1. PledgeMaster says

    Are there any other San Diego State University students out there? Sigma Chis? Would like to hear all sides to this story.

  2. fuck that kid says

    This is a huge blow to the greek life at State. What was going through that kids head is beyond me. Fucking pussy. For us other fraternities, we worry. You can never be too careful with the pledges…

  3. BigSexy says

    It is sad to hear that people don’t have the respect to keep the secrets of the fraternity that gave them the chance to be a part of, and not only one chance but three my hopes are out to the brothers of Sigma Chi.

  4. legalhelp says

    I so feel the pain of all the bros. going through this especially my son. As an attorney I am here to help for free any bros. that need legal help.! This situation is disgusting!!!

  5. deltaximom says

    Dear Delta Xi brotherhood,
    I am so saddened and frustrated that this happened. Not even an appropriate process to disprove the allegations. I know my son and he would never be part of any kind of organization that was not honorable. His sports practices in high school were more “challenging” then anything I’m sure he did as a pledge. His father was in a fraternity in college and the closeness and benefits of being part of a brotherhood are life-long. I hope to see you boys this Fall and am still proud to be a Sigma Chi Delta Xi mom…Heck, I will even wear my t-shirt at Family Weekend this Fall xoxo

    a Sigma Chi Mom!!!

  6. Omega says

    Secrets are only secrets when no one else knows about them. As for the push ups in broken glass, bad decision in leadership on Sigma Chi Delta Xi’s part lest the glass was safety glass which isn’t harmful; but just looks dangerous. Sigma Chi’s always been one of the better frats at SDSU, and usually filled with good guys, so something like this is just disheartening…I wish the house well during this dark time in the chapters’ history.

  7. ELK04 says

    It’s sad to see but times be changing and schools are shutting down fraternities all over the country. ASU is a great example. It sucks that something so sacred to so many was lost but I would rather see a tradition like ours die with us than see young men of poor character get to know my ritual. Hopefully one day this boy will realize what he did and what he will never experience. Maybe then he can start to own his decisions and choices he makes in life. Nobody has ever been forced to pledge.

    @deltiximom thanks for understanding! We need more mother’s like you in this world that raise children willing to accept challenges and work hard to achieve what they desire. Thank you.

    @omega there was never push ups or calisthenics on glass. That’s all BS. I put 3 pledge classes through I-week at Delta Xi and I can assure everyone that never happened. Nor did 90% of all the other stuff you have heard. I hope your not dumb enough to actually believe everything you hear and read. How high does the eagle fly?

    In hoc,


  8. Anonymous says

    Being from another fraternity, i can relate to what hazing is moderate to build brotherhood, and hazing that literally needs to be stopped, even if you need to pull a charter. I know for a FACT that (at least 1 or 2 years ago) Chi actives would literally pee on clothes (sometimes the pledges themselves) and make them wear it. In fact i just heard a very keen story about a pledge needing to go to the emergency room after his eye was infected with urine from a particularly violent incident. I’m all about fratting and hazing pledges (MODERATELY), but seriously? Fuck you guys. Your charter needed to be pulled.

  9. 70s Delta Xi Sig says

    The SDSU Sigs have always been a hearty, athletic, and tight knit bunch of guys. The sort of things required to pledge at Delta Xi have never been some sort of deep dark secret. It’s a shame one kid didn’t pay better attention to what he was buying into. The Sigma Chi Initiation is a well thought out and beautiful thing, and each chapter adds it’s own “flavor” to it. When I went through my initiation in the 70s, I knew PRECISELY what I was getting myself into. I look back on it as one of the big accomplishments of my life, something I’m very proud of. My Sig pin is among my prized possessions. If I had one thing to say as a criticism, I’d say perhaps less pressure to have quantities of pledges vs quality could have headed this off at the pass. There was always a bit of pressure to have numbers of pledges in order to collect dues and pay bills. Too bad we all live in such an OSHA type society.

