most of the list above can be eradicated without any protest. Put your pledges through hell some other way, it’s not that hard to figure out.

It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.





  1. PledgeMaster says

    Did we miss any? Speak up:

  2. Tyler Bellick says

    I am a member of a fraternity at a campus listed on this site. I agree that these 14 hazing rituals are “fucked up” and stupid. What I do not understand is how you can have a pro hazing website but say that these specific 14 hazing rituals are not ok. Fraternities and sororities are supposed to be values based organizations with a mission, a purpose, and set of values. No form of hazing no matter how minor is supported by any recognized fraternity or sororities values and purpose. Whatever clowns are involved in the making of this site are not real fraternity men. You are imposers. You wear your letters around campus and talk about all the outstanding things you do for your campus and community. I guarantee you also throw a fit when people and the media “stereotype” Greeks. You are the reason that Greek life in America has a bad name and you are fullfilling the “stereotype” we all complain about. If you think hazing in any way shape or form fits into the fraternal community you are wrong. If you think hazing builds better men and promotes brotherhood you are wrong. If you think hazing is fun to do and makes you feel tough come to Afghanistan with me in 2 months and ill show you a real brotherhood “tough” experience. Take your letters off and stop pretending to be something your not.

  3. Dirt D says

    U said ud errrr….take the dildo over the line of cocaine?

  4. Brostock says

    Tyler I don’t think I fully understand. If you’re really going to Afghanistan in 2 months (presumably as part of the military) then you’ve already been through far harsher hazing than most pledges ever will. How can you say that that hazing didn’t promote brotherhood and unity?

  5. PledgeMaster says

    touche Dirt D… definitely sounded like I’d prefer a dildo up my ass rather than cocaine. much appreciated. as for you Tyler, nothing but respect for the armed services. That’s not to say hazing builds unity on all fronts.

  6. brobble says

    As long as you have hazing you’ll have people dying from it. It’s all basically for nothing. I don’t see the point at all. I know it can promote brotherhood and unity, I’ve been in the army as well (not the american but I don’t think it’s much different). But in the army that unity will save lives. That’s not the case in some stupid fraternity. It’s also not needed in the army though, the shit you go experience together is enough to create strong bonds.

  7. J says

    @ Brostock

    It’s hardly fair to call military training a form of Hazing, and it isn’t there to form ‘bonds’ amongst soldiers. The idea behind the grueling drills and shitty treatment is to put you in your place. In otherwords, when you’re being shot at and your commanding officer, or team leader says something like, “Do this now,” you don’t bitch out – but rather, after being conditioned for months, do it because it is borders instinct.

    The sense of comrades and brotherhood stems from fighting, living, sleeping, and eating, with the same people for months.

  8. Kelvin says

    “What the fuck would you choose? Again… gay. Not cool. Not that I’m anti-homosexual, but if you’re a straight male, you shouldn’t have to go through that shit.”

    Neither homosexuals nor heterosexuals should be subjected to any form of harassment and assault. Just because you’re a straight male doesn’t make it anymore wrong than if you were a homosexual. At the end of the day hazing is hazing and it’s wrong regardless of your orientation, race, gender, etc.

  9. Lelyn Williams says

    In a private college I was subjected to the “Seminar”. Here I was called racial, sexual, and almost every demeaning name in the book by the Department Head. Before then I knew he did not like me as a member of a minority then, when I answered “…but I am good”. He turned red as a beet. Passed me on and went to the next qualifying student.

    Ir was like a “right of passage”. To this day I appreciate it. I has allowed me to address a larger variety of audience.

  10. shannon says

    Wow! Honestly hazing is just a form of mental issues that others have with theirselves so they take their fucked up thoughts out on others…. I don’t care who you are or where you went or what you think is cool…. It’s all just pathetic and I NEVER let ANYONE talk down to me or force me to do anything…I didn’t need some fucked up individual to make me strong, popular, or the person I am today… So anyone who tries to justify hazing needs to be in a mental institution with the ones that are doing it.. :) sad that ignorance is so common in this world!

  11. PledgeMaster says

    By no means are we justifying these rituals, yet the argument in favor of hazing continues. These examples are merely the extreme, and for those causing bodily harm, there is no need whatsoever in the Greek community. Again, hazing has it’s pros and cons. Don’t let this list overshadow what pledgeship has to offer in the grand scheme of things.

