GDI: God Damn Independents


For every hero, there lies a villain. For every frat-star, there lies a GDI. Let’s delve into a vocabulary lesson. GDI: God Damn Independent. For those in college who choose to live a life of solitary confinement, a meager contact list and ice cream socials, this lifestyle is for you. They forgo the opportunity of fraternity stardom, quite possibly the worst decision of one’s life. GDI’s are the nerds of the university, those who make the educational institution so respectable. They’re a parent’s dream-child. No alcohol, no partying and no enjoyment of life whatsoever. When they leave college, their footprint is as valuable as Bernie Madoff’s investments. Fraternity guys hate them. They’re the honorable recipients of our tactful heckling.

Fist off, their attire just isn’t acceptable. I don’t think they’ve ever been introduced to boat shoes and a quality polo shirt. A visor? Hell no. They wear backwards baseball caps and rice picker cones atop their heads. The Greek alphabet is a foreign language to them, and it’s truly unacceptable. For such geniuses, you’d think they would acquire the partying language. They walk around with rolling backpacks and a pencil behind their ears. Yea, they’re probably the one’s who will cure you of cancer one day. But until then, fuck them.

So who cares if a GDI will someday be my boss? I’m planning on winning the lottery anyways. College gives you 4 years of experimentation and unlimited chances. I’d rather blow 8 out of my 9 lives on partying, rather than stuffing my head into a book for 4 years straight. Everyone finds a job eventually, and luck usually plays the largest role in making it big. Don’t even argue that one.

Top 3 Reasons Why Fraternity Guys Hate GDI’s:

3) At times, they make us look bad. Their flawless GPA’s and lack of arrests are just unacceptable. They stand firm as model students. But hey, we all need to be well rounded. Yet, they’re obviously lacking in the partying category.

2) Their attire defames southern class. Unless you’re joining the Jersey Shore frat, there lies an inherent need for Polos, boat shoes and a visor. It’s a way of life. Wearing tight jeans and a math-club t-shirt… need I say more?

1) They run the university. Student government oozes independents. They devote their lives to campaigning, and making life tough for Greeks. They preach change, and suck off the administration while they’re at it. They shut down our parties and make us jump through hoops. Just not cool.

Every GDI would benefit from a life within the brotherhood. A dose of pledgeship would whip them into shape, and most of all, turn them into the ideal fraternity guy.

It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.

  1. PledgeMaster says

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  2. FuckFrats says

    No wonder frats are considered useless. Look at this shit article! 5 top reasons why people hate GDIs and there are only 3? Thank god I was a GDI. At least I learned to count from school..fucking useless fratties.

  3. FratStar says

    ^^^ awww look who couldn’t survive pledgeship, or even get invited into a fraternity in the first place. GDI’s are gay.

  4. Squatch says

    Yea, notice how the only people who say they are glad they didn’t join a frat are the GDIs, and it’s definitely not all of them. However, it’s never the other way around.

  5. Jason Campbell says

    so basically,
    if you join a frat and don’t work hard in school, you’ll just get really lucky and get a sweet job under someone not “privileged” enough to join a fraternity. sounds like a recipe for success, as im sure when your done with 4 years of dipping, exposing yourself to other males and grabbing tits, the only natural response is to be down to run a 9-5 to the fullest. or winning the lottery, because that’s obviously legit. 4 years is a whole lot shorter than life bro, and personally im enjoying the full benefits of frat membership (free beer, ….) without ever needing to turn over a semester of my life, but im sure ill enjoy the library this weekend.

  6. this site is not frat says

    Yeah bullshit will a gdi EVER be the boss of me. This site and article is for jeeds being in a fraternity means we have more money than a jeed ever will and will be the boss of their fathers upon graduation. This site is retarded. TFM

  7. Squatch says

    So, basically, you’re a mooch who thinks they get all the benefits of Greek Life because they beg and plead for brothers to let them into parties. Congratulations. I can’t get over how cool you are. There definitely isn’t any aspect of brotherhood to Greek Life, or enjoyment in actually throwing parties… Basically, it’s the exact same people who bitch about Greek Life who are constantly trying really hard to get in. It’s people in Greek Life that make a campus party atmosphere what it is, and instead of calling us out, you should be thanking us that not EVERY single one of your nights involved wishing you had friends. Greek Life, and Pledging, teaches you so much about getting along as a group. You’re always pledging, no matter what you’re doing, so it might as well be formal early on, so you know what to take.

    And rooting for the Raiders? Seriously? Have fun making the playoffs…

  8. dumbasses says

    “about a quarter of all chief executives on the Forbes Super 500 list of America’s largest corporations were members of college fraternities.”

    “A mere 8.5% of full-time university undergraduates are members of either a fraternity or a sorority. Not only have fraternities been the breeding ground of those 120 Forbes 500s chief executive officers, they also have spawned 48% of all U.S. presidents, 42% of U.S. senators, 30% of U.S. congressmen, and 40% of U.S. Supreme Court justices”

    Suck it.

