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The concept of televising fraternity life seems like the ideal form of entertainment. Constant parties, horny sorority girls and pledge hazing would make for quality television, especially on MTV. Well, history proves otherwise (much to my dismay). To prove just how badly pledging sucks, lets take a trip back to February 2003, the original air date of MTV’s hottest new show, Fraternity Life. If Newlyweds separated Jessica Simpson and Nich Lachey, wait till you here what Fraternity Life did to Sigma Chi Omega and Delta Chi Omega. Reality TV can go fuck itself when it comes to secrecy…

If you watched the show back in the day, I’d love to hear your take. Please, enlighten us all in the comments below. Otherwise, here’s my take: In 2003, cameras followed around the pledges of Sigma Chi Omega at the University of Buffalo. To make a long story short, the fraternity got fist-fucked for illegal hazing and breaking into the Buffalo Zoo. And you wonder why secrecy is an issue? The cameras followed pledgeship at every turn, so don’t be surprised when a cop flips on the television to see a bunch of freshman pledges doing pushups in the backyard. Whose idea was this again? After a suspension and eventual removal from campus, Sigma Chi Omega eventually regained their place on campus years later.

Season 2: yes, there was a second season believe it or not. I mean hey, if your main goal is getting kicked off campus, then why not? The brothers of Delta Chi Omega joined the second season at the University of California, Santa Cruz. The stupidity continued on camera. Look, I’m not hating on pledgeship or fraternities at all, but who the fuck would document the illegal working of pledgeship… that’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. Anyways, after repeated illegal hazing, along with stealing a well-known koi fish from a University pond (and then proceeding to barbeque and eat it), Delta Chi Omega got kicked off campus. The university even decided to revoke the fraternity’s chapter in entirety. Nice work boys; thank you MTV.

With the show’s eventual demise in 2005, the American public was severely distraught at no longer being able to see how fraternities get kicked off campus. Lesson learned I guess. Society stands as one massive cock-block when it comes to pledgeship. This reality TV show proves what the reaction would be if secrecy was thrown out the door. Pledging sucks, and everyone knows that. Yet, unless you’ve been through it, you really don’t know what goes on. Let’s keep it that way, shall we?

Anyways, I’ll continue to enlighten all who dare to wonder about pledgeship. As much as Tiger Woods would slap me over the head for breaking secrecy, won’t scratch the surface compared to a reality television show. So fuck no, I won’t pull out the video camera, but you better believe I’ll write about it. Cheers to hypocrisy.

It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.

– PledgeMaster

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  2. doctor frat says

    WTF were the executive officers of those two chapters thinking when they decided it would be a good idea to allow television cameras to film pledgeship activities amongst there chapter? fucking idiots.

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