  12. . says

    Sad and pathetic. I feel sorry for anyone weak-minded enough to want any part of such rituals, whether it be extreme or not.
    It’s mental bullying, and not thinking for ones self. Truly pathetic.
    Pledgemaster, go back to church where your weak mind belongs.

  13. Smarter than you says

    For those of you that think hazing is sad and pathetic, I am sorry that you have such a distorted view of the act. The above listed incidents are rarities and extremes and if you think this is what “hazing” is all about then you are ignorant yourself. Hazing serves the purpose of demonstrating to individuals that they are not better than everybody else. The purpose of hazing is to bring everyone in the pledge class down from their pedestals onto the same level, then teach them what it means to be an outstanding community member (read:Greek).

    One cannot truly understand what a fraternity is all about until they experience it first hand. If you make assumptions based on what is publicized then you’re not knowing for sure yourself, you are merely relying on the media (biased or not) that dictates their approach to you.

    I condone hazing because I went through it myself and I have seen how it changes stuck up and cocky individuals into caring and community oriented people who try to better themselves and those around them

  14. Bitch Ass Pledges says

    For anyone that thinks they have never been hazed or would refuse it no matter what, no matter how minor. You have clearly never been on a sports team. A perfect example would be if you fuck up in a game and your coach makes your team run suicides. That is a minor form of hazing. ya it sucks but next time mabe youll think twice before being cocky and taking a ridiculous shot that fucked your whole team over and lost the game, or not to be a ball hog. No one can honestly say thats never happened to them unless your a fucking nerd who has never played a sport. Their are so many different definitions of hazing and types its hard to make a clear determination on what right and whats wrong. Its a very large grey area. Personally I wanted to be hazed when i Joined my fraternity. I wanted to follow traditions and do what ever people for a century before me had to in order to be a part of it. Anyways for people who are politically correct pussies you can keep whining about how awful it is but the fact is it is going no where and you most likely have never had to do something that actually pushed you to your limits. Thats why you are a pussy and greek organizations who haze are not.

  15. Christie says

    Why the fuck would u even put up with that shit? I’m from Scotland and the worst you need to put up with her is being slapped in the arse with some 16 year old chav! I really can’t understand why people would put up with that from these inbred Neanderthals! :/

  16. your mom says

    Dear Bitch Ass Pledges,

    You are a NECKBEARD!

    “Personally I wanted to be hazed when i Joined my fraternity. I wanted to follow traditions and do what ever people for a century before me had to in order to be a part of it. Anyways for people who are politically correct pussies you can keep whining about how awful it is but the fact is it is going no where and you most likely have never had to do something that actually pushed you to your limits. Thats why you are a pussy and greek organizations who haze are not.”

    If you actually had half a brain cell and did a little research, you’d find out real quick that hazing hasn’t been part of any greek organization for more than 60 years or so,at least not in the sense you’re talking about. It comes from the military, and the majority of it started after World War II when GI’s came home and went to college and what we now know as “rush” started.

    Read a book and get off the interwebs before someone catches a case of your stupidity!

    Best Regards,
    You Mom

  17. Lazarus Long says

    anyone see that part in harold and kumar guantanamo where the prison guards are all like “hell no, we’re not the fags, you guys are the ones sucking our dicks”

    everyone knows all you frat sisters are a bunch of sodomites

    stuff like this makes me thank the good lord for mr. samuel colt’s wonderful invention

  18. Hazed and Confused says

    The only physical hazing I got was being paddled and it wasn’t that bad if it’s not too much. Damn 200 times?

  19. Aaron says

    Some of these seem pretty routine and common, as bad as they are but some of the others are pretty messed up! But I guess thats college for you. It’s full of crazy traditions and rituals, read this other article on some sex rituals at universities http://www.FiestaFrog.com/blog/index.php/6_college_sex_rituals/

  20. SkizzleDizzle says

    The idea that you can always say “No” is totally wrong.
    I was never told that I could just leave if there was something I didn’t want to do during my pledge experience.
    I did a lot of things though I did not want to only because I did not want my pledge brothers to have a harder time without me (example, helping them to finish alcohol so that they wouldn’t have to do it alone). I suffered a lot of psychological damage and so I eventually de-pledged.
    You don’t want to let your pledge brothers down, so that the idea that you can just “say no” is wrong.
    For me, I had two family members in the hospital, one dying from complications relating to cancer. I eventually had a nevous breakdown after a pledge event and this came to the attention of my school, getting the whole fratenity in trouble and forcing me into a major depression.
    Would I have rather de-pledged earlier? Absolutely, but I did not consider it an option. I do think some brotherhood “hazing” is fine, but it needs to stay POSITIVE.
    Hazing is not an excuse for people in a fraternity to bully and harass people. That does NOT build any kind of bond worth having.