  9. Dumbass says

    Hey “dumbasses” you do realize that means 76% of Forbes 500, 52% of presidents, 58% of senators, 70% of congressmen and 60% of justices were NOT members. Doesn’t really give frat boys bragging rights when you are the minority of every category you named.

  10. Squeeze My Tees says

    We are selling some GDI shirts!

    What’s your label?
    I mean, what Sorority are you in?
    None, I’m a human, an individual one even
    No you’re a GDI

  11. ATO says

    “Hey “dumbasses” you do realize that means 76% of Forbes 500, 52% of presidents, 58% of senators, 70% of congressmen and 60% of justices were NOT members. Doesn’t really give frat boys bragging rights when you are the minority of every category you named.”

    Your the fucking retard. If only 8.5% of college graduates are greek, yet an average of 35-40% of judges, congressmen, presidents, and CEOS were greek, that means there is a positive CORRELATION between SUCCESS and GOING GREEK.

  12. rock_kick_ass says

    best parts about being in a house on campus –
    1) my dues covered a house and meal plan and was on average about 2 grand less/semester than what a gdi paid
    2) alumni corp. football tailgating was free
    3) almost everyone in the house was involved with some other aspect of campus life; for instance, the 10 other brothers in army rotc with me.
    4) formals, socials, bbqs, boating, ski trips
    5) we had to maintain a 3.0 to be an active member – we had a house library where we kept study materials and 24hr quiet room.

    yeah, i should have never joined Theta Chi and passed up so many advantages

  13. LOLz says

    lol ATO – you’re vs your… I wonder if there are greek life statistics regarding doctors – the learned, noble career.


    I hate GDI’s as much as the next fratter but this is not frat at all, being a worthless piece of shit is not frat. Raging hard, and still having your shit on lock because you KNOW that you are better than GDI’s and will be THEIR bosses some day. Thats what fratting is all about. But you are probably a Pike so it makes sense.

  15. Blake says

    I rushed, pledged, got initiated, and joined. Two years later from being a frattie because my friends were doing it, I’m proud to be a God Damn Independent. The fraternity I was in wasn’t too bad with hazing or just being straight up douches. Sure there were a few but not as bad as some others I’ve seen. Still I hated being ‘nf/not frat’ for wearing american eagle and not polo. I hated getting ridiculed for the people I hung out with outside of the frat. I hate having a damn schedule to follow and going to work instead of a meeting or a part was a gdi move. Stupid. So once again. Proud to be a GDI!

  16. Phi Phi Til I Die says

    “I hate GDI’s as much as the next fratter but this is not frat at all, being a worthless piece of shit is not frat. Raging hard, and still having your shit on lock because you KNOW that you are better than GDI’s and will be THEIR bosses some day. Thats what fratting is all about. But you are probably a Pike so it makes sense.”

    Fuck you. This is about putting down fuckin GDI’s. I would rather be a Pike than a GDI anyday

  17. HAHAHA says

    Phi Phi I think I got cum in my eye
    must have been that Phi Phi frat guy
    god I hate all guy Phi Phi’s

  18. Anonymous says

    GDI or Greek, doesn’t matter. I know plenty of “weird” greeks who would never get laid and plenty of GDI that have more friends than frat stars. Its more of a matter of personality. If you are cool, being in a GDI doesn’t change that. If you are creepy, being in a frat isn’t going to help. I go to a Big Ten school with one of the biggest greek systems in the country (if not the biggest). College is suppose to be about getting an education and making connections (for business students, most likely by getting drunk every weekend and most weekdays). Some people need a fraternity to do this, others do not. Or there is always the third class of people who are in the greek system but don’t belong to any particular house. They are the true “Kings” on campus.

  19. Fuck the Greek says

    The fact that many frat boys get high end jobs is simply because of connections. Mostly, these have no connection to pledging. Think about it. Who joins the greek system? A majority of over-priveleged, white, rich kids. So, who hires these kids who don’t have the proper qualifications? Their daddies or their daddies’ rich buddies. So, whoopie for you. You were rich and now you will stay rich by sponging off your parents for life. Also, politics? That’s your example for success? Politics is the arena for all that are inept, secretly soliciting kinky gay sex, or blatantly corrupt.

  20. Speakr says

    We beat the shit out of the gdi competition in our school, higher gpa than the business school average, and we party harder than everybody else on campus. so yeah definitely not regretting that decision there.

  21. Mr. Bigglesworth says

    Sounds like you’re mad bro. Did you leave your rufies in the car your daddy bought you? Did your orange skinned girlfriend peel all over your brand new polo? Maybe you just ran out of steroids or your penis pump finally broke. It’s really no reason to get all worked up man, the bro’s will forgive you as long as you keep drinking natty light and giving cheap blowjobs. But next time you decide to vent on the internet because the hipster across the hall stole the girl you were planning on date-raping, just sit quietly, close your eyes, and count to ten, all the while breathing slowly and remembering that everybody around you views you as a complete douchebag. Meditation is good for the soul.

