1. PledgeMaster says

    Cheers to the silver-lining of enjoying a great brotherly outing in the woods. Bonding at its best.

  2. thatguy says

    I really don’t understand how this is still acceptable in today’s society. This is physical and emotional abuse, these boys were attacked. This shit shouldn’t be something that people go through to be part of this organization. I’m glad my fraternity (although we were mindfucked) never did stuff like THIS to us.

  3. AKAKIA says

    fuck sig pi lol

  4. DickDiggity says

    ^fucking panzy^ that actually sounds like fun compared to most hazing

  5. thefuk says

    Fucking ridiculous. You could have shot out someones eyes…

  6. bearcat says

    It’s called pledging for a reason, sounds like you got it easy, take it pussy!

  7. BigSexy says

    Noting this one a good pledging day, and you should man up my friend some days of my pledging I would have wished for as much, although cudos to the brother who had the guts to go out and shot at.

  8. USC says

    That went slightly overboard-

    I started a similar “activity”
    Actives vote on the worst pledge to the best one

    They are then put on a “Wanted” sign with the worst pledge being worth a case of beer and the best pledge is only one beer. Toss them in the woods and use paintball guns to go hunting

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