  21. phinx says

    yes.. its

  22. be nice says

    Smarter than you says”Hazing serves the purpose of demonstrating to individuals that they are not better than everybody else. The purpose of hazing is to bring everyone in the pledge class down from their pedestals onto the same level, then teach them what it means to be an outstanding community member (read:Greek).”

    How can hazing be used to make someone “a better community Leader”. That’s like saying that spanking your kid or beating your dog will make them better. I truly believe that there are some really sick minds that take pleasure, participate, or witness without objection, any type of humilation, forced drinking, paddling etc as part of the hazing ritual process. Why does there have to be anything that would in the lesst bit harm or humilate another human being. Then they make themselves feel better and justify it all by saying it “builds trust”, “builds friendships”, and “makes you a better community leader”. Really??? I would not consider treating my worst enemy the way some pledges are treated in this process. And these are supposed to be your “brothers”??? Go figure. Hey, with friend like that, who needs enemies?

  23. Poewriter7 says

    I took a class in my senior yr at high school on hazing and the instructor said that hazing isn’t that bad in colleges anymore since they are heavily motored but some do slip through the creaks. She studied Hazing rituals for 27 yrs and got a degree specializing as a hazing therapist. Shesaid the worst r in christian and band camps these days. Im taking her side on this argument

  24. LHT John says

    Hazing is a shameful idea that should not be practiced and makes greek life look bad. Sigma Nu was founded against hazing and on the values of Love Honor Truth. Become more, be a Sigma Nu!

  25. Fuck the bs says

    Pledging is some bullshit it could be done a better way where is the sisterhood or brotherhood in doing activities that could potentially kill you wake up! The pussie are the ones that can’t stand up and say fuck that bull shit because no founders of any greek organization pledged themselves. Pledging don’t make you a real man or women just a follower doing a so called tradition of idiocy.

  26. ANONYMOUS says

    Hazing is a serious matter and if you believe it not to be tradition than you are wrong I am a double legacy and has spoken to both my father and grandfather about our forms of hazing and there are certain similarities that bond us togeather as a whole. Constructive “Hazing” has built me as a man and I’m glad I did it. I’d do it again it was so benificial. For those of you who do it without a point because you have fun doing it than you are nobody’s brother. For those of you who do it for the right reasons and you know what those reasons are congratulations for keeping the traditions alive and I urge you to instill these good qualities in your new members.

  27. SMH says

    For all of you in favor of harmful hazing rituals, you are a bunch of dumb asses. Joining a fraternity or sororityi is supposed uplift and strengthen the pledge member , and hazing can’t accomplish that. There are other ways to make a pledge display their loyalty and respect to the organization than forcing them to do dumb and harmful shit .
    And for those of you wiling to put yourselves through hazing just to be a part of a “clique” for some greek letters..you’re just as dumb. Be strong and stand up for yourself and your pledge brothers/sisters. Show your big brothers or sisters that you can be a great addition to the organization by being strong minded. Allowing yourself to be hazed only shows that you are a WEAK push-over. And I honestly don’t want anyone like that in my organization! Every yearI look for people who are wiling to work hard for their community and who strongly believe in the values of my sorority. That’s the way it ought to be.

  28. Anonymous says

    are you kidding me, gimme the coke… all of it!

  29. .... says

    Bunch of retarded faggots.

  30. Anonymous says

    Hazing is wrong on any level. And yes I have been on sports teams and every year coach would have a number one rule: no hazing. Before we could join the team he would make us watch a anti hazing vidio. This kind of hazing and people who are stupid enough to promote and do it are the weak minded fools! The people who started the frat or sorority did not do any of that shiz!! Hurting and mentally scaring doesn’t make bond it ruins lives!! There’s is such a thing as saying no! The people on the supposed ” pedestals” are the true leaders! Not those freaks who take pleasure in humiliating other people!

  31. Bill says

    Hazing was not allowed when I joined Sigma Chi in 1987 in Ft. Collins, CO. We learned respect through the respect of those putting us through the ritual with dignity. Hazing is ignorant.