  22. GDI by Choice says

    The reason the “Greeks” (get over it, you’re not Greek. . .this is the United States) have a higher gpa than the rest of us (and personally, I’m a Dean’s List student), is because there’s a gpa requirement to be in a frat or sorority! If there weren’t this requirement, y’all would have the lowest gpa on campus, so don’t even fret it. Get over yourselves. And FYI, I can get laid or party or whatever whenever I want. I don’t need to be “Greek” to do it.


    Everyone is drinking and partying. THat means that the cool kids drink. HAHA I gotta drink too to make me belong. I Have no brain. I just follow. THose kids who are the ones who gave us tvs, computers, ipods. “fuck them”
    Im so cool. I party all day and don’t do hw and expect everything to come to me. I will win lottery for sure and have a good life. Someone else work harder than me. NO Problem. Im a dumbshit american.

    YOU fucker frat stars won’t get anything. U fuckers deserve to get boated to AFrica and serve some hardship.
    NO DIsipline.
    LIFe too comfortable.
    Ur mommies and daddies give u everything. MAKE America Fail.
    THATS why economy is down.
    Cuz fucking 85% former frat members run the fuckign country. What a bunch of fuckign jokes.

  24. FUCK GEEDS says

    ^^^ok then have fun not drinking……

  25. Scott says

    The war is retarded. There are two extreme sides… one are the frat dudes you will find in the tool shed aka their frat house, and the other extreme side are the really nerdy kids who play world of warcraft 24/7.
    Frat dudes who think youre the shit…get over yourself, your parents paid for you to be in that frat and probably paid for all you awfully rigid polo shirts. Cmon guys, it looks like you blew the easter bunny and he shot his pastel colored cum all over your shirts. And crabs and shit on your shorts are seriously just gay. Stop thinking youre the shit because youre in a frat because you honestly are not. If you are a frat guy that makes fun of GDI’s what are you saying? That youre DEPENDENT on your so called “brothers”? They are not your brothers retards! Just because youve had a few beers with them and used them to get girls doesnt make them brothers. Seriously guys, get the fuck over yourself and back into reality.

    As for “GDIs”… I am a gdi and proud to be one. I am not however what a frat guy considers a gdi. I hate cargos, I cant stand the wallstreet protests, and i hate hipsters as much as the next NORMAL person. But there are some gdis i guess that are weird as shit and play video games and study all the time. those guys are called losers, not independents. stop wearing fuckin cargo shorts, doing weird hippy things, and believing that negative and positive spirits are all around..because youre just being weird as shit.

    If youre cool, youre cool whether or not youre in a frat or not. I have a lot of frat friends and a lot of gdi friends…I also hate a lot of frat dudes and a lot of gdis

    If theres one thing we can all agree on its that All sorostitutes are stupid bitches

  26. jd says

    the summer before i went off to college some fugly ginger guy told me i’d have to join a sorority or else i would be labelled an “independent.” As if some lame label mattered to me. When I saw the people who give that label, let me tell you, I’m glad I stayed “independent.” those people all look the same… and they want to!! there is nothing more pathetic than that.

    There was a sorority on my campus we called the “oompa loompas” because each and every one of them had a fake orange tan. You people think you’re laughing at us, but in reality – we’re all laughing a lot harder at you! I had a far better time in school not having to waste my time trying to be some scab whore who had to fake tan to feel better about herself. Those types always hated me anyways – I’m naturally hot, they’re not.

    I did actually consider joining though… I went to a recruitment thing with a friend and we both took bong hits beforehand. The girls we had to talk to had fake drawn-on eyebrows (each of them had plucked out their real brows) and I busted out laughing at one of them.. and then so did my friend. We left the room laughing. They looked like plastic people! LOL. ah memories.

    another time a frat guy was hitting on me at a bar and his loser sorority gf got pissed at me. he stuck up for me. she felt like crap. guy was a loser anyways tho. thanks for the free beers, dumbass!

  27. Anonymous says

    Who the fuck cares? If you wanna go greek, fucking do it. If you make it, kudos to you; just don’t turn into an asshole like so many do – it’s really easy to be a dick when you’re surrounded by them.

    If you rush and don’t make it, get the fuck over it. You weren’t what the fuck they wanted. Don’t go around bitching about frats just because you couldn’t get into one.

    If you’re a GDI and you just didn’t want to join a frat, cool. Just don’t turn into some self-righteous asshole who thinks you’re better for not being in a frat.

    Also, being in a frat isn’t the only way to make friends, party, and have fun in college. There’s more shit in college than just Greek Life, even though that’s the most guaranteed way to always have somebody to party with.

    Lastly, to all of those who were taking this article to mean that GDI’s suck: read it again. Its written ironically, you dumbasses.

  28. SDSU says

    “about a quarter of all chief executives on the Forbes Super 500 list of America’s largest corporations were members of college fraternities.”

    So the remaining 3 quarter or 75% were not members of fraternities?
    Wow, looks like you cant count for real. fucking retard.
    I got a bid to a frat turned it down, making 110K a year and im 21 years old.
    I hope you fratters enjoy these years, they are all you will ever have

  29. TheRealGDI's says

    Heres the deal ladies. As a current GDI member I will proudly say that a particular scool in the midwest has cancelled the coveted beer olympics because they could not compete with any of the GDI’s at the university. On another not GDI raises, donates, and gives more money than any other organization on campus. More than 4 times of any fraternity. GDI parties harder and works harder than most fraternities have ever dreamed and as I recal the heads of several large companies were former GDI’s. So you most likely work for a GDI who probably makes a shit load more money than any pansy ass frat douche ever made. So think again before you are so fast to cut GDI.

