Pledgeship isn’t easy. It downright sucks.


More than anything, defining pledging isn’t an easy task. Mostly because each person has their own perceptions of what pledgeship is and what it entails. The housemoms of the world envision pledgeship as an American hazard: bullying, hazing, drinking, drugs, etc. Damn these women are good– but who says all of this is a bad thing?

Pledging is essentially a time period when a new member is learning, dedicating, and proving loyalty to a specific organization. The word is essentially derived from the idea that when you wish to join a group you would “pledge” your loyalty and dedication. Ha. Right. Well for all of us whose head isn’t shoved too far up each-other’s ass, we know better. Pledging is so much more.

So what’s the point?

Why the fuck should I fork over a couple thousand dollars in order to get shit on for a solid 10 weeks (or more)? The reasoning just isn’t getting through to me. The constant late nights, immediate loss of cash flow, dildos up the ass and so much more just don’t seem to cut it. Where do pledges get their motivation? I know… it’s the promise of unlimited alcohol …wrong. As a pledge, you’re the one buying. Or what about the endless easy sorostitutes? … even more wrong. What chick wants to screw a pledge? Sorry big man.

But hey, don’t fret potential pledges— just ask any brother who lives in the house. They are all living, breathing examples of why you should pledge. Let’s throw out a top-ten, shall we? Here we go, ten reasons why you should pledge:

10 ) Taking it up the ass for the semester is all worth that very day when they pull it out.

9 ) In all seriousness, you transition into manhood. Surviving some of the nation’s hardest pledgeships will make you walk with one hell of a skip in your step.

8 ) You just bought yourself four years of sorority access; for some awesome reason, as soon as you sport the letters, sorority girls find a reason to fuck you.

7 ) You can finally put a sticker on your ride that people won’t give you shit about.

6 ) Because college would blow without Greek-life. If you’ve lived a semester as a GDI, you know how miserable life is.

5 ) You’ll have the right to dress like a frat-star. Khakis, polo, Sperry’s, visor & Costas. The look of a champion.

4 ) The obvious, awesome shit that eventually results in being a brother: alcohol, chicks, weed, parties, gamedays, etc. Self-explanatory.

3 ) To be the shit, you must endure shit. By walking down the same pathway as all others before you, you become apart of something much larger.

2 ) You inherited a bloodline of brothers who won’t hesitate to kick somebody’s ass in a bar for you. Hell, they’re eager to start something. Just give them the word.

1 ) Come next semester, you get to fuck with the new set of pledges even harder than the brothers fucked with you. Revenge at its best. And the circle goes on, and on, and on…

So let’s hear it… what do you think? Sound off by submitting your story at the top of the page…

At, we want to hear your story. We’ll provide the base content. A few stories, articles, blogs, pictures and things to laugh about. But we need you; we need your input. Hazing stories? Spill your deepest, darkest secrets. Stay anonymous to protect yourself, but let the world know just how bad Pledging Sucks.

It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.




  1. jd says

    Frat guys are gay. No other reason do go through that shit. Real men don’t need to wear ugly sweatshirts with patches sewn onto them to attract women. They DO need them, however, to get drunk, blackout, and slumber with other men in a house together… why? You’re very own #10 above says it all: “Taking it up the ass for the semester is all worth that very day when they pull it out.” Gay.

    All frat guys looked the same to me when I went to college. I went for the hot guys with minds of their own… but that’s because I went to a school that wasn’t in the middle of nowhere, or in a town that only existed because of a school that tricked idiots like you into thinking it would give them a future beyond being a follower for the rest of his life. Obedience. That is all. You’re all just dogs. Gay dogs.

    Don’t you know that those who really make it in this world are those that don’t desperately NEED to fit in, so much that they would endure consentingly being molested by loser wearing a baseball hat backwards? and you call each other “brother” — OMG you’re all so pathetic! think about how juvenile you are… but I suspect most already know, they’re just pussies afraid of never getting laid.

