1. PledgeMaster says

    Would love to hear from any snitches out there. Why not just walk away?

  2. I have zero pity for you and your brothers, sorry says

    Oh so tragic~
    Not really.

    >>”Let’s not worry about the fact that EVERY fraternity on campus hazes
    and has a hell week.”
    >>”It was all ruined because of one kid’s cowardice.”

    Hazing is illegal in California. Using the “everyone else does it so it’s OK” argument is not a valid reason to break the law. Maybe the kid talked, whined, bitched, what have you, but as the Pledge Master you made the decision to orchestrate an archaic illegal practice. Don’t fault the cowardly pledge for the demise of your fraternity, you and your brothers invited in trouble when you chose to practice hazing.

    Be the men you claim to have become and accept the fact that you and your brothers did something incredibly stupid. Part of being an adult is admitting when you’re wrong and then vowing to learn from your mistakes. There’s nothing mature about pointing the finger at this pledge and screaming “HE DID IT! HE KILLED OUR FRATERNITY!” As consenting adults, you’re ALL to blame in one way or another.

    >>”It hurts to know that the smiling faces at the Boys and Girls club will miss our visits. [ … ] impoverished families stricken with cancer will no longer benefit from our fundraising.”

    You and your brothers can still organize yourselves for fundraisers and volunteer as individuals at Boys and Girls club. Being in a fraternity may have made it easier to get together on the weekends to do community work, but if you’re real brothers (as you claim to be) having your fraternity disbanded should not be the end of your charity work with the community. In fact this should encourage you all to work even harder; it would certainly help in cleaning the fraternity’s now tarnished reputation.

    TL;DR: you all fucked up, stop making excuses, quit whining, and get the fuck over it

  3. You're a dumb ass says

    To “I have zero pity for you and your brothers, sorry” aka the fucking GEEEEEEEED (GDI/you don’t frat) above,

    You clearly have no idea what it is like to have your hopes and dreams crushed, or to work for something you truly believe in and have it snatched away from you, because then you would feel sorry as fuck.

    Imagine you were told you were going to start as the star quarterback in high school. You worked your ass off in practice, did a thousand up downs, push ups upon push ups, drilled for hours…all in hopes that you would one day be able to shine on the field and get the respect and feel the joy you so rightfully deserve, not only by yourself but with your teammates you’ve worked so hard with. THEN the day before your game, some asshole complains that he got “overworked” in practice and the administration shuts down your football program – taking away your entire season along with your long awaited glorification.
    Thats about the exact equivalent of what happened to these men. SO SHUT THE FUCK UP and go masterbate while you’re alone in your room because you clearly don’t pull.

  4. Jimmy Tatro says

    You’re a dumb ass said it. Second commenter is a nf pussy ass gdi fuck.

  5. Irwin says

    To my brothers from Delta Xi class of ’84. Few university men have the
    honor and integrity to answer a simple question . Are you a Sigma Chi?
    I am , with my head held high with grace. Without a doubt, the few board members at the SLL Office will be seriously called into question on the insidious decision to suspend our chapter.
    This sociopath becoming angry and aggressive when a brother questioned his integrity, is a classic example of how this pledge reported to SLL Office his false memories and deceptive lies. This young man is clearly delusional and relies on unprovable situations to gain authority.
    Nothing he said was credible enough to revoke our bloody chapter from us!
    After I make a proper visit to SLL Office, their Board will exonerate Sigma Chi Delta Xi of wrongfully implementing “Tough Love” to this pledge.


  6. harrison says

    clearly every pledge knows that they’ll be hazed going into their pledgeship. That said, there was obviously a good reason this kid did this. If you’re joining a frat expect to be hazed but frats need to know what’s too far. you’re all supposed to be goddamn brothers and I know for sure I’ll never call someone responsible for starving me, making me sleep in a cage, eating dip, or something like that my brother.

  7. Alum says

    I twisted my ankle the other day playing ball at the gym, should we blame it on the gym floor and get it shut down…. No, shit happens. This was my house at one time and I loved every minute of it. Any activities as part of pledging were always known to be every individuals choice, when there is a choice there is no hazing anyone can walk away at any time. This chapter and the brothers in it helped me become the successful man I am today. I will always be sigma chi, delta xi

  8. Gary Teekay says

    Blessed are the whistle blowers for they advance civilization.

  9. P. daniel says

    Brother, i am coming to you because I am in the same predicament. We have been kicked off for “Hazing” aka rush tits.

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