  30. Fuck geeds says

    gdi’s are a bunch of pussies

  31. One day... says

    One day all of you who have a problem with someone for being slightly different than you will realize how childish you were. Geed or Greek, we’re all college educated Americans and that is the biggest difference you can make in your life no matter the route you chose to get there.

  32. ilovedeltasig says

    i am a gdi and always will be but my boyfriend is greek and i love every single one of his brothers. i have never met a closer group of people in my life. they’re super nice to me and welcomed me with open arms but if i wasnt dating their brother they would label me a stupid slut like they do every other gdi.. they all hate when i make fun of their stereotypes but lets face it they’re all true. if you are not in greek life they hate you unless you’re a hot girl. and they do spend nearly every waking moment drunk and most of them will be lucky if they graduate. but on the other hand they have insane parties and they’re pretty descent guys once you get to know them. don’t judge greeks because of a few idiots that think they’re entitled/better than everybody because most greeks aren’t like that.

  33. fratstarfag says

    being in a frat is paying for your friends and limiting yourself to the rest of your college. im a gdi freshmen go out every weekend, have gotten drinking tickets in and out of the dorm and still have a decent gpa. so whatever college your attending probably sucks a fat one. have fun playing with your pledges frat fags

  34. GetItRight says

    If you’re going to use a short list of bad satire, get the majority of your points right.
    3. Greeks on average have higher grades than the average independent.
    2. Okay so they wear polos, big deal.
    1. The majority of student government is run by members of a Greek organization. There’s actually a stereotype about it.
    p.s. people who are bitching in the comments, calm the fuck down.

  35. Lmao says

    Wow, looks like you cant count for real. fucking retard.
    I got a bid to a frat turned it down, making 110K a year and im 21 years old.
    I hope you fratters enjoy these years, they are all you will ever have

    I love the lies people can come up with hiding behind a computer screen.

    Well I’m 21 and make quarter of million a year and was in a fraternity.

  36. Adg says

    Wow ilovedeltasig. Are you pro-frat or anti-frat? One minute your saying what sweet guys your boyfriends bros are, but then on the other hand calling them drunken, dummies who will be lucky to finish school. LMAO.

  37. Jeb says

    I rushed and thought it was stupid. I was homecoming king in a class of 500, and not even a jock, or a nerd, or a thesbian. I was just myself. So I know what social is. And I listen to people. I’m curious. I have an open mind. So I get along with people. Even the “math nerds” offer great value to my life. The “frat guys” I chugged with occasionally in college. It was great, being unshackled and meeting every type of person. I could smoke pot and play my drum, play piano in solitude at the music hall by befriending musicians, talk w/ artsy-farts at coffee shops, ego journalistic types (they loved their booze too) with a rye sense of humor—-all of it. But I could never be constantly involved in a house full of men who think with fear in their hearts. Who purchase a social life, and dress a certain way, and speak a certain way, surround themselves with one type of person, all of it, because here’s the problem: No Curiosity for Life. Just fear. Fear they’ll be ostracized, when in fact, ostracizing yourself for a little solitude sometimes can be liberating. Dropping off the radar and taking a walk whenever I want. Or doing just the opposite and showing up to a house party with a sleeveless and a dirty mouth and a desire to keg stand. I’ll always love the full spectrum of living. And it’s sad when people choose to group people, like these fratties defining GDIs. I listen to polka, I listen to rap. I watch chess, I watch baseball. It’s all fucking amazing, in this 80-year lease we have on the planet. Get out and break some rules, break some molds, and explore. Look I’ve met a few greeks who break the mold and defy any categorization. But for the most part, the greek system, like a religion, is indoctrinated, and limiting. And I just find it needlessly complicating and sad. End rant.

  38. Fratkenstein says

    First off all, GDI’s are simply jealous of Greek life. You’re high off your ass if you think partying/ having a social life always available is dumb/ a waste of time. GDI’s party, but let’s be honest, Greeks party harder/ better. Plus, they can go to other schools that have a chapter and party.

    Greek: 1 GDI: 0

    GDI’s however have better grades. Greeks often cheat the system when it comes to GPAs because a lot of Fraternities self-report. Plus, if you don’t party, you study. And also don’t have to worry about a hangover come test time.

    GDI: 1 Greek: 1

  39. Fratkenstein says

    Greeks get hotter girls and more of them.

    Greek: 2 GDI:1

    Greeks have better connections to jobs after college. Sure, there is always some GDI that lands a nice job because they worked hard, but greeks can get that job often putting in significantly less effort to get there.

    Greek: 3 GDI: 1

    Total: 3 – 1 Greek life.

    Not personal Geeds, but let’s face it, you don’t know what the greek system is actually like because you aren’t apart of it. We know the other side and have chosen something better. There’s really no argument here unless you don’t go to a school without greek life.