    Lastly, frats are so.. last century. When did “animal house” come out… 1960? So, you’re all re-living a movie that was popular 50 years ago. Get a life!

  2. Andy says


    You are a cunt.

    Get a life.


  3. Andysadouche says


    Real good comeback dipshit. Why don’t you get your big brothers dick out of your throat and try saying cunt to a woman’s face in person. I was under the impression that frat fags were gentlemen. Guess not.


    Stop wasting your parents money,

  4. suckmadick says

    andysadouch and jd-
    go be GDIs elsewhere. You clearly have no idea what being in a fraternity is about

  5. USA says

    You don’t understand what being a brother in a fraternity is about until your in it. You don’t know SHIT unless you go through it besides what you see in movies and stereotypes you read online and talk about with your other non-greek friends. We made our decision so get over yourself, but bottom line is when it comes to the South, girls do love a guy in a fraternity whether he is a jackass “frat star” is up to that girl. Don’t talk about it unless you go through it.

  6. Anonymous says

    I disagree with some of those reasons for pledging…

  7. Winston says

    In the end, pledging is worth every minute of hazing and every penny of dues. Iv had brothers who have stood beside me no matter the cost, friends who will be there till the end, and employment given by those before me. Its a true bond that has NUMEROUS benefits. Sure the college partying is great and the hazing is great on the top side, but I wouldnt have been able to overcome some challenges in life to move up in society if it wasnt from the endurance of a semesters worth of hell. So pledge on and keep tradition going. You wont regret it.

  8. don't worry about it says

    I like how “jd” said, “I went for the hot guys with minds of their own.” So you are either a queer, a gdi that wanted so bad to be in a fraternity, or both and got balled.

  9. John says

    It seems that you have obviously read too many random articles to experience what it really feels like realistically. I would be very open to your opinion if you had been through the process, if any process, but it seems that you are just too damn intimidated/biased by even trying the process; although it can be somewhat violent and morally-questionning. Hazing may seem stupid and biased, but my colleague so is the rest of life. Better now than never to learn and to be honest; mutual respect fares VERY well in this life. I’d rather work with a socially qualified man who could compete personally, intellectually, and individually, than a man whose grades were perfect, but also untested in an unsocial environment. Intelligence is a gift, but note that personality has a price and so does respect.

  10. Allie says

    Men in fraternities gain my respect as a girl in a sorority largely because they went through pledgeship. Therefore, they understand hard work and its benefits. And it’s not that I wouldn’t consider dating an unaffiliated guy, but it’s just that there’s something extremely attractive about a man who gains the skills a fraternity gives: loyalty, confidence, and leadership, just to name a few.

  11. Nipple Hair says

    I’m shocked that this entire website isn’t satire. It could, in it’s current form, pass for it. Y’all are crazy.

  12. Aspiring FratStar says

    Hello my name is Spencer. I am a senior that will be going to texas tech next year. Becoming a Frat Star, or brother is something that runs in my family. My dad was a ATO pledge chair., and my brother is a sigma chi at TTU.
    To say that I am excited to pledge would be an understatement. I awate the day to arrive on the dignified path that is brotherhood. I guess all im saying is don’t let these GDIs fuck up this post, because for most this means the world, and frating is something I look foreword to everyday.

  13. Andrew says

    What I have noticed, the majority of the “Frat” gents posting in this article have abundantly misspelled words and have destroyed grammar in their sentences. While I realize this is the internet, this certainly doesn’t say much for them. I myself didn’t go through it, but it doesn’t mean, I mean any less in the world.

  14. Andrew2.0 says

    ^ Your comma splices astound me. Your sentences are incoherent. While I realize this is just a snarky comment to point out that your snarky comment negated itself, I sit back and enjoy the fact that I properly know how to insert a verb, a comma, or a semi-colon in a sentence; grammar is exemplary in this comment. Yes I’m in a fraternity, and yes this site has no validity in my book.

