Fratty Vocabulary


It’s not everyday that we learn a new word or two. I’d be willing to throw down a few bucks to bet you’ve never heard of some of these. Quite possibly the greatest list of vocabulary words I’ve run across. Specializing in fraternities and sororities, these slang words perfectly encompass all that is Greek Life. It’s oh-so-fratty:

Bar Association

Noun: Group of fratdaddies/sorostitutes, all hailing from different houses, that know each other extremely well from almost nightly trips to the bars; usually campus’s leading authority on which establishments are most favored by the Greek community.

Bar Belle

Noun: Sorostitute who is known for her tendency to be out at the bars on almost any given night of the week; often provides “Plan C” shacking opportunities.

Bar Funk

Noun: The elements of the floor of a bar that generally attach to a fratdaddy’s or sorostitute’s shoes, making them blacker in color.

Bench Warmer

Noun: Backup date that you secure prior to a formal/cocktail as a protective measure in case your primary choice cannot attend.


Verb: Decision made by the brothers or sisters of a chapter to terminate one’s pledgeship at anytime before their initiation.


Verb: The process of acquiring a natural tan while laying out by a lake, ocean, river, or pool and consuming alcoholic beverages.

Crotch Stuffing

Verb: Typically performed by a fratdaddy to sneak various bottled liquids into an event, it is the action of placing multiple miniatures in the crotch area and having said miniatures secured by an appropriate undergarment.


Verb: The act of a fratdaddy or sorostitute dumping their date prior to or during a fraternity or sorority formal or cocktail. This term only applies when the action is taken by the person whose fraternity or sorority is hosting the event.


Verb: The decision made by a pledge to terminate their pledgeship before being initiated into a fraternity or sorority.


Noun: One who practices douchebaggery.


Noun/Verb: Actions (or engaging in actions or thoughts) often promulgated by GDI’s and other unfratty persons; actions which fratdaddies and sorostitutes never engage in.


Adjective: The state of being overly obnoxious due to extreme intoxication.


Noun: An extended stay at a fratty destination with fellow fratdaddies and/or sororstitutes for the sole purpose of fratting hard.


Noun: A catastrophic occurrence upon a situation that is deemed to be fratty in nature.


Noun: Occurs when a fratdaddy or sorostitute voluntarily neglects all responsibilities and disappears for an extended period of time to frat hard, regardless of the consequences.

Frat Castle

Noun: Slang term for the fraternity house.


Noun: A male who is currently active in his fraternity or is continuing a fratty lifestyle after graduation.


Verb: When a group of random fratdaddies or sorostitutes begin increasing the fratmosphere by socializing with each other in a fratastic manner.


Noun: An extremely fratty complete outfit.

Frat Fund

Noun:  Separate account a fratdaddy uses to finance discretionary fratty items and activities.


Noun: Chevrolet Tahoe sport utility vehicle. Commonly driven by fratty people; term may be applied to other brands of large trucks or SUV’s.


Noun: The area adjacent to a frat castle (or home of a fratdaddy or fratdaddies) where the grilling of meats, boiling of crawfish, and consuming of frat water occurs.


Noun: The state of mind at which one embraces those things that are truly fratty and rejects those things which exemplify douchebaggery.

Frat Lap

Noun: A circular lap made in a fratty vehicle around a prominent part of campus in an effort to check out hot sorostitutes; best done around sorority row during the time leading up to and during rush activities.


Noun: The underaged offspring of a fratdaddy and a sorostitute.


Noun: The diffusion of fratitude from fratty people and activities into a situation, activity, or person/persons which was previously of the douchebag persuasion.


Noun: A location or situation where the level of fratitude far exceeds the level of douchebaggery.


Noun: The study of fratting hard.

Frat Potato

Noun/Verb: Sorostitute who has been or is being “passed around” a particular fraternity to the point where she has shacked with a significant percentage of the members of that house; also refers to the act of participating in the above situation (i.e. “Playing frat potato”).


Noun: Hair style characterized by front hair line “shagging” down to the eyes. Always worn free of any hair product.

Frat Tabbing

Verb: Running up a substantial tab at a bar, restaurant, or social club.

Frat Tuck

Noun: The style of a fratdaddy of tucking only the front of his solid colored or button up Polo into his shorts, slacks, or jeans. Seen most often in the spring.

Frat Water

Noun: Term for beer used by fratdaddies/sorostitutes who have developed such a high tolerance that beer has little impact on their level of sobriety.


Noun: Member of the opposite sex that has the potential to make one replace their current “Plan A”.

Gameday Exception

Noun: Exception made for apparrel that is not acceptable in everyday situations, but is fratty when worn at your university’s most major sporting events.