  40. Truelife. says

    Ever think that those who are not in greek organizations, actually have brains and don’t want to be like everyone else – an idiot? No you did not think, because you don’t have a brain, which is why you’re in a fraternity. Joining a frat is the only way you could get by in life, clearly you do not have common sense, or any sense at all. All you have is the connections of your alcoholic alums.

    Not gonna lie, there’s no body better looking than me. Just because you are in a fraternity or sorority, does not make you automatically good looking – even though we all know that you think it does. No, you’re still ugly, and no you are not automatically popular either. You just pay people to act like it. I used to be in a sorority but quit once I realized how pointless and stupid greek life is. No one thinks it’s cool to be in a fraternity/sorority… except for the retards who are in the fraternities/sororities. You are a joke to those who are not in greek organizations. You have to make these websites just to make yourselves feel better, because everybody hates you and thinks you’re obnoxious as hell.

  41. GDIFriend says

    Everybody knows GDI was just some made up term by greeklifers so they could feel more exclusive and better about themselves for pledging and being in a fraternity. The descriptions of GDI’s aren’t even accurate. I know ton’s of GDI’s who party a shitload, and even come to our fraternities parties when we invite them over. Sure they might not party as much, but they’re still cool guys. Fraternities are supposed to be about brotherhood, and I like to thin that idea extends beyond just one group of 50 guys. GDI’s can be cool bros too. Though, some are cargo short wearing shitheads. But you really have to get both sides of the picture is what I’m saying.

  42. LetsGetWeird says

    GDI’s aren’t terrible. It’s just a title given to anyone not in a Fraternity/Sorority. It doesn’t make them any less of a person than a Greek. As far as the flawless GPA idea goes, men in Fraternity have higher average GPA’s than students not in Fraternities. The average GPA of Greeks is 3.15 across the US. The average GPA for non-Greeks is 3.04. So, proven false. The second point, I wear skinny jeans and band t-shirts, and I’m a Theta Chi. Proven false. The first, quite a few colleges have a greek-gdi ratio of 2:1 or higher. GDI’s do not run the school. It depends on Administration. My college’s student government president’s have been Greek 90% of the time over 250 years. PROVEN FALSE.

  43. Mike says

    I’m a GDI and the only problem I have with Frat guys is the constant need to judge those around them. I promise I get just as drunk and party just as hard, buy I’m not going to wear a fucking polo and boat shoes to do it. Frat guys need to worry about themselves. I don’t give a flying fuck what clothes you wear, what house your in, or how hard you party live your life and I’ll live mine. Frats guys need attempt to be decent human beings and worry about themselves instead of thinking about how much cooler they think they are then everyone else. I’ve lived in 17 different places throughout my life and I promise you everywhere you go there is going to be someone who thinks your a fag or doesn’t like you for some reason. Just because your in a frat doesn’t make you some badass immune to judgement from other people.

  44. Donald says

    We actually called them randoms in Sacramento.

  45. mik says

    wow. you guys are clueless

  46. Frat says

    This article makes us look like retarded dropouts.

    3. Greeks always have higher GPA than these GDI fucks.

    2. We don’t hate on people from what they wear, are we sororities here? They simply do not meet our standard of living, and therefore we do not associate with them.

    1. WE RUN THE FUCKING UNIVERSITY. We are the ones care about college experience, have the leadership skills, and have the most school spirit, and therefore we run student government.

    This is really starting to make me question whether you’re some GDI trying to solidify this stereotype.

  47. Boiler Fratter says

    I understand where the stereotypes of Greeks come from. They are no more or less accurate than those of non-Greeks (See? We can be civil as well.) I did not choose to be Greek because I thought I was just that much better than everyone else. I didn’t choose it because I’m upper class because I’m sure as hell not. I didn’t choose it because I wanted to get laid constantly or because I wanted to drink every night (I believe in abstinence and I did not drink in HS. Personal choice. Still dated the prom queen in high school, and she is the biggest sweetheart in the world.)

    I joined because I wanted to be surrounded by a group of like-minded individuals. I joined a faith-based fraternity. I’m not going to lie and say I’ve loved every second of it, because there are definitely certain things that absolutely piss me off. However, it has by far made me a better man, and taught me how to behave in any circumstance. I don’t hold it against anyone for not joining a fraternity; it’s like deciding not to go to an amusement park. If you don’t go, you won’t have to pay the admission ticket (pledgeship), but you also won’t get to ride the rides or have a great time with everyone else that went.

    In all, I would never trade the experience I’ve gotten for anything else. I’ve made lifelong friends that I could not have any other way. It is by far the best decision I’ve made in college.

