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The Pledge Master serves as the single most important component of fraternal pledgeship. All pledge programs incorporate an exclusive brother who leads each pledge class through their semester-long pledgeship, and eventually into the brotherhood. The ironies and intricacies of the position are truly creative. WARNING: This post is the first of it’s kind. We’re not holding anything back. It’s a spoiler alert for those #49 future frat-stars out there reading this. While the #16 importance of secrecy is key for all brotherhoods out there, it’s time we let people know the truth.

If you haven’t noticed, our PledgeMaster avatar serves as the face of the Brotherhood. We didn’t choose it for shits and giggles. In case you were wondering, there are reasons the PledgeMaster  serves as the sole author of the Brotherhood. During pledgeship, there are a ton of symbolic figures and rituals that almost anyone can relate to. With the epic paddle to the handful of Greek letters adorned atop each and every fraternity house, no symbol comes close to that of the Pledge Master. While the role remains the same, there are a few different names that can be used interchangeably. From Pledge Trainer to Pledge Educator, there has and always will be a brother who leads the way for the new pledge class.

During #2 rush, when the entire brotherhood is meeting the slew of #49 future frat-stars and #18 GDI’s hoping to join Greek-life, the Pledge Master sits in the background. He makes a point of not introducing himself to any prospective pledges. Once the pledge class has been confirmed,  the Pledge Master introduces himself as their leader. In a semester full of bitching, hazing and mental torture, the Pledge Master presents himself as their sole friend in the brotherhood (other than their #54 big brother).

The Pledge Master is closest to the #13 Pledge Class President, or PCP. While it is the PCP’s responsibility to keep the pledge class in line, the Pledge Master shows the new group what path to walk along. The PCP lives the worst life as a pledge, but serves an invaluable role for his pledge class. As a pledge, if you have a question, you call your Pledge Master. He tells you where to be, and when to be there. He warns you about upcoming events, along with the difficulty of them. He’ll reveal secrets here and there, and continue to build your trust as your saving grace.

The Mind Fuck

As a pledge, it’s hard to understand why exactly a brother would sign up to become the Pledge Master. As you’ll see, the Brotherhood will turn against the Pledge Master if the pledge class doesn’t perform to the highest standards. He becomes an outcast in the brotherhood, almost an equal to one of the pledges. This solidifies the relationship between the Pledge Master and his pledge class.

As the weeks go on, you and your pledge class will wonder what’s to come. It’s the #3 fear of the unknown that fucks with your mind the most. Halfway through pledgeship you’ll know who to avoid, most notably the designated #4 asshole of the brotherhood.

The Twist

Here’s the spoiler alert. If you haven’t gone through pledgeship, stop fucking reading. It’ll ruin all the fun. Anyways, here’s the deal. From day one, the Pledge Master puts on a show. The amount of work that goes down in the background of pledgeship is ridiculous. Until you’ve joined the brotherhood, you’ll never understand the amount of planning, work and implementation that occurs. It’s ironic how much effort a bunch of #1 Animal House frat-stars can put forth into something they love. From day one, the Pledge Master builds the relationship with his pledge class. He’s your best friend, and he wants to make you love him. As the weeks go on, the brotherhood will turn against him, on purpose. Everything that happens merely builds the relationship between the pledge class and the Pledge Master. Yet, through it all, the Pledge Master runs pledgeship. He is the one planning each and every event. He creates and implements the playbook of pledgeship, down to the very hour of every day.

Your failure as a pledge class is pre-determined. There are activities, events and objectives that are made to be impossible. The Pledge Master serves as the puppet master, and the entire brotherhood makes pledgeship as real and ridiculous as possible. In essence, the Pledge Master runs both the brotherhood and pledge class. He tells the brothers what they’re able to do, and when. As the pledge class enters new stages of pledgeship, the Pledge Master allows the brotherhood to haze more and more. More than anything, it is the Pledge Master who is fucking over the pledge class more than anybody.

Yet with #37 every new year, new semester and new pledge class, there comes a new Pledge Master. The role garners a ton of respect, while the master playbook becomes better and better each and every year. Pledgeship accumulates, and the hazing techniques get better with each and every pledge class. So there you have it, no you know just how important the Pledge Master is to the brotherhood.

It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.





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  1. PledgeMaster says

    Did we leave anything out? Let us know…

  2. Pledge Master says

    Your pretty spot on especially on the twist. My pledge master was intimidating, but when I became a brother he was the coolest dude. It’s the heart of the fraternity, because if the pledge master doesn’t allow brothers to haze as much it takes the fun out of being a brother too.

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