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The entire pledging process involves a handful of nuances and rules that are merely made to be a major pain in the ass. From designated driving to serving dinner, the process as a whole incorporates both brotherhood necessity and brotherhood enjoyment. Believe it or not, pledges are used to positively enhance society. To separate those brave souls who are trying to join the brotherhood, we have pledge attire. In this case, outfits serve a handful of purposes. Let’s talk about it…

Once #2 rush concludes, and each young freshman has solidified his desires, initiation transitions the #18 GDI into a pledge. What does that mean? It means that pledgeship has begun. From day 1, the rules are set. As the #16 importance of secrecy has and will always be the most important rule, pledge attire isn’t far behind.

What is Pledge Attire?


It’s what each and every pledge has to wear on a daily basis. Every fraternity has a different outfit, but almost all fraternities share the same beliefs as to what pledge attire is supposed to accomplish. No longer can you wear your high school gym shorts, an undershirt and a pair of tennis shoes. If you’re going to pledge, then everyone is going to know you’re a pledge.

The most common form of pledge attire involves a polo, khakis and boat shoes. Some fraternities shoot for the stars with suit and tie. Some days you’ll wear your “pledge jersey”. It’s relative as to what fraternity you join. Yet, there’s one thing in common between all fraternities. There’s always a dress code, and pledge attire is enforced at all times. The #21 ideal pledge does exactly what the brotherhood asks.

So why do we do it? There are more reasons than you think…


One of the most important concepts of pledgeship is unity. You will become best friends with your pledge class, and the brotherhood won’t stop pledgeship until that’s the case. It starts with the small things. The entire pledge class wears the same outfits to signify their unified presence of being the brotherhood’s bitches. In all seriousness, if you can’t dress like a team, you aren’t a team. This can be related to any sports team or group out there.


Each pledge class signifies the brotherhood they’re representing. We don’t tell our pledges to dress up in clown outfits; that’s just not respectful. We want to show off our pledges to the entire university. Each girl on campus should be wet with excitement as to how good looking each pledge is. Let’s not forget that pledges are the future of our brotherhood.


If your fraternity is that of steroids and tight t-shirts, then your pledges will sport a completely different outfit than those of southern class. It’s all about representation; each pledge symbolizes the look of the brotherhood. If your fraternity involves pledge attire of suit and tie, then you’re showing your passion for perfection.

A Test

There are countless tests in pledgeship. If you can’t adhere to the basic rules of pledge attire, then you’ve got a long road ahead of you. Pledge attire is made to keep you in line, and see if you’re able to follow the rules. If your shirt needs to be tucked in, then by damn the brotherhood is going to enforce it. It’s a test, and an easy one at that.

There are countless other reasons in which fraternities push pledge attire. If we’ve missed your favorite, sound off in the comments below…

It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.




  1. PledgeMaster says

    Pledge Attire is a staple of pledgeship.

  2. John says

    great article. I got a question for you:

    I live in Canada. shitty i know. anyways I really want to join a Southern class style fraternity, and I’m afraid the University I’m going to (University of Western Ontario) won’t have the fraternities I’m hoping for. I’ve searched all the houses and none of them really have pictures of their brothers and their attire. Should I lower my standards because I live in Canada and still rush like a motherfucker or just hope the fraternities have as much style and class as the Southern fraternities and rush like a motherfucker no matter what?

    Thanks and keep up the articles.

  3. PledgeMaster says


    There’s no harm at all in rushing. Rush is like a week-long version of speed-dating. Check out every fraternity, and see what they’re like. Even the ugly girls are fuckable. Ask the brothers what their usual dress is. There’s nothing wrong with asking a shit-ton of questions. You want to make sure you choose the best one that fits you. That’s exactly what rush is for.

    Even if every single fraternity in the school is sub-par, joining one is 10x better than being a GDI. You’ll get a group of friends, and most of all, you could the one who changes that fraternity for the better. Make it what you want it to be.

    Long answer short, absolutely rush. Check ’em all out. You’ve got nothing to lose, no matter how bad Greek life is at your college.

    – PM

  4. John says

    excellent thanks a lot man. I’m definitely rushing but I though the members might lie a bit and dress a bit better just for the occassion of attracting more pledges. Anyways I’m fuckin excited. Thanks man.

  5. PledgeMaster says


    Even if they do dress-up a bit and put on a show, atleast you see what they have the potential to be. You have to remember that brothers are looking for new guys who are like them. So no matter what they seem like, they’re also going to choose you. Don’t worry about the whole show thing, and just enjoy it.

    – PM

  6. John says

    thanks bro. I’m so excited

  7. Jackson says

    this whole website is fake.

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