Pledge Class Pet


Brothers have bestowed upon their inferior pledges numerous responsibilities, yet none can match that of the Pledge Class Pet. In order to legitimize the overall fraternity, the pledgeship process and new member education as a whole, a unique experience must be garnered. There’s no greater way than letting a non-human element lead the way.

Whether it be the first day, beginning of hell week, or somewhere in-between, most respectable fraternities incorporate some form of pledge class pet into their pledgeship. The pet becomes apart of the brotherhood, and more importantly, apart of that pledge class. Whatever the animal is, it has a name. After enduring weeks of pledgeship hell with a pet by your side, he or she becomes apart of your story, slavery and pledge lifestyle. On one hand, it’s a distraction to get you through the pain. On the other, it’s a comical storyline for the brotherhood to play puppet-master with. In addition, #53 Pledge Attire applies to the entire pledge class, so don’t be surprised to find a suit painted on a pledge class chicken or pig.

Over the years, stories have surfaced involving all sorts of animals. Some you’ll be familiar with, and others you’ve never heard of. Either way, the lessons taught by caring for such a pet span far and wide. Why does the brotherhood do it? Take a wild guess. Because they can. And, well, it’s fucking hilarious to watch a group of college freshman attempt to care for a wild animal. 

The most common animals are those that usually don’t have long life spans in the first place. Stories from around the web involve pet pigs, chickens, roosters, and other farm animals. In most cases, the pledge class has to go out and catch/buy their pledge class pet. In other cases, the brotherhood introduces the pledge class pet in some dramatic manner. The #13 PCP usually makes the decision. Yet, just as every pledge usually has a role or title, there’s usually one pledge solely responsible for the pledge class pet. One more thing: the #62 Cost of Pledging goes hand in hand with the pledge class pet. Remember, you have to feed it, and make sure it doesn’t die. Medical expenses? Try taking the Pledge Class Pig to the vet.

By no means is there some legal disclaimer protecting the safety of these animals. In more cases than not, the Pledge Class Pet dies. How does it die? Well, however the brotherhood deems fit. If it’s a pig, there’s a roast. If it’s a chicken, there’s bound to be a head lying around somewhere by the end of the semester. 

Sound off in the comments below. We’d love to hear your pledge class pet story…

It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.

  1. PledgeMaster says

    What was your Pledge Class Pet?

  2. Ben says

    We had a cat show up during our hell week and it was the best thing that happened during hell week. Not being able to talk to any one the cat I know for me at least helped me through but it also took some of the distraction off of us as pledges and the actives left us alone when the cat was there.

  3. FRAT DADDY says

    scavenger hunt number 7 pick was a black cat! number 8 was a dog caller.

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