  15. Andrew3.0 says

    Andrew1.0 = Owned.

  16. Been there, done that says

    As this site suggests, pledging does suck. Coming back to your dorm at the same time non-greeks are waking up for class really makes one think about their decision to pledge. Whether it’s eating random concoctions (mostly comprised of ingredients one would rather not know while eating) or cleaning for hours, there is no doubt most people would not want to pledge.

    With that being said, the second you finish (as mentioned in #10) you do become a different person. Pledgeship is designed to be difficult. If it was easy, there would be no reason for Greeks to claim they are better than non-greeks. There is a sense of pride comparable to finishing a marathon or in that case any major accomplishment, as a hard pledgeship should be.

    PS: It was not a waste of money. As a matter of fact, the money I spent was out of my own pocket with about half of it going towards helping a pledge brother who’s dad lost his job half way through pledgeship. How’s that for brotherhood?

  17. Adam says

    Pledging sucked so hard but in life we all start off at the bottom of the totem pole and had work our way up just like in any business. I pledged for 14 weeks of straight hell and i don’t regret a single minute of it. I live everyday for my fraternity and I am closer with my brothers then I am with my real family. I don’t go to the biggest college but the one i do attend, the greek system runs shit there and has a hand in everything. Yes, we have been known to act like douche bags but who doesn’t. People like to poke fun at our wardrobe as well, but thats okay go ahead because when we sign your checks later in life you’ll be kissing our asses. Anyways any lady that had a bad experience with a greek gentlemen probably shouldn’t have put herself in the position to have a bad experience. I have a saying,”Don’t dress like a slut if you want to be treated like a lady.” Also i would like to add that every job that i have acquired since I was initiated is because of my brothers. Yea most of us are borderline alcoholics that have a hard time making it to class some mondays but thats just how it is. The wild ass parties, the women, and the liquor are just the tip of the ice berg. So yea, suck it up, don’t be a pussy, and Go Greek!!!

  18. JG says

    It’s seems to me like this chick jd skrewed a lot of fraturnaty guys. All of which treated her like the girl she’s acting like on this thread thus she got her feelings hurt and decides to hide behind her computer and post her feelings about how much she thinks she hates the Greek system when in reality she just really wants to ride some more fraturnaty guys. That or she didn’t get a bid from a sorority durring rush thus hates all Greek life

  19. God says

    Just do it.

  20. Kenosha says

    I was a GDI my freshman year and I completely agree with number 6. I can personally attest to the greatness that is Greek life and compare it to non-Greek life. Trust me, having an entire organization, and two of the fraternities, always there to back me up was the best feeling in the world. If I couldn’t talk to my sisters about something, I went to my Little Brothers, or any other member of those fraternties for that matter, and was able to cry, complain, and share excitement without judgement. We all went through our own intiation ceremony, but we were all Greek together. Each member of Greek life helped me through my three years in a sorority, making my college experience an amazing one.

    But what do I know? I only graduated from one of the top schools in the country (literally deemed by USA Today) within four years, held some of the highest positions across all organizations on campus (government, newspaper, sorority), and have some of the best friends I could ever ask for. Some GDIs, and I do mean some GODDAMN Independents, want to belittle my college experience. I like to think it’s because they could never even dream of the great time I had in college. Have a nice day.

  21. SEN says

    Listen the fuck up, JD, using the phrase “That’s so last century” turns you into a complete whore with no mind of her own, it probably made you wet reading about a dildo being shoved a man’s ass.

