Fear of the Unknown


As a pledge, knowing what’s going to happen next allows you to mentally, and sometimes physically, prepare for the shit to come. Well fuck– where’s the fun in that? It’s like knowing you’re about to get punched in the face. The knowledge of the future fucks with your mind just as much as the actual punch does. As a brother in a frat, there’s no greater pleasure than knowing what’s about to happen to the hopeless pledges. Sympathy? Fuck no. While noticing the fear in their eyes, brothers get wet with masochistic hard-ons. And for the record, the ability to get off on such sick pleasure is rightly given due to the fact that each and every brother was once a pledge. But still, you better believe there are always the one or two pledges who shit themselves in fear. Fear of the unknown– who knows, sometimes you’d rather know you’re about to get punched in the face. It’s like standing in the wall during a free-kick at a soccer game. You just grab your manly jewels and hold on for dear life.

As a line is formed and each pledge eventually conforms to the process, pledgeship worsens as the weeks go on. #36 Taking advantage of pledges becomes a sport for the brotherhood. The fear of dinner increases. The fear of driving doubles. The fear of life as a pledge entails a constant increase from day one to the weeks post-pledging. Let’s face it— even when pledging is over, a pledge does not regain his pre-pledgeship personality for a few weeks. It’s the #46 awkward transition that can never truly be explained. It takes a while to adjust back to normal life. It’s like you’re on god damn shrooms for days post-pledging. Everything is nicer, brighter, prettier and more enjoyable. The smallest things in life now have value.

While each pledge doesn’t know what’s behind the next door, what they’ll have to eat next, or what dubious deed must still be completed, bits of valuable information are usually leaked. Brothers will fuck with the minds of their younger pledges by feeding them bits of information. The pledges take every word to heart, never truly understanding who it is that fucks them over every time. For the record, the nicest brother usually has his finger up each pledge’s ass the furthest. The assholes are atleast honest– if they’re going to punch you, they’ll smile while explaining what’s about to happen. The life of a pledge follows a valuable motto: You take your losses, and then you take more losses. You are always wrong; the brotherhood is always right.

The fear of the unknown molds the personality of a pledge. Fear of the unknown gives each brother an even larger smile. Fear of the unknown makes the entire pledging process that of maturation. Surviving pledgeship correlates to a boy becoming a man. You’ll grow a pair of sturdy hardware between the legs. When you’re clueless as to what comes next (and you still go along with it anyways), major respect is due. Not knowing what comes next filters the pussies from the players. Grab your sack and get on with it. Just think, #6 even the great Tim Tebow got hazed.

It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.



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