PledgeMaster’s Advice: How old is too old to pledge?


A pledge is always in need of a few pieces of quality advice every now and then. A recent submission came our way in need of pledgship advice. How old is too old to pledge? It’s a common problem, and definitely one that needs to be answered. Keep the submissions coming our way as we’ll do our best to educate you on the realities of pledgeship, and everything else you’ve ever wanted to know. The submitted email is right after the jump…

The Question:

Hey, it seems like you guys know a lot about pledging and fraternities so i figured you guys would be the ones to ask. I’m totally not happy with my current college situation and I’ve probly got a few years left until i get my degree. I want to transfer and pledge a fraternity… the only problem is I’m 21 going on 22 and I don’t know how it will be getting hazed by guys that are younger than me.

I go to a school with no Greek life just because I wanted to run track here… bad idea in the first place but to top it off  my teammates don’t like to party! or do anything fun for that matter… there idea of fun is sharing the ultimate nachos at Chilies… they are obviously a bunch of lame-ass pussies.. this fact became apparent to me a few of the ppl at school that aren’t total fucking haters got together invited some bitches over and set up a beer pong table in the apartment and turned on some fucking blues traveler… we were thoroughly  enjoying ourselves, when my roommate and a few teammates creep in and they freak out like a bunch of cunts… saying shit like “dude your gonna get in trouble!” ” dude we cant have girls in here”… first off it was the weekend when most of the tight wads that would snitch on us go home to suckle there mothers tit… secondly this is college were supposed to fucking have fun…

Needless to say I was really tripped out and ended up telling my teammates to fucking leave if they didn’t like it… and they did… anyway so my best friend from high school is a Kappa Sig at another school and says that pledging was the best decision he ever made in college and that I should think about transferring and doing it. So is it common for ppl my age to pledge?


Can we give this guy a round of applause? Never be sorry for partying, absolutely fucking not. It’s a great question that’s very common. How old is too old? To be honest, there definitely is a time when pledging just isn’t worth it. Yet, it has nothing to do with age, and everything to do with how many semesters in college you have left. Getting your nuts hazed is only worth it for the years you’ll be able to return the favor, party non-stop and live the good life. Whether you’re 18 or 25, as long as you have a minimum of 2 semesters as a brother, then pledgeship is worth it.

I pledged with two buddies who were 21, both Juniors in college (in their Spring semester). I would make this the last eligible year to pledge, meaning that you have 2 full semesters of being a brother. It’s a matter of trade-offs. If you’re a 25-year-old Junior, who cares? More power to you.

I know it sucks to get hazed by brothers who are younger than you, but that’s just a fact of life. Pledgeship is an entire mindfuck either way, and it’s mostly mental to be honest. If you’re planning on pledging a fraternity with a difficult fraternity process, getting hazed by younger dudes is the least of your problems.

To wrap it up, it’s not common for people your age to pledge, but I guarantee you it’s worth it with how many semesters you have left. Pledging a fraternity could very well be the greatest decision of your life. Hazing teaches you invaluable lessons, and you experience memories that will last a lifetime. Let’s just hope you already know about the endless perks of fraternity life…

It’s the best time you’ll never want to do again. And it’s worth every fucking second. My advice: get your ass in a fraternity. Besides, you need some friends who will kick your ass in a game of beer pong, not friends who cry over the presence of alcohol. Agreed?

It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.

  1. PledgeMaster says

    Let’s hear your stories about the oldest pledges in your fraternity…

  2. Breau Webb says

    21 year old pledges are the best for beer/alcohol runs. Nothing is better than having a pledge prepare your alcohol selection for gameday tailgates and parties.

  3. Super_Pledge says

    Another thing about pledgeship is to not take anything personally.

    Your active brothers aren’t trying to haze you, they’re hazing the pledge out of you if that makes sense. All the actives have been thru the same shit you go thru, and if they were able to do it then you’ll be able to do it to.

  4. Allen Kardel says

    I pledged when I was 23, best decision of my life. The age of the actives is the last thing you’re going to be worried about.

  5. living the dream says

    its been awhile since i sent that email. thanks for the advice. i needed it badly.

  6. PledgeMaster says

    Living The Dream… how’d everything go?

  7. Blue says

    Thanks for the article man,

    I’ve been reading everywhere about being “too old” to pledge and most guys freak out if you are past 21, acting like you are the world’s biggest asshole for even considering it.

    I’m going to be 29 at SDSU and I want to meet some cool friends that could potentially be my brothers and make some lifelong bonds.

    Plus partying and drinking is always fun too.

    I’m going for it, if these fraternities don’t want an awesome motherfucker like myself around, their loss.

  8. PledgeMaster says

    Blue… no problem at all. Age is really just a number for pledging, as cheesy as that sounds. As long as you can handle a younger guy pissing you off by pushing you around (hazing you), you should be fine. I had a 24 year old pledge brother, and he was the most highly respected pledge of ’em all. Party hard, you’re going to love it. And btw… go cubs go.

  9. Grandpa Pledge says

    I pledged as a 21 year old. I had three years of living as a GDI & I regret it.
    Every time I go to the fraternity house, I wish I could go back and do everything differently. Better late than never. 
    Going greek was easily the best thing I’ve done in college.
    It wasn’t bad at all. My pledge semester was the most fun semester I’ve had in college.

    Besides, when you’re older & go out to the bars as a pledge, you get to know the older guys in your fraternity on top of your pledge class.
    Plus, it’s always fun to be able to say you’re older than your grand-big.

