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Every once in a while the Brotherhood runs across a video worth sharing. In most cases, society’s taboo practices usually create a gold-mine of underground content. Yet, there isn’t too much evidence out there. You be the judge whether or not the video is real or staged. Either way, it’s a quality representation of the pointless, yet humorous hazing that encompasses all that is pledgeship.

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/K-KNVrZaN8M

Whether it’s completely staged, or legitmately real, the hazing depicted in this video doesn’t venture far from the norm. The fact that a video camera is capturing it all makes the entire situation less beleivable, but hey, maybe they never got the memo on the #16 Importance of Secrecy. In my humble opinion, the situation was real. The brothers were mindfucking one of the pledges, who proceeded to take the bait and fall a little too hard in the end.

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It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.

  1. PledgeMaster says

    KEG: Kappa Epsilon Gamma

  2. Anonymous says

    In response to your so eloquently written “Reasons Why we Haze”, yep, this definitely prepares you for real life. Every single job interview I’ve ever had, I’ve been blind folded and shirtless. Generally, they shock my nipples once I’ve shown them my spreadsheet skills, but usually before they ask me the last book I’ve read.

  3. jd says

    I’m a chick…and honestly, this is so gay, its disgusting. we all know you’re just sadistic because you can’t admit you’re attracted to that guy you made to strip down. just come out already, ugly queers.

  4. jd says

    omg look at the big fat guy! and the one who mounts the other one… gay gay gay.

  5. SB says

    Yeah, anyone who has a brain knows this is fake… Kappa Epsilon Gamma? seriously people

  6. A Real Sorority Sister says

    This video is absolutely bogus. Events like this do not occur in most college greek life. Any “hazing” I was ever put through tested my ability to problem solve, work with people I didn’t know or didn’t share the same views as, my loyalty and drive to succeed.

    Never once did my sisters do anything to hurt me, I am a better person today because of the life skills and friendships I have because of my sorority. And what is that you might ask?

    A business professional, advising my alumnae chapter and being active in my community and a responsible and loving wife and mother.

    I can only hope my daughter will too share in the love and strength of sisterhood

  7. not ur problem says

    get painted with Dave’s Hot Sauce then tell me you’ve been through pain.

  8. danz says

    to my knowledge no fraternity does this. and if it did fuck snitching I would swing back. Some things prepare you for the real world. some things teach you to be a bitch and take shit like that when you know it’s wrong.

  9. danz says

    also as someone else pointed out the letters spelling K.E.G., or keg, and all the gay stuff going on does make this seem fake.

  10. Still laughing. says

    Hilarious overall. Not believable but the planning by the brothers to make that happen is pretty accurate. In regards to the comment by a real sorority sister – you’re a huge idiot. There are stories about sorority hazing but other than maybe getting put in a coffin for a minute, it isn’t a huge deal. As for fraternities not called SigEp, hazing is pretty common. And it’s bad. Dark rooms, blindfolds and yelling…. Pretty common themes in Greek life. And it made me a man. You’re either a GDI or didn’t marry a fratstar with both his nuts intact.

  11. Winston says

    I think its fake in that REAL hazing is done with no letters so as to not affiliate with the group. TRUST ME if this were real then they would have omitted the frat letters to avoid possible prosecution. The murder confession is BS as well

  12. Dude says

    the name of the fraternity is kappa Epsilon Gamma, KEG? lol fake. SO much for four walls. either this is fake or these dudes are retarded.

  13. Mariah says

    This Is SAAAAAD, Because Real Hazing Like This Goes On. These “Men/Brothers” Need To Relook Their Values Because They Are Pieces Of Shit. FUCK HAZING.

  14. Smith says

    The harder the hazing the more exclusive the fraternity and better you are then the GDI out there.

  15. UMass says

    To the dude who says sigep doesnt haze, im pretty sure they are the only national fraternity that repeatedly year after year gets kicked off campuses for hazing, and its gotten so bad their nationals have implement balanced man ideals to fix their reputation

  16. Phil Sigma Tau Sucks says

    This is an old clip from beverly hills 90210 it fake!

  17. 62? says

    To the sig ep who said sig ep does haze.. You guys obviously don’t haze the right way if you keep getting chapters kicked off campus. The coolest thing about hazing is the secrecy behind it. Nobody should talk about it or even affiliate it with their chapter because it’s “cruel and unusual” to society. But some members of Greek life and even some GDI’s understand the benefits hazing can bring. This video had to be faked, some parts are similair to some hazing that goes on but it was exaggerated a lot towards the end.. Most of the real hazing that happens involves your elbows and toes ;)

  18. Anonymous says

    this is so fake

  19. Fake as fuck says

    This is what gives us a bad name.

  20. Benjamin says

    This is gayer than goddamn fraternity X

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