  48. SkizzleDizzle says

    I think the fact that a large percentage of leaders were in Fraternities only speaks to the fact that they are very social people.
    I don’t know of many doctors, engineers, or successful lawywers that were involved with Greek life. And from having regretabbly been involved in a fraternity, it hasn’t helped me at all. Getting drunk and partying every weekend is no preperation for the real world and I wish I hadn’t joined a frat.
    Many of those leaders that were in Greek life were in honor societies. Bill Clinton was in an academic honor society, and Henry Gates for example was in a history honor society. These are not the kind of groups who binge drink and haze.
    So, by equating Greek life to success is simply wrong.
    It disgusts and dumbfounds me that there are so many people who think that having been in a stereotypical fraternity complete with binge srinking, objectifying women, and hazing will give them any real advantage. Well, if it helps you feel good and confident about yourself, then that’s great, though a bit pathetic. Unless you had a real leadership position, putting it on your resume is not going to help you.

  49. SkizzleDissle says

    However, I’m sure in some fraternities the networking opportunities could be very beneficial.

  50. Steve says

    So, I’m confused. If I’m not in a frat yet I still party/drink, am I not a GDI? Cause I’m pretty fucking sure I am. I don’t have to pay for my friends. I guess if my parents liked to throw their money down a black hole then I would buy mine, too. Da fuck is with wearing boat shoes – buy a fucking boat and then we’ll talk.

  51. Dich says

    25 years ago joining a frat seemed important, but after surviving boot camp in the military I wasn’t about to be part of the Napoleonic Glee Club and certainly wasn’t taking S*#! from an underclassman.
    I stood on my own two feet, and created a social organization which still exists today. No hazing and you’re a member when you say you are. College parties had little to compare to back-stage parties that I attended AFTER college. Those guys who rave about their deeds of daring years ago, just haven’t done anything since. Seize the day, Carpe Diem neither indicates you should follow the other lemmings to the company machine. Think outside the box, or you will become the box.

  52. Lol says

    ‘Mrrrrica. Where the biggest bully, with the most rocks between his ears, gets to be your boss, not because he has a better edumacation, but because he managed to get into the right frat.

    Aaaaaah yes, ‘Mrrrrrca, with a trillion dollar national debt. Maybe y’all should be rethinking the way you run the show over there?

  53. santana says

    Where I go to school, frat boys and “gdi’s” merrit no difference in social status what so ever, they just encompass different social circles.

    i’ve met some cool frat guys but have also met my share of douchebags. Also, there are several frat boys that seem like complete nerds leading one to believe that thier fraternities must consist of mostly nerds. then there are the frats made up entirely of your average faggotry.

    As for being “independent”, when is that ever such a horrible offense? Where i am, there is more of a social sphere where independents are involved and greeks only make up less than a 1/3 of the student body. I guess thats the advantage of going to school in a big city where most people are already used to a large social setting by the time they get to college. The consensus is that a person doesn’t need to do anything to “fit in” with one circle or another.

    I think most of you are trying to take it a bit too far. Maybe where you attend it is a cutt-throat view of being either one or the other. There is nothing wrong with occupying a median view point. And if you think i’m just a “gdi” talkin shit then i guess you deserve the title of royal douchebag.

  54. LASHES says

    Why would a GDI ever come to this site? I call troll.

  55. Jordan says

    Wow this made me not want to a frat. & i was rushing…

  56. Kid ink says

    frat boys are cloned homophobic homosexuals. god damned butt chuggers. suck a dick

  57. ATONONYMOUS says

    Being frat is about raging balls then going to class still drunk but making an A in the course all while acting as a gentleman towards all of your peers no matter who they are. Because of the particular set of skills you aquired during pledgeship Greeks are particularly better at this. And I’m sorry but in today’s society it’s not the grades you make it’s the hands you shake and I know that all of my brothers can properly introduce themselves and make a lasting impression. Being a useless alcoholic is not frat. We don’t need to put others down to make ourselfs sound better. Yea we may be the trust fund babies of the college with letters on our range rover. I know I am and I’m proud of it. But that’s not what frat is. Please both Greeks and Non-Greeks keep an open mind. For those of you that actually took the time to read this thank you I hope I have somehow influinced you. Once a gentleman always a gentleman RUSH ATO

  58. Me says

    What are people who don’t do Greek Life and get bad grades and party a lot and maybe have a job or spend their time doing other hobbies called by fraternity members?

  59. Why Bother says

    I’m a GDI and quite frankly have managed just fine without being in a fraternity up to my senior year. That being said, I’ve made friends with other GDI’s and we’ve formed a kind of brotherly connection of our own. Even after they’ve all graduated, we still maintain close contact with each other and have many great memories to reflect on. We’ve been to crazy parties, had private screenings in a theater at midnight and dabbled at romance from time to time.

    So, even though I’m not in a fraternity, I still consider these guys, who are also GDI’s as my older brothers.

  60. FrattingHard says

    I mean, i’m a chairman of a commitee in student government. our fraternity has about 5 guys in student senate, including myself… student government at our school LOVES greek life, and over 80% is greek. fraternity represents strong brotherhood, good academics, and the ability to fuckin’ RAGE.

