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“Cold weather unifies a pledge class like nothing else. A frosty dip in the pool at 30-degrees never hurt anybody, right? With snow in hand, hazing just got a whole lot more interesting.”

With the winter season in full force, we’ve got yet another element of pledgeship to bitch about. Fall pledges have done their deed, and the bromance that is rush begins in the New Year. If fall pledges thought they had it rough, try pledging in 30-degree weather. There’s nothing like it. But hey, Spring pledges know how it’s done.

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It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.

  1. PledgeMaster says

    Please, let us hear your greatest pledgeship horror stories… the colder, the better.

  2. tinyTIM says

    Not a horror story by any means, doing push ups, running laps, log carries, and doing tax collectors in a foot of fresh snow suck that much more.

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