Even The Great Tim Tebow Gets Hazed


Some people love him, some people want to punch him. When he got his shit rocked against Kentucky last year, there were two mindsets throughout the country. The Gator Nation almost fainted, while the rest of the SEC and countless others were praising the Lord for such a gracious occurance. Tim Tebow lying motionless on the turf. Assholes— he’s human, believe it or not. Anyways, even the best get hazed.

I know this post isn’t the newest news out there, but it has to rank pretty high on the hazing totem pole. The media gets a hard-on when anything happens to Tim Tebow, good or bad. The Denver Broncos put the college superman in his place through the detailed marksmanship of a barber. Sorry Timmy, welcome to the NFL. With a monk-like haircut, Tebow’s “God-loving” persona skyrocketed to a new level. Do we classify this as hazing? Yea, I guess so. Not exactly the most painful or hilarious hazing story, but anyone who has ever heard Timmy talk has to chuckle to some extent. He loves his father from above, and now the image of a monk-like Tebow enshrines this passion for the rest of time.

Let Tim Tebow serve as a living example of how pledgeship (the NFL pre-season for Rookies) and hazing (fucked up haircuts) can put smiles on the faces of millions. Whether its an overweight frat star fucking with a pledge, or an NFL superstar buzzing a rookie prodegy’s wig, laughter is inivitable. Hazing continues, and won’t come to a stop anytime soon. We love you Tebow, you’ve put hazing on the map.

It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.

  1. PledgeMaster says

    Remember this?

  2. 2011 Pledge says

    As an Alabama fan and pledge here, I very much loved that moment

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