    Okay, Not all FRATERNITIES haze, only a select few that like their traditions and accept it as it is. You will never known the true meaning of Brotherhood until you are completely stripped down as a man and given new values. We make men of character, what do you do? Smoke weed, sit in the dorm, drink with the friends that talk shit about you behind your back? Oh, that’s just so much fun. Oh and stop calling us Frats, you wouldn’t call your country a cunt? Unless your JD and she was bent over in natural position. We are a Fraternity, Mind your own fucking business

  22. Bruce Weinstein says

    To op, got dropped did ya or not even get invited? So you cry on a site that we cannot see your face or name. Well this part dictates all I need to know about you. This is simple -> do not pledge. Oh, I would not want you in a foxhole with me, you’d jump off at the first noise a cricket makes.

  23. lee says

    im in a fraternity, not a frat. the word frat symbolizes douche bags and encompasses every word on this website. if you think you’re a real man when you take part in hazing or any other shit on this website, then you’re wrong.

  24. Senator says

    SEN sucks

  25. Jeff says

    Fucking geeds. My parents do not pay my dues or pay for my college or my polos. I buy that shit with my successful part time job that one of my brothers helped me land. Yes I’m an initiated member and I have never touched a cock, not even my own (except when I’m pissing all over gdi’s. But I’ll tell you one thing I have touched is a lot of good looking pussies.

  26. fuck off says

    you’re all hilarious with your special little club. you’re still a bunch of assholes that everyone else hates. fuck off douchebags.

  27. Ck says

    Hahah look at all the hate. Looks like some people are mad they didn’t get a bid or got kicked out of a kick ass party for being a geed. Get bent and chug a beer fags. Learn to have fun and quit sucking moms tit, you are in college now.

  28. Former Fratter says

    Went through pledging, was a brother for over year, and withdrew. Fuck that shit.

  29. Married a Fraternity Man says

    I was a total GDI when I went to college. My husband was in a fraternity at a major D1 school (GM of it for 2 years and his brother was GM for 1 year). Now our son is a pledge and this, my friends, is hell week. I pray for his safety every day and night but I have to tell you that the people who stand by my husband and our family 24/7 are the fraternity brothers. They are the people we can turn to and the people we support. There is a common bond that will never be broken and I respect that. My son loves his fraternity and I know he is making life long friends and business partners, just as my husband and brother-in-law did. So continue to bash, drop out or avoid the Greek system but know that you are missing out on a major part of college life. Hopefully you’ll put your energy in to something positive.