  61. Greg says

    I’m a founding father in my fraternity. I never EVER wanted to join Greek life, because I thought it was going to be like what is described on this website. But, we started with a group of about 20 guys, most of us leaders for other on campus groups, and we quickly got the highest GPA of any fraternity, did the most community service, and are generally considered to be the most social Greek organization on campus. We cut loose on the weekends, but we study hard and conduct ourselves like gentlemen. Rush week is great, because the other fraternities and us are all different when it comes to what we value, and what our criteria for membership is. I love my fraternity more than anything in the world, but it’s probably because I helped found it, instead of joining one, that I care so much about it. It’s my opinion that everyone joins the fraternity they are meant to. I just don’t know why you would ever join a group of guys that gives you crap for not being in Greek life, then gives you crap (maybe even literally) during pledge process, and then encourages being a dick to someone else. Because why the hell wouldn’t you want to stay independent? I would never join a “frat”, but I’ll always love being part of a fraternity.

  62. Anonymous says

    Ha! Daddy’s money will only get you so far. You might actually have to take care of yourself one day. I think it’s pitiful that you must join a group such as this to validate yourself. Go fuck yourself, nobody gives a damn.

  63. Anonymous says

    ^ Are you serious? My fraternity’s dues are only a few hundred dollars per year, and I pay for them – as well as my apartment, car, and clothes – with the money that I work for. I’m taking out student loans and keeping a cumulative GPA over 3.90 as a third-year physics major.

    So yeah. Suck my dick. The thing I like about my group is that, while we still party and have a great time, a good number of our alumni are medical students, businesspeople, and all-around successful individuals. I’m not a hardcore party-person, but I like going out, having a good time, and not just living a boring, stuffy life. If you can’t appreciate that, shut up and keep at doing whatever it is that you do.

  64. Volumecorps says

    I guess this little pissing contest will never end. It’s true that greeks pull more top-shelf ass, party like rock stars, and have alumni connections most people would kill for, especially in this shitty economy. That doesn’t mean GDI’s can’t prosper as well.

    782. That’s not my SAT score. That’s the total number of women I slept with from 1992-1996 while attending college in Texas and no, I’m not counting blowjobs. I wasn’t in a fraternity. I was a guitarist in a house band that played regularly in bars on 6th St. in Austin. That would have made for ample social opportunities in and of itself, but we were also hired often by Greek organizations for their events. As long as we kept the Weezer and Garth Brooks songs coming, (90’s Top 40, baby!) the Greeks took very good care of us. Hell, we should have been paying them.

    The point is, even GDI’s have fun. But knowing a few fraternity brothers never hurts.

  65. Real World says

    Frat are annoying but serve a purpose. Why else would parents work if not to buy friends for their kids.

    Message to the world, be an individual make your own opportunities. Every benefit of a frat can achieved without a frat, just not bought. I know it sounds rediculous to work for something but it is possible.

    As far as the guy throwing statistics, there is no correlation between frat percentages and getting political jobs. The connection is people involved in campus clubs etc are more likely to want a career in politics. The correlation is in personality type, not in success.

  66. bearcat says

    lets haze geeds and highschool kids to teach them valuable life lessons.

  67. smitty12 says

    Frats are so cool.
    1.) Pledging is an excuse to stick your thumb in another dudes butthole and grab their nut sacks.
    2.)Their parents are rich enough to buy them friends.
    3.)Daddies money can buy them shorts that are both shorter and brighter than my little sisters cheer leading shorts.
    4.)They all wear the exact same boats shoes because they all own boats, right?
    5.)Fraternities turn good people into people that are very judgmental about everyone who is not the exact same as them.
    I lost my group of best friends because they all joined frats and i didn’t. Who gives a shit. Our whole lives us 7 have been best friends and when they came home that first summer they were totally changed. All they talk about now is frat this and frat that and how much they hate gdi’s. Ok, so what if i’m not in a fucking fraternity. We we’re best friends and now they think they’re to good for me just because they went ‘greek’ even though they’re not greek. I out drink the fuck out of them and make them look like bitches every time we drink. Isn’t that what being in a fraternity is all about, partying the hardest? Or is it just to try to show that your parents are wealthy and will buy you whatever you want. And whoever uses the term gdi or geed is a fucking idiot. You guys are the minorities on campus so you shouldn’t be referring to people like that. How can such a hatred be formed by a made up society just because they tell you that people who aren’t in frats are douchebags. I’m not in a frat and i’m glad i’m not because they are the most disgraceful people i have ever met. I hope for all of you that daddy doesn’t lose his job so you can keep living the way you do and continue to be better than everyone else because of it….

  68. Bsmiles says

    Fucking really? If you’re a student and didn’t feel like paying thousands of dollars to have a group of friends you’re a book nerd and you don’t know anything about enjoying life or partying? I’m a GDI because I work 40 hours a week just to have the opportunity to go to college and have a place to live in. Most greeks that I know are spoiled off of mommy and daddy’s money and have ignorant attitudes just like you. Sorry I have to buy discount clothes and can’t afford a pair of boat shoes or fancy boots or whatever those other sorority girls are wearing now a days. Doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to dress, it means that I know how to invest my money. You’re disgraceful, insulting everyone who couldn’t afford your lifestyle and doesn’t choose to be a part of your ignorance.

