Signature Books


When it comes to the Brotherhood, we’re all developing our inner-frat-star status with every day that goes by. Yet, unlike the typical #20 GDI, each and every frat star will be famous one day. In preparation for future celebrity status, the Brotherhood perfects their scribble-skills through the evolutionary concept of Signature Books. Yet, they’re way more than just a book full of signatures.

The Signature Book is one of the most elemental aspects of pledgeship, and one of the most universal reasons why PLEDGING SUCKS. As always, each and every fraternity is different. Yet, in some way or another, the Signature Book shows its wiry little head on every campus. Some fraternities give their pledges a binder, portfolio or folder. In most cases, the signature book comes as a much-needed accessory to the “Bible” of each fraternity. Every fraternal chapter has a book of history, values, bullshit, morals and more bullshit. But hey, fraternities were, after all, founded upon things other than partying, right?

Anyways, the universal Signature Book serves a handful of purposes:

Learning the Brothers

These books are usually the compilation of every single brother’s signature in the fraternity. As most fraternities are relatively small, it’s not that big of a deal. Try getting 150 signatures… welcome to the big leagues. Either way, most pledges are required to garner the signature of each and every brother. In this respect, pledges get a quick and painful dose of names to learn. And you better fucking learn those names, that’s for sure.


Scavenger Hunt

Like I said, garnering these signatures isn’t easy. In most cases, the brothers will send their pledges searching for random objects, gifts, chores, etc. The purpose? Just to fuck with ’em. A brother’s signature is valuable, especially when the pledges have a quota to reach. With that in mind, a pledge won’t hesitate to buy a brother a 6-pack for their oh-so-important signature. Who ever knew your handwriting would be so valuable one day?


Signatures aren’t the only component to the Signature Book. Depending on what fraternity you’re in, there’s a fuck-ton more information than you could ever wrap your mind around. These books can be filled with history, rituals, secrets, facts, etc. It’s a fraternities “little black book”, no pun intended. Without a doubt, the #16 Importance of Secrecy comes into play more than ever with these hand-held masterpieces. If you think all the information is necessary, you’re fucking retarded. Don’t be surprised if a brother makes a pledge write down and memorize the fact that Joe Shmoe fucked 27 girls last month. Funny? Yes. Necessary? Absolutely not.


Like anything during pledgeship, it’s all a test. Signature Books throw a ton of responsibility onto each and every pledge, from secrecy to memorization. While the #4 Asshole of the Brotherhood could rock his word with pages worth of facts, bullshit and scavenger hunts, most brothers take the high-road and merely use the book for it’s main purpose: to have each pledge learn the names and basic information of each and every brother. It’s all about responsibility. When it’s all said and done, these books stockpile quite the memories.

If you didn’t know already, now you know. For every freshman with a tucked in polo, boat shoes and khaki shorts, come the little black book, folder or portfolio tucked underneath his arm. If you’ve gotten to understand pledgeship so far, you can appreciate the tradition.

It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.

  1. PledgeMaster says

    You still have your signature book from pledging?

  2. Specstre says

    I still have my sig book, getting all the brothers signatures was the hardest part of pledging by far.

  3. FRAT DADDY says

    I still have mine! It has lots of character including duct tape! The hardest part was getting a page ripped out and having to start a new one in the right order!

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