  30. Sack says

    Show me your sack

  31. Sandman says

    Jd needs to be lined up lol

  32. Recently Dropped...for good reason says

    I just dropped pledgeship yesterday at a large state school. The hazing isn’t nearly as intense as some others but I dropped not because of how difficult pledging was but rather because of some fundamental problems that some people may have actually being a brother in a fraternity. First off before I talk about why I do not want to be in a fraternity, let me go over the perfect kind of person that should be in a fraternity. If you are: A person who absolutely needs to party and fuck random chicks, just a person who never, ever wants to stop drinking every single weekend (and often even weekdays), your just your everyday testosterone high fuckboy, fraternity life is definitely for you. Even if people don’t consider you an asshole which may have been implied by what I just said, but you just are that kind of person that never wants to stop having a good time, its perfect, because while you are partying all the time in the process you are often required to have a certain GPA, you have work-world connections, your often forced to participate in philanthropies, and you gain leadership experience that you can throw on a resume. So its perfect for that kind of person. Now to say that your “Brothers” surpass any relationship you can have with anyone else…well….your completely wrong quite frankly, your family is who you choose it is, even if they are related by blood, if that person is an asshole, and you don’t like them, then they aren’t “Like family” to you. In a house where 50 to 90 dudes all live together not everyone is going to get along unfortunately, some may even hate each other and while you call one another “Brother” that doesn’t mean that they are like a brother to you. So you can achieve such relationships outside a fraternity house first off, second off if you are someone with a very long family history of drug/alcohol abuse..maybe fraternity life isn’t for you, because if you don’t want to drink on a friday or saturday, some of your brothers will likely be calling you a pussy, that or you are just the kind of person that if a beer is in front of you your going to have a very hard time saying no to it. I’m that kind of person, and I need to be focused more on academics and bettering myself as a person. I don’t need such a forced environment to get my stuff done, in fact I’m someone who needs to be away from such an environment to be successful. And there are many, many people out there just like that. College is a time of self discovery, and by discovery I mean more self choice. YOU get to choose WHO you want to be. And if you choose fraternity life you are choosing to most likely be a frat party fuck boy. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but some people don’t find happiness from such things they get happiness from other places, they want more to life than just a job, or they have a passion or believe they have a higher calling (not that frat boys will live any lesser lives necessarily but you are committing to a more drug/alcohol using life, which I don’t believe I need to explain why such a thing could limit you in some of the four most crucial years of your life). Point being its not for everyone, and Greeks aren’t necessarily better than GDI’s, god knows that a lot believe they are and after pledge-ship I suppose it makes sense why they think they are but at the end of the day our lives here are limited and why your better because you got a dildoe shoved up your ass or some stupid shit one day in college doesn’t really make much sense to me, you should be judged by your character not by what strange rituals you participated in, and because you got called “pledgefuck” and had to do an elephant walk, in fact I would argue that being submissive to such stupid things makes you have less character because its an artificial environment and just makes you and your pledgebrothers more like one another which is the thing you bond over I suppose, but it certainly doesn’t transform into one being “better” you just put up with a bunch of stupid shit that only you and your brothers really care about. I’m still friends with many of the brothers there in fact, and honestly I believe that’s an even closer bond than some fraternity brothers have, for one to say no to being in your organization and then choosing to remain friends and continue choosing to be close, because then your not bonding over pledge-ship and the organizations values but shared character values that you both have. Being a fraternity brother is certainly a different relationship but it is by no means “stronger” or “better” than what can be attained outside a Greek house’s walls. And to any GDI’s that say that fraternities “Buy friends” or they are assholes or whatever…you are scum of the earth, shut the fuck up and get over whatever stupid event happened to you that makes you hate fraternities/soroities so much. You are likely a pussy who couldn’t handle hazing, or got kicked out of a party, or was denied sorority pussy, that or simply didn’t get a bid because your unsocialble. Instead of insulting such people look in the mirror and figure out who you really are and try to fix whatever reason that makes you so undesirable. Like I said greek life isn’t for everyone but that doesn’t mean you should hate on them, they’re good people for the most part, its just a handful few that make it look so bad. BTW I dont mean to insult any of them by calling them fuckboys, fuckboys are fun people who often have great qualities but just need to do stupid shit , as we all do, ignorance is bliss and we all like to be ignorant every once in awhile some more than others, (I’m also not calling said fuckboys stupid when I say that, its just fun to act stupid). Im god damn independent and proud to say it, but that doesn’t mean I hate greeks or that GDI’s are any better, just do you and you will live a happy life.

  33. cidmo says

    I didn’t even go to college but I can guarantee you, I spent more time sneaking in and out of the Alpha Pi sorority house from 18-22 than any frat kid. If I had went to school there instead of a tech school I am quite sure I would have found other sororities to do the same at. Instead of having some dude, who is most likely in the closet, hazing you to learn to get chicks and party. Learn to do this stuff for yourself, this is what life is all about. Women will find a MAN more attractive than some kid in college taking it up the ass for a year from his guy friends.

  34. PledgeOneSir says

    I’m pledging right now, holy shit it sucks, but I’m having the time of my life too. Building bonds and relationships far outweighs thew whole “hazing” thing.

  35. Me says

    PledgeOneSir, are you not being hazed? I am in high school and I thought all people were hazed in order to be put into frats.

  36. Teddy Broosevelt says

    Why do people come to this site to say how much they hate pledging? If you do that, you’re a fucking troll and upset that you didn’t get that bid because you were too much of a pussy or full of yourself for any of the brothers to think you were worth their time.

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