Garbage Money

Noun: Cash that is crumbled and shoved into one’s pocket instead of being properly inserted into one’s money clip or wallet


Noun/Adjective: Abbreviation/Euphemism for someone who’s not in a fraternity/sorority.

Late Night

Noun: A party, where adult libations are served and shacking deals are sealed, in the early morning hours at a fratdaddy’s or sorostitute’s house after the bars have closed or the party has ended.

Mid-frat Crisis

Noun: Unexplainable phenomenon where a fratty person eschews fratty ways and begins practicing acts of douchebaggery.


Noun: A sorostitute of inordinate size; usually a multiple legacy or affiliate from a less fratologically inclined institution.


Noun: The act of breaking up with one’s former fratdaddy/sorostitute of choice for a second time when the unfortunate party’s drunktaneousness during the first event prohibits them from remembering the initial act.


Noun: New Balance brand running shoes that are commonly worn by fraternity pledges. Usually grey in color.

New Boy

Noun: Person who is a candidate for initiation into a fraternity/sorority; male variety enjoys mopping, sweeping, washing cars, scrubbing walls, driving brothers to class, and reciting information on demand.


Noun: A sorostitute with which you are in a long term relationship, and thus sleeps at your apartment, house, or fratcastle more than she sleeps at her own sorority house.

Pledge Gear

Noun: The attire worn by a potential fratdaddy during pledgeship, typically consisting of a solid-colored polo, conservative blue jeans or khakis, and Newbies.

Pledge Taxi

Noun: The service called upon by a member of a fraternity when he needs to commute without the hassle of parking his Frathoe.

Pledge Wall

Noun: The protective barrier formed when pledges surround a brother at a sporting event so to prevent any nearby security personnel from seeing the brother mix a drink.


Verb: Preparing to go to a formal gathering by participating in an informal gathering where the primary objective is to get drunktaneous.


Noun: One who aspires to receive a bid from a fraternity or sorority.

Rushee Beer

Noun: Beer (typically Milwaukee’s Best, Natural Light, or Pabst Blue Ribbon) that is so cheap and of such low quality that it is reserved for rushees at a fraternity party.


Verb: The act of a fratdaddy and sorostitute sleeping in the same bed.

Shack Pack

Noun: A change of clothes, toothbrush, and other necessary items packed by sorostitute before she leaves her home to prepare for an overnight stay elsewhere.


Noun: A fraternity t-shirt worn by sorostitutes after shacking at a fratdaddy’s house to avoid doing the walk of shame in her attire from the previous night.


Noun: A female who is currently active in her sorority or is continuing a fratty lifestyle after graduation (for picture, see fratdaddy).


Noun: Style of shoe made by Sperry, almost exclusively referring to the particular style known as “boat shoes”. Common shoe for anyone fratting hard in casual or business casual situation.

Total Frat Move

Noun: An action taken by a fratdaddy or sorostitute that contains characteristics which are deemed to be totally of a fratty nature, therefore making the action a total frat move.


Noun: Process where one obtains a drunktaneous state early the day, goes to sleep to recharge one’s frat gland, and then obtains a drunktaneous state again in the same day.

Walk of Pride

Noun/Verb: the walk performed the morning after a successful night of shacking where one struts with sense of pride and attempts to notify as many as possible of the shacking accomplishment

Walk of Shame

Noun: The walk a sorostitute must make after shacking at a fratdaddy’s house.


Verb: The act of a sorostitute placing her back against the wall and squatting in an effort to tone her muscles while releasing unwanted liquid intake.

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It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.

  1. PledgeMaster says

    Freedom of speech. Bitch away.

  2. David Samsel says

    Steven Spielberg was a Theta Chi not a Theta Delta Chi.

  3. Mike says

    Props for not only mentioning the usual fraternitys like betas and sig eps

  4. Frat Legend says

    DU is not a frat there motto is no hazing, no secrets, no bullshit. there all a bunch of lame gdis who took greek letters and call themselves a frat, there a worthless bunch of ppl that have no respect

  5. Dudebro says

    Brad Pitt – sigma chi

  6. psk2243 says

    Phi sigma kappa

    Dan Patrick- made sportscenter what it is today
    Cheech Maron- half of cheech and chong, helped transform comedy in the 1970s
    David Cook- american idol winner

  7. frat star says

    get it phi kappa theta

  8. tomba says

    One of the greatest Sigma Chi brothers was John “Duke” Wayne.

  9. Pktallday says

    Phi Kaps!

  10. Ben F. says

    Also, Harrison Ford, Archie Manning and Eli Manning are Sigma Nus. There are A LOT of famous Sigma Nus.

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