  32. EvansAM says

    @Bitch Ass Pledges
    Hazing hasn’t been around for hundreds I years you fucking dumbass. You also don’t know what the fuck hazing is if you think running suicides after a game is hazing. That’s not hazing, it’s the coaches job to train us and teach us to perform well. Without suicides everyone on the team would be out of shape. You also shouldn’t even be talkin about sports cuz you haven’t played on any team that’s worth watching or even hearing of. My names Mike Evans and I’m a 6’5 receiver from Texas A and M. I’m the top twenty recievers of the NCAA. You have never been the top twenty ANYTHING and definitely not in terms of sports if your complaining about running suicides after a game. Its standard practice. so don’t be telling me or any other ncaa or professional athlete what’s good with anything. You don’t know shit you so stop acting like a try hard bad ass. You think your tough? Your stuck paddling freshman to feel good about yourself cuz you aren’t good at anything else. Telling me about sports… Psssh you don’t got what it takes to play in any recognizable league or on any recognizable team.

  33. Sumy says

    How do I get into sorority where you take a dildo or coke? I’d probably ask for both.

  34. -A says

    Most of these rituals are harsh and make me glad that I will never ever ever be part of an american sorority. Team spirit and love for the greek culture is something that I like too, but I think that people tend to take this frat slash sorority stuff too far. Not only the hazing disgusts me but also your comment on the ‘Circling Fat’ ritual. First of all, how dare you to say that it’s okay to do that? Oh, ‘some girls need some work’? You’re a fucking arsewipe and ‘I’m not gunna lie’ either, you deserve to be punched until you pass out. Girls—and boys too— are as they are, and they DON’T deserve to be harassed just because they aren’t how the society wants. Imagine being insecure of yourself and having a room full of people laughing at your flaws. You, ‘PledgeMaster’ are a sexist little shit. To be honest, I hope you get paddled so hard on your ass that your balls fall off with the impact.

  35. witness says

    I can appreciate the brotherly bond of the frat but the measuring stick for hazing actions should be if you were in front of your parents children or significant other would you do the act. I witnessed a brother left for dead after getting hit in the back by a 2×4 then went into a seizure. everyone but myself left(scattered) him to die. He joined I dropped. I never told him he was left for dead and he thinks that is love. its a choice and each individual has that choice. I am concerned that these are the people, teaching our children and running our nation no wonder the nation is twisted.

  36. PledgeMaster says

    Witness: The debate will surge on until the scale tilts one way or another. In the mean time, it continues to maintain some form of societal equity as it has survived for decades.

  37. william k. waiamau jr. says

    i’m super happy to find out the fraternity brothers are heading to prison they are going to enjoy them seleve of being some one else bicth there in the prison walls every day getting fuck up the ass plus sucking some one cock and also taken it up the ass like who they did to they pledged freshmen which of young men’s was trickt and plus forced to suck and plus getting fuck while all they class mate watching these guy’s doing dirty thing like this to they class mate now do you called that brotherhood for your so called fraternity house plus were do the money that you guy’s make from the video keep it for your selves i can tell that you guy’s in joy making gay porn video’s of your guy’s freshmen pledged young men getting fuck on video to making dirty’s money off selling

  38. william k. waiamau jr. says

    people like the fraternity brothers will getting paid back for the death of other who life’s was taken from your guy’s hazing saying you sorry is to later to say to the parent’s of the one’s who lost they life’s by trying to join your so called fuck up fraternity i like to ask who you guy’s as a fraternity brothers live with your selve’s know the bad thing’s that you done to the study who died because of all you guy’s who like play game’s with other study life’s now this is what you guy’s as a fraternity brothers going to live with this the rest of your life it is going to drive you crazy just thinking what you through was a joke and through it was funny it is not anymore you are going to wish you did not do all that bad thing you do just to get your thrill

  39. william k. waiamau jr. says

    what i like to say to all of you who are still doing this thing called haze should stop while your a head because if you don’t you also going to be heading the same place like this so called fraternity brothers as they called them selve’s are no longer is any thing ask me if i feel sorry for this guy’s my anrsew’s to that is no because of what they were doing

  40. Lee4u says

    I’ll serve college guys in the Sardinia/Cincinnati Ohio area by:
    1. making my body available to every male student..
    2. executing ever command of the students..
    3. worshipping and praising the students Superiority
    To serve every male student that wants to use me..Only the students decides about the type of using, this fag has no right to participate in it..
    Fag will always be grateful for every kind of use..

