Fraternity Stereotypes


Let’s be honest. In the eye’s of society, frat-guys aren’t the cream of the crop. Hell, if anything, they’re a menace to society. The older generations just don’t understand where we’re coming from. College represents four years to let-loose. It doesn’t mean we’ll be pulling keg-stands and hazing pledges ten years down the line… right? Anyways, #1 Animal House painted the picture for all to see. Yet, no fraternity is the same as another. Not everyone can take a pull like Belushi. Let’s take a look at the common stereotypes, ranging from fist-pumping Guido to button-down southern class.

While stereotypes are (for the most part) out of the control of any fraternity, they’re not always far off. In other words, if ATO (also known as AT-Blow) is known for their constant lines of coke, the stereotype must’ve originated somewhere. Each fraternity on each campus owns its own reputation, so by no means is one Sigma Chi stereotype the same as another Sigma Chi at a different university. It’s always amusing to check out the other chapters of your fraternity around the country. Your hard-ass, top-tier party fraternity might be the local math-club at another small college. Let’s not forget that our fraternities (nationally) were founded upon things other than alcohol and parties. Crazy, I know.

While #33 pledgeship is a party for most (legitimate) fraternities, let’s not forget about the endless professional fraternities out there. From business to medicine, fraternities can encompass any form of unified group you can think of. While our typical #30 fratty vocabulary won’t slide in these fraternities, atleast now you know we’re not all wastes of life. But hey, who ever said being a waste of life in college is a bad thing?

Let’s take a look at some of the more typical stereotypes of fraternity guys on a large university campus. Sorry small guys, no one cares about you:

Southern Class


If you’re from the south, or haven’t had your head buried in the sand, you know what I’m talking about. The typical southern frat guy symbolizes all that is southern class. #53 Pledge attire serves as your daily life attire. I’m talking about Polo shirts, Khaki pants, Costa’s, a visor and boat shoes (preferably Sperry’s). They’re not muscular, but have developed a quality beer belly. Shirts always tucked in; no socks with the boat shoes.

Don’t be fooled by their southern dress. Their partying habits may me masked by a quality koozie, but they’ll kick your ass in a drinking contest any day of the week. Tailgating for football games are key, and nothing but a truck is parked out back. Country music: all day, every day. It’s the southern stereotype. You’ve gotta love it.



Here’s the opposite of southern class. In the south, they’re all from Miami. In the north, these guys are way more prevalent. Jersey Shore, anybody? There’s nothing more important than working out, taking steroids, and then working out again. But seriously, they’re always jacked. Tank tops and gym shorts do the trick, and almost all of them are athletes. They pull the hottest chicks, and never really act like they give a fuck.

They’re what we call fist-pumpers. Country music? Fuck no. Techno and raves all night long. Rap isn’t far behind, but let’s not forget about the endless supply of hair gel. Example: #22 Frat life reality TV: all of Jersey Shore (most notably, Pauly D). In almost every large university, you’ve got to have the Guido frat.

Everyone Else


The rest are tough to explain. You can have the far-winged southerns who BBQ every day, lift their trucks and dip while sleeping: uber-southerns. Lax guys are making their presence known in the north, but have yet to make the sport popular down south. In most cases, there are countless houses that try and match the stereotype of one of the above, but fail to do so. There’s the geek fraternity who participates in every philanthropy and campus organization, and then there’s the all-black frats. There’s a fraternity for everybody. There are frats who are known for being chubby: perfection for the #10 token fat pledge. Lastly, there’s always a #20 GDI cult that calls themselves a fraternity. You know what I’m talking about.

Let’s get this straight: there are a shit-ton of fraternity stereotypes, some true and some false. If you’ve heard about one, then it probably exists somewhere. As a college life lesson, just understand that not all fraternities are made equal. They’re not all what you think they are. Most importantly, there’s always a fraternity for you. No fucking excuses to be a #20 god damn independent.

It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.




  1. PledgeMaster says

    What’s the typical frat stereotype on your campus?

  2. Josh says

    Guidos and Northeastern lacrosse players are in no way the same thing or even similar.

  3. PledgeMaster says

    In the south, almost every Guido frat kicked ass at every sport. Lax has started making its way down from the north, and the guido guys picked it up first, more than anybody else. Since lax hasn’t really made it big in the south, there’s not much of a difference between the two. What’s the difference up North?

  4. drizzil says

    north eastern lacrosse players are usually WASPs, rich as shit, went to a good prep school, and dress the part. but their dedication is usually to a team in college rather than a fraternity, but many lax bros join frats

  5. Speakr says

    Mostly just a bunch of rich GDI’s…truly depressing

  6. john says

    Lol love the website, from the north and south. Know exactly what you are talking about

  7. 'Merica says

    Rope hats. TFM.

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