In The Haze


While the Brotherhood continues it’s perpetual symphony of fraternal order, the outside world shakes its ever-condoning finger. With the Fall semester right around the corner, the world wide web brings together a spectrum of mindsets far and wide. From Brotherhood admiration, to utter hatred, has smacked the hornets nest atop the head, and for good reason.


A Brotherhood, defined as you will, can render quite the spectrum of descriptions. Yet, it’s impossible to escape the real-world similarities of a fraternal conglomerate. God forbid we dare equate fraternal order to that of military Brotherhood? Uh-oh, here come the haters. What does a fraternity have in common with a handful of pre-teenage girls? More than you’d think, unfortunately. Heros? Maybe. Wastes of life? Most likely. Proponents of life in the moment? Absolutely. Either way, fraternities as we see them are at the forefront of chatter, whether it be at the bar, or on your evening news.


Through the various articles published over the years, the Pledging Sucks initiative was meant to inform, educate and enlighten those readers on the Brotherhood as a whole. How exactly you want to interpret what is written is completely up to you. Is hazing bad? Well, who is John Galt? For all non-educated readers out there, just keep on reading. You wouldn’t get it anyways. Pledging is what it is, whether you like it or not. It’s those that have been apart of it, while also being able to step away from it, who value it most for what it has become, and how it has become so. Some get caught up in the haze, and rightly so. Others see through the shit, and find a spec of respect.


As the Fall of 2012 rolls around, fraternities everywhere are gearing up to keep the machine moving. Pledge Masters are plotting their elaborate schemes, Presidents are growing gray hairs with the thought of another semester soon to come, #2 Rush Chairs are sucking the dick of young freshman, and the nieve rushees quiver in a combination of fear and excitement for the semester to come. Whether your love it or hate it, the greatest invention known to collegiate alcoholics will continue to surpass all expectations. Some will falter, while others rise. Men will be made, while boys will crumble. Alcohol will be binged, and sorostitutes will be slammed. Parents will fund it, while children will blow it. 


Unfortunately, someone will die this coming semester. Whether it be hazing, drinking or downright partying fatality, the fraternal way of life will yield too much for atleast one poor soul. The pledgeship process will be scrutinized, and society will continue to pick at the gum stuck to the bottom of their shoes. Yet, through it all, the twisted hazing schema that is a fraternity will endure. Yes, pledging does suck, but it doesn’t suck quite enough to prevent it from resurfacing yet again. And so it continues. 



It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.




  1. PledgeMaster says

    Straight question: Do you advocate, or denounce the fraternal way of life, especially the process of pledgeship? Sound off in the comments.

  2. Andrew says

    I totally get the pledgeship deal, It really does make sense if you think about it. I just think there needs to be that one dude who can just say STOP if things go too far and then bam, whatever was going on stops. My opinion is meaningless though, I’m a GDI in my first semester of college. I’ve been considering rushing, a-lot of current friends tell me not to, but it seems like it might be worth it.

  3. Andrew says


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