  41. william waiamau says

    i would like to start by saying that i don’t think for one thing this fraternity brother’s say that when they so called joining they fraternity that they have to suck other guy cock and plus taking it up they own ass it is very hard for me to believe it and plus the president of the fraternity are nothing but such full of shit or bullshit or lie’s i don’t know why would any young men want to join a fucking fraternity not knowing that you are going to be treated like shit plus tricked and also played dirty tricked on and also made fun of and plus sucking cock and taking it up your back side i like to know some thing is this how you senior brother’s of your fraternity building up your so called brotherhood to me personal it is a lot of bunch of fucking lie’s on your guy part’s i’m very glad to not be a part of a so called fraternity that is all fuck up in the head now i can see what happen to fuck up senior young men going to prison for a cery long time because of your guy stupidness for the other young men’s life’s that you guy killed in your guy hazing game’s you guy played with other people life you guy are going to be punished by getting beating up in prison wall’s were you don’t have any of your friend’s to help you in side the prison wall’s

  42. william waiamau says

    this is why i hated young people in college the senior they act like they all that but they are nothing but ass hole who have they hard in side they ass than were it really needed to be the senior of the fraternity are not so very smart in the hard but by sucking cock or dick and have a dick up the ass every night or every morning before class and the president of the fraternity like fucking the senior brother’s of the fraternity this is why i know they wanted to turn the straight queer’s this is what i see in your guy’s video on line so you see it is not about building brotherhood is finding new pledged to having a gay party were there is a lot of sucking dick and a lot of fucking all night long until the sun come up so i can tell just by the video’s it is not geek life’s it is all about being queer’s in college i see a lot of fucking out side on the ground in side the gym’s in side the fraternity shower all over the place or in side the bran on the farm hot and horny senior brother for young freshmen young boy from eighteen through twenty five and plus thrity year’s old there is a lot of fucking going on in college i think this is what you guy are leaning in college beside building your so called brotherhood building up your dick every day with another young guy who like sucking dick and getting fuck i just wanted to share my point of what i have lean by watching gay college video

  43. x says

    i only have quetions, is hazing worth joining the fraternity group? what do you gain from joining a fraternity that makes hazing an acceptable price? also do they tell you the initiation ritual before you partake in it?

    it would be really appreciated if someone inlighten me on the matter and answering my questions
    thank you

  44. K says

    These systems are founded on evil

  45. Matt says

    Hazing in some form or another happens everywhere. I remember the CEO of this interpreting company gave me what seemed like a hell job. I consolidated it because it shut down the drain from these 8-10 negative older women who had reputations for running down the performances with rumors and always claiming people were getting fired. When it was my first day, I became “Hitler”. Basically the “mediation” was to see if it were relevant or went to HR, which still looked poorly on their performance. I was 3rd from the top. I hired perky annoying cat ladies. Held these “seminars for a more positive workplace” and assertiveness seemed to hint at applying to the women. All but 2 walked out and they became great team players.

    I fucked the CEOs secretary more than once and I also got stoned as fuck and sucked my bosses dick like a fiend too and he was a psychopath anyhow so he didn’t care. I still talk to him a lot and honestly next time we hang out, I want to get straight up dommed. I am bisexual and women usually dom me but this dude in that powersuit and his out of public style of talking added to the cocaine and weed he likes and having sucked that dude dry more than once in less than 30 seconds is enough to show me I could get him into it. If I brought these two bi women who are FWB, they cheer on the dudes while ordering them to fuck me.

    I am a sadistic dom too though. I seek out the manliest dudes and faggotize them big time. Get them to where they are begging me to face fuck them etc. Only to reply with, “bisexuality makes my worldview so expanded that if I were to reduce myself to faggot or breeder status, I might as well get fat and ugly and join an LGBT group (the common phrase about LGBT bisexuals are that they are fake, too gay/dykey, pathetic, a full blown AIDS case in the making. With women I tell them that they look like desperate little sluts waiting for their big bad breeder to give them orders. When they are bisexual and are arrogant and among the very few who claim, “bi guys are gross faggots just lying to themselves”, I will mock them and treat them like porn probs for “the breeders” and tell them to enjoy their life getting used and raped by them. I also mention how most of those straight men, in this case 3 of her exes, all experienced what I call, “Throatzilla” and how I still get texts begging for it and they aren’t even gay.

