1. PledgeMaster says

    What do you think?

  2. JMulde says

    Thanks for your positive response, PledgeMaster. When I was talking about being on my own, I should have been clearer that, in that case, I’d be volunteering for a customized Hell Week experience, rather than a solitary version of a whole pledge period, which, as you point out, really wouldn’t work.

    Basically what I have in mind would be a week’s worth of as much misery and humiliation as the brothers could have fun inflicting, all based more or less on real initiation activities, but with no goal other than the entertainment — for them — of laughing their asses off at me and getting hours of free work out of me as I did whatever lowly, exhausting chores I was assigned.

    I don’t know if you’ve read the book “Goat Brothers,” but it describes a real-life Hell Week in the early 1960s. I picture my experience starting out almost exactly the way Hell Week did for the pledges in that book, which is a process I can describe in some detail, if you’re interested. Let me know, thanks.

  3. Squatch says

    Doesn’t this schmuck know that there is so much more to pledging than just getting hazed? It’s all about getting hazed for the sake of brotherhood, not to brag about Hell Week to your friends.

  4. 1868 says

    You’re only trying to get a book published or some kind of article. This is ridiculous. As a member of a fraternity I am appalled. You will never understand what any brother has gone through.

  5. 1901 says

    This GDI is no rare breed he is uneducated on what a real pledge ship is. I’ve met many of these types before and they’re always the first to drop out of the pledge class. They think they can handle it because its all fun and games. Right? wrong its not fun and the only game is the one the brothers are destroying your mind with. The easiest part of pledging is the physical. If you cant survive the work outs your simply to fat and lazy to be in the upper tier life of everything that is frat. I was in a spring pledge class with only one other guy (say anything you want about spring pledging just because I was smart enough to wait and pick the right fraternity not during formal rush but after they show there true colors about who are the douche bags or not). My pledge brother was the same way this GDI is he thought being hazed and pledging was going to just be a “fun” thing. He thought he had an easy ride because his roommate was an active brother and this was his golden ticket in. He thought he was super pledge always trying too hard and sucking up like a little girl. Too bad all the brothers caught on to this by week two. Soon enough people started playing the mental game breaking him down putting him into his place as a pledge, and sure as s**t he quite the very next morning. I was left alone to finish the next 9 weeks by myself and it took everything I had to do so because without a full pledge class your phone rings non stop and someones always mad at you for doing something for another brother and not them. The best advice I have for any pledge who thinks its to hard to keep going is take it all with a grain of salt. All the brothers are only doing it to you because they had it happen to them. If they really hated you that much they wouldn’t have given you a bid in the first place.(Unless your in a bottom tier bid blanketing shit fraternity, but they wont haze anyway) Pledging sucks but it will push you to the point that you think you will break and then one day its all over. Your back to being a normal person and having your own rights again, but your not really back to normal your a better man and a brother.

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