Fraternity Glory Days: The Top 3 Celebrities Of 12 Big Fraternity Houses


Ever wonder what your favorite big-screen badasses, superstar athletes, and mega-rich media moguls were like in college? Only the best knew how to party, and if they did just that, you better believe they joined a frat. Will Ferrell over there, he was a classy Delta Tau Delta. Let’s all raise our glasses to the best celebrities who knew how to party. They partied hard in the greatest households on earth, fraternities.

Alpha Tau Omega

Jim Mora

Classic Coors Light Commercials

Steve Spurrier

South Carolina Gamecocks

William Davidson

Founder of Harley Davidson

Beta Theta Pi

Sam Walton

Walmart. Savior of all cheap-asses and less fortunate others

Kenneth Lay

The Enron jackass

John Wooden

National titles, anyone?

Delta Tau Delta

John Elway

The only Denver Bronco we know other than Tim Tebow

Drew Carey

Price Is Right & Whose Line Is It Anyways?

Will Ferrell

“We’re going streakin’!”

Kappa Sigma

Robert Redford

Movies galore, both acting and directing

Jimmy Buffet

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere

Jerry Jones

Can buy his team the best stadium, but can’t buy a win for anything

Phi Delta Theta

Burt Reynolds

The Longest Yard and more

Neil Armstrong

Outer space is no big deal

Wes Welker

New England Patriots: fantasy team top-pick

Pi Kappa Alpha

Tim McGraw

Country singing badass

Jeremy Piven


John Stewart

Daily Show genius

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

David Spade

Drink a beer with Joe Dirt

Phil Jackson

Bull and Laker legend

Nick Lachey

He took Jessica Simpson’s V-card…you’ve got to give him credit

Sigma Chi

John Wayne

Vegas icon

David Letterman

Getting it done both with the wife, and the co-worker

Brad Pitt

Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie?

Sigma Phi Epsilon

James Naismith

Inventing the sport of Basketball will get you on a lot of lists

Tom Hicks

Owns the Dallas Stars, Texas Rangers and Liverpool FC

Fred L. Turner

Chairman and contributor to America’s sole weight problem: McDonalds

Sigma Nu

Harrison Ford

Indiana Jones and Star Wars will do the trick

Bob Barker

The Price Is Right… or as Happy says: “The price is WRONG, bitch!”

The Manning Bros

Football brotherhood

Tau Kappa Epsilon

Ronald Reagan

He’s important, just give him that

Willie Nelson

Age-old country singer

Elvis Presley

The founder of all-things-music

Zeta Beta Tau

George Macy

What’s better, owning Macy’s, or having a parade with your name?

Donnie Edwards

NFL linebacker

Harold Ramis

Wrote the greatest movie of all time… Animal House

If you’re fraternity didn’t make the list, please, throw in a comment (bitch away) to make the list as classy as possible. And if your favorite celebrity never went Greek, he’s not worth the fame. The party starts in college, let’s keep it that way.

It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.

– PledgeMaster

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    You hate pledges?

  2. Dave says

    what a gdi song why would you ever try to relate that to the greek system

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