    And I am bi so I will say that when a dude is packing 9-11″ and is thick and women can’t do much with dick very often so I don’t care about taking it all from some straight dude. One of my best pals from high school that I have blown over and over, tells his girlfriend right off and the new one said, I hope you can still do that because I hate sucking dick”… she didn’t mind having me eat her pussy more than once though. I am bisexual so if the dudes were all hot and I was ordered to blow them all, as long as I didn’t catch anything and got to watch one homophobe after another have their knees buckle from me sucking them off. I was never considered a gay dude wherever I have gone though.

    The reason I mentioned the overlap of my sexual shit and the ways sexual scenarios can turn up in hazing is because it does everywhere. I love it when a man stands there all badass and busting out of his huge dick because he is so horny, claims that nobody could get their mouth around it and watch the initial, suck on that bitch, lead to their knees buckling so much they need to be held up. It starts out under the illusion of a desperate gay dude and in their world, the dream and always when I am done and am about to leave, a little comment about how my girl is going to get so horny hearing about this.

    I am just bisexual though. My main things with men are dominance, homophobia and large genitalia. When you can take more than most. It’s all good

  46. William waiamau says

    I would like to see the president and the fraternity brothers be punishment for what they did to the pledged by hazing death all theirty eight of them should be killed for the inventory of life’s they have taken from all these parents lost they son’s or daughter

  47. Shellback says

    Went back to college after a Navy stint. Greeks asked me to rush and I said I’m already qualified, I’m a MF’n Shellback.
    Navy sailors (at least when it was still 100% males onboard) make college hazing look like babysitting your nephews. But still didn’t want to be part of those goofy clubs, it wasn’t like knowing any of those guys was going to help my career (like in any ivy league school).

  48. Gay101 says

    @bitch ass pledges, I am a fucking nerd for your information. You have no right to say anything about “nerds” we have been hazed too. So fuck off you greedy asshole

  49. Gay102 says

    I want to know where I can find a fraternity where I can use a dildo and do coke. I’d choose both. Whoever chickens out is a pussy.

  50. Factualizer says

    Here are the facts, this is simply fked up!

    How does having someone physically abuse you or sexually abuse you build trust with them? That doesn’t even make sense!

    That is the opposite of what it should do if you are a normal person.

    Also to the few on here saying there is no option to say no or leave…..
    Why isn’t there? Why can’t you just tell them to fk off and just leave?
    So you are saying they will hold you against your will or come after you and try to ruin your life if you walk away? Nice.

    Hazing is no different than bullying, some people had it done to them so psychologically many of them want to do it to someone else to feel better about themselves. It’s no different than the bully complex.

    How does having boiling water poured on your back build a brotherhood? That’s retarded, how does having them rape you with a sharpie build brotherhood? Any mentally sane person would hold disdain for someone that did that to them.

    To build trust and decency you have to be decent to people. You have to be moral, you don’t rape/physically abuse them ffs.

    Does beating the shit out of your dog build trust? No it just ends up cowering and being scared and has no trust. It’s the same with people, beating up your wife, raping or publicly humiliating her isn’t going to build trust.

    It’s insane that some people in the comments truly think being horrible to someone builds trust, that’s totally the opposite of how it works.
    Maybe you few on here who think like that would have fun being locked in prison and raped in there, you can then be a brotherhood. lol (In short, you guys are mentally ill from past abuse is likely).

  51. slave4groupteens says

    my biggest dream is to be humiliated,forced bisex,verbal humiliated,laughing on me,by several college boys and girls.Also may girls order to college boys to piss on me or in my mouth.To turn me into a little fag sissy in that time.

    switch33yo@gmail.com for contact can online at this moment.I have skype

  52. William Waiamau says

    I’m so very happy to learn that the president & pledged master plus 18 of fraternity brothers are being punishment for the death of Timmy pizzas for hazing a 19 years old young men I don’t feel sorry ? for ads hold like the senior brothers of the fraternity house the president & pledged master should be punishment more because they both are important for the death of they pledged while being in the fraternity house the now they are all going too spend time in prison or a very long time good for them they deserve everything happens too them all the president & the pledged master plus fraternity brothers

  53. taz says

    I am so sorry most of you did not like your hazing, I went thru a hazing in the mid 80’s and a sharpie was a warm up for what was coming.

    I was sexually used by a couple of the frat brothers and I am completely okay with it, after my brothers knew I was there for them. I participated in hazing under class men over the years and my hazing was no where as sexual as when I was hazed.

    Bottom line is it was part of my college experience and I wouldn’t change a thing! well maybe a little softer paddle.

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