  10. long live delta xi says

    I don’t know where you are getting this piss on clothing and making pledges wear it. That is the biggest bs i’ve ever heard. Everything we do is for a purpose. I would never pledge a house that as a pledge has to get pissed on. During rush week phi kap kids told me I was going to have to do the elephant walk and get pissed on at sigma chi, but that obviously never happened. get your facts straight.

  11. thatguy says

    I feel for you guys. If this ever happened to my chapter/my fraternity, i don’t know what I’d do. Best of luck

  12. Sigma Chi Mom says

    I am a Sigma Chi Mom who watched her son become a man through his pledge process. Of course I do not know the exact pledge process, but I personally saw the results. As a parent you send your kids to college with hopes, dreams, and a little fear. What I realized very quickly is my son was a adult with free will. All the Sigs that I have met still talk about pledging as a bonding experience that made them work, live, and breathe as brothers. In one mans poor judgment 60+ years of brotherhood was dismissed. If this person was not up to the chalkenge the. He should have exercised his free will and left. I am so sad for all the SDSU brothers and scared for the young men who should be looking towards graduation, but are nw facing charges. It’s a travesty and a injustice.

  13. PI SIGMA CHI brother says

    I went through our own process back in 87. When it was REAL…. I will say it wasnt a walk in the park but it did build brotherhood and comraderie… I will always be faithful and proud. If it isnt your cup of tea then get out or just stop. Dont bring down the house just to get even… It is all voluntary. Sorry guys. I never got to actually meet any of you here at SDSU but I always drove by and smiled when I looked at that beautiful cross.. Its in your hearts.. they cant take that away from you… contact me if u want…
    A “FOUNDING FATHER” from another forever….

  14. Anonymous says

    I said 1 or 2 years ago. Idk if you guys stopped in fall 11 or what but I know that it occurred. And I know this for a fact as I was at a downtown dinner with a bunch of older Greeks when some fall 08 and 09 chis got the news of them getting kicked off. Everyone started drinking and I proceeded to then hear some pretty fucked up hazing stories. some physical abuse, some pissing on clothes, and one specifically bad incident of a pledge getting his eye infected from it and having to be driven to the hospital. Stop claiming to be self righteous and face the fact that you guys hazed too hard. Shit happens. Maybe you guys shouldn’t give people a 3rd bid….UH DUH

  15. Another 70's Sig says

    You guys took a close brotherhood into ruin. I am ashamed of you all. We were tough and the best of the best. Lower standards lead to weakness and ruin. You got what you asked for.

  16. MP says

    I was at SDSU in the early part of the 2000’s. You guys had alot of loose lipped members in those days. The peeing on clothes is 100% true. I kknow one pledge personally got a staph infection on his elbow. I’m sure push-ups over broken glass had nothing to do with it. You guys went overboard. I love all the self-righteousness on here. Get over yourselves.

  17. Jack Anderton says

    Sigma Chi’s are a bunch of donkey’s. The author of this article writes like a 5th grader.

  18. Future sig says

    I think you are wrongI. right now I am in day 4 of I week I have grown closer to the men around me then I ever thought possible. The best thing about sigma Chi is there acceptance and values.and in what situation does hazing help convey those values. In no means am I a weak man but to think that you would disrespect this organization that I may soon become a part of absolutely blows my mind.

  19. Ron S says

    Alums and members from another chapters are always welcome to attend initiation, and hazing throughout Southern CA chapters is simply not tolerated, institutionally and otherwise.

    That’s not to say something dumb didn’t occur, and a single member’s actions can certainly have repercussions that could jeopardize a charter.

    However, there is almost zero ability for any chapter to defend itself against allegations, whether or not they are baseless.

    Sadly, Delta Xi has to be accountable for its actions, even if they are nothing more than bidding the wrong young man.

    The rest of the allegations in print here are indicative of the type of exaggerated hearsay (or damaging vindictive libel) that jeopardizes fraternities and the valuable lifelong relationships they offer.

    Eternal vigilance is the cost of maintaining these organizations, and the failure here by Delta Xi will not be its last. It’s members should one day soon get the opportunity to re-colonize and establish its unique bonds of brotherhood (hopefully on the new western campus proposed at Qualcomm Stadium.

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