Frat Castles


It’s time to be superficial. When it comes to fraternity life, it’s all about the frat castle. If you’re not familiar with the term, #30 fratty vocabulary can help you out. Fraternity houses all over the country are the spectacles of their respective campuses… well, most of them. From modern masterpieces to southern mansions, fraternity houses incorporate the household dream of all young men. Let’s break down just how important frat houses are to the brotherhood, and while we’re at it, we’ve got a slideshow of some of the more kick-ass houses out there.

We could talk all day long about the intangibles of fraternal brotherhood. Well, let’s be honest, there’s nothing greater than a badass fraternity house. It goes along with the #59 fraternity stereotype, and can even mold a fraternity when it comes to #60 what the letters really mean. The top houses on campus usually correlate to the best looking houses on campus. Don’t get me wrong, there are some serious shithole fraternity houses out there. But hey, who the fuck wants to talk/look at those?

The more badass your house, the better looking your sorostitutes will be. It’s a legitimacy factor. The better looking houses have an easier time recruiting #49 future frat stars during #2 rush. Certain fraternities are judged by their physical house, whether they maintain it or not, and how active it continues to be. Moral of the story? Sometimes it’s okay to judge a book by it’s cover.

Keep in mind these are all fraternity houses, not sorority houses. The extent to which college sorostitutes are spoiled goes beyond my words. It’s ridiculous. But hey, a bunch of college guys don’t want an expensive French-looking mansion. We want a frat castle: an indestructible fortress of greatness. It’s like having a man drive a million-dollar convertible. Yea, it might be nice. But we’d rather be driving a million-dollar truck. It’s a southern thing.

We’ve searched around for some of the more badass frat castles in the country. Check ’em out:

Upload the houses that we missed in the comments below…

I know there are a ton of badass frat castles out there.

It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.

  1. PledgeMaster says

    Post the links to some more frat castles…

  2. shitter says

    hey castle im going to mizzou next year and joining a frat

  3. fratstar says

    Sigma Chi at Purdue University. A $5.6 million renovation.

  4. TKE-OSU says

    Tau Kappa Epsilon – Omicron: The Ohio State University

  5. TKE-OSU says

    Tau Kappa Epsilon – Omicron: The Ohio State University

  6. Castle UPenn (Psi U) says

    How is Castle not on here? It’s literally a castle…

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