  10. NewlyInitiatedBrother says

    It’s never too old to pledge! I pledged as a second semester sophomore and while that might not be that late in the game, it was literately the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. I’ll be honest to say that I was that GDI freshman year who had nothing to do. I went home every weekend because I wasn’t getting any. I thought I was the shit when I was at home around the high school punks and I HATED fraternities. I thought they were a bunch of b.s. until I got the bid… Accepting my bid literately changed my life and my college experience. My pledge bros and I are very close even though they were a bunch of shithead freshman, they are starting to get it. Even if you’re a junior and looking for something different, GO for it! What do you have to lose? Worst case scenario, you don’t get a bid… which would really fucking suck. But in all honestly, there is no better way to go in college other than greek life. Think about it, you meet all kinds of new people, you get unlimited bitches, and you’re pretty much guaranteed a job after college.

  11. Hippie Don says

    Im 35 and I will be 36 when I go to NCSU. I still party hard and have a 3.75 GPA. I want to be apart of a brotherhood but I’m worried that the brothers will think I’m to old.
    Am I too old to join a frat?

  12. PledgeMaster says

    Hippie Don: That’s definitely pushing the limit. You’re never too old to pledge (Old School), but it won’t be easy. Personal opinion: rush every fraternity, and pick their brains right up front with your age issue. See what they say, and go from there. Has someone your aged pledged before? Of course. Is it normal? No. Take it a day at a time, see how the guys react, and go with your gut.

  13. Brocohontas says

    I’m going to be 23 when I pledge in the spring of 2015. Is there any difference for pledges who have served in the military? I get the whole hazing part but I feel like I may tell some brothers to fuck off if they have me doing ridiculous stuff. Do you think they’d be a little more understanding and laid back?

  14. PledgeMaster says

    Brocohontas: Being a military guy, you’re not going to appreciate pledging. Any time anyone younger than you tells you what to do, it’s going to push you to the limit… add on the military aspect, and it’s a recipe for disaster. That being said, I have personal experience. I pledged with an older, ex-military student. The brothers definitely treated him with greater respect, but he was still needing to go through the same processes. We made it through, and all was well.

    If you don’t go through pledgeship with your pledge brothers equally, it won’t be the same on the other side. Don’t expect any different treatment, and honestly, be happy that you’re treated equally. If you’re going to pledge a fraternity, you have to mentally prepare yourself for what’s to come. If you can’t handle the worst (being told to do the pettiest things by younger, less qualified idiots), then this might not be the right path. If you can swallow those potential issues, I personally believe that all fraternities would treat you with a slightly greater respect. Personal opinion: During rush, talk to the older brothers. Talk to the president. Be straight with your worries, and they’ll be straight with you as to what will be done to cater to your unique situation.

    Best of luck. Keep in touch.

  15. Brocohontas says

    Thanks for the info, PledgeMaster. I’ll reach out to the older brothers and hash out my worries. It’ll be like being the FNG again. At least I get to hit the bars with older brothers and maybe get out of some shit by going on booze runs. Perhaps even show the other pledges how to properly stretch your liver before a big weekend of drinking. I’ll keep you posted on my experience once January rolls around.

  16. PledgeMaster says

    Brocohontas: You’re spot-on. There are definitely benefits of being older, and I’m sure you’ll find a way to harness them. Keep in touch.

  17. youmyboyblue says

    It is never too late. I am 26 and I graduated 3 years ago from a university near my home. While it has 17 thousand students, there was little social life going on around campus since most students commuted. Having only a couple dorms and no football team didn’t help the on-campus atmosphere either. I rarely saw any members of a fraternity on campus and I learned fraternity houses are also several miles away from campus. Because of this, I knew very little about Greek life, but I still had a negative opinion of it based off of movies.

    I am now working on a 2nd undergrad degree at a large Big Ten school with a thriving Greek community. While I wanted to further my education, I also wanted to enrich my social life and make more friends as well. After all, I didn’t party much before. After my first year there, my opinions of Greek life started to change, and I wanted to be apart of it. Recently I became a member of a chapter that is recolonizing that has a rich history here and I couldn’t be happier. The opportunity to shape the identity of the chapter going forward is a great experience, and being older has many benefits.

  18. LAFEEN says

    Pledged when I was 24, loved it! I was older than all but one brother, but most didn’t know that. I looked young about 18, I was the “Drunk Pledge” for sure, would drink for my pledge brothers when they couldn’t handle it, and they’d eat rude food fro me. BTW my pledge class started with 14, and 7 of us were over 21 out of that 11 made it to brotherhood, 6 of us that were over 21! Don’t let age bother you and don’t let it interfere with how the brothers treat you since they accomplished what you are trying to! Pledged in Fall of ’86 and still friends with most of the brothers

  19. Lance says

    I am a 33 y.o. veteran who finally getting around to going to college. As I do not work, and am older than most people, I am finding it a bitch to find people to do stuff with. I been thinking about joining a frat as a way to start a social network in a town where I do not know anyone and am kind of the odd man out due to the situation…What y’all think? waste of time or worth it?

  20. Nick says

    Hey I’m going to be 23 and a junior and I’m thinking about pledging when I transfer to my university is 23 to old I mean I’m gonna be a junior I just took some time off from school for personal reasons

  21. Cary says

    I am 30 years old, women and will like to pleage. I am not affiliated to any school and live in Ny

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