  69. GDI1 says

    This is probably the most ignorant article I have ever read. It tells me that Fraternity brothers are a bit scared of competition and adversity. I am a college student and work 40 hours a week as well as Bsmiles. The only difference between people like Bsmiles and I, is that we have the drive and determination to do so. I don’t see many fraternity brothers working 40 hours a week as a Civil Engineering PM (Project Manager for you Frat guys), going to engineering school full time and maintaining a 4.0 like I do. That is not to mention the experience we can add to our resumes. I will also give you fraternity brothers a heads up people will hire you based on your grades and experience not whose dick you sucked in college. The people hiring have to look good to there bosses so they don’t get fired. They do not want to hire someone that drank more beer and ate more pizza than anyone else in college, but doesn’t know how to add and subtract. Let alone know the difference between 3 and 5 like the author of this article. As for a social life I still party 4 nights a week and have sex with more women than you lucky individuals that claim to have more pussy on hand than anyone else on campus. Did I mention I have been able to buy a house with the money I have saved from not being in a fraternity. It also aquiring great capitol since my intrests rates are so low due to the credit I have by paying for things myself. It is good to be a GDI

  70. Bearcat is gay says

    Bearcat you are probably the gayest person i’ve never met…TFM

  71. Common Sense says

    Anyone in a frat who hates people not in a frat is extremely insecure. We honestly couldn’t give less of a shit about you yet you seem to hate us for no reason. You’re all like Kim Jong-Il

  72. Fratfunsquare says

    Dude gdis suck, but also no reason to hate I like when they pay at our kegs we make profit.

  73. Wow you're dumb says

    Your argument is the positive correlation, which does not imply cause and effect (I’m sure you took some form of a statistics class). Your argument can be boiled down and very easily blown up. Let’s take Richard Sherman for example. He lived in Compton and lived in poverty, but graduated second in his class from high school, about a 3.7 GPA from Stanford, and is now an All-Pro, Super Bowl winning cornerback. Does that mean that coming from Compton is the recipe for success? No. There are a lot of guys from underprivileged backgrounds that make it into the NFL and do very well. The percentage of professional athletes from underprivileged backgrounds is, I’m sure, higher than the percentage of people from underprivileged backgrounds in the United States. Does that mean underprivileged backgrounds leads to a life as professional athlete? Definitely not. The elected representatives you’re mentioning probably worked extremely hard, and also went to an Ivy League school where they have better things to do than make articles about GDIs.

  74. Sure says

    I guess next time I want to blow a quarter million dollars to party like I did in high school, make average grades, identify with the middle of the pack, become a closeted homosexual/part-time rapist, I’ll be sure to pledge.

    Don’t be mad at me for what you know to be true, fraggots. Even when Greek institutions live up to their highest possible standards, it only means you’re paying money for friends that you could’ve made anyway, and connections you could’ve developed if you took some initiative instead of relying on strength in numbers. Total frat move there.

  75. Anonymous says

    GDI. worked through college in a bar. more drinking, more drugs, more pussy. for free. i was never forced to do anything i didn’t want to or put up with some spoiled, entitled asshole’s shit. i also got to knock Greeks around and kick them out of the bar. yeah, i made good grades, but it’s not like i tried. and we dress better than you. fratfucks all look like they’re dressed for their first day of pre-school. and while you were all making a butt-fuck chain and chanting to your fraternity gods, i was boning your girlfriend in a study room in the library.

    oh and some of us understand actual Greek:
    L ? ? ? ?????????

  76. LOL@thiswholethread says

    I’m a GDI. Sorry but really not sorry about the following brag: I get wasted whenever I feel like it. Smoke weed. Black out. Bring home girls. And have a 3.8 GPA. I fucking LOVE college. I’m graduating this semester with my BA (in 4 years) and have received multiple offers for employment and I still feel sad about leaving because I love it so much.


    I have no problem with frats/sororities or Greek Life in general. I considered pledging but I never got around to it. But have you ever realized that Greeks seem to hate on “GDIs” much harder than the reverse? It’s strange… The whole existence of this thread backs that up.

    Also why would you think GDI’s don’t drink or have fun? Bar tours, house parties, the yearly Beer Olympics are all options where I go to school, without stepping into a frat. Hell, I rolled face and saw Bassnectar in a giant stadium last year. As a GDI you can even go to frat parties if you REALLY want when they have their open door parties (usually not a bad time).

    I think that’s what I like the most about being a GDI– I do what I want when I want.

    GDI for Life.

  77. Anonymous says

    Are we supposed to be taking this website seriously?

  78. What says

    Lmao this whole thing isn’t satire? I mean the article certainly is. But idiots above can’t sense it?

  79. Mr. Man says

    Independent or frat, it doesn’t matter. I see little difference in the quality of character on this board. If you boys are going to be out in “adult world” shortly you’ll only be playing at being men.

    No wonder this country is going down the toilet. We have boys leading instead of men. Grow a beard, grow a sac, and man up. Help your neighbor. Be a role model that young boys can look up to. Stick around and be fathers to your future children. Put down the beer, get a job, and get out and vote.

    Fighting on the internet is like running in the special Olympics… Even if you win, you are still a retard.

  80. Anonymous says

    The homophobia is strong on here… Insecure much?

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