You Signed Up For This


No matter how much of a badass you are, there will definitely come a point in pledgeship when you ask yourself… why the fuck am I doing this? Yet, not to worry, this doesn’t rival the trepid days of adolescent childhood when you ponder your sexuality. Don’t tell me the thought never crossed your mind…? Either way, your hardest days of pledging fill your mind with thoughts unknown to those around you. You start to question just about everything as you’re mind-fucked to the highest extent. The word hazing doesn’t mean anything to you anymore. Fuck #30 Fratty Vocabulary, you just want to dig yourself a ditch and jump in.

While the Brotherhood recommends you find solance in your pledge brothers, you want nothing of it. As the #4 Asshole of the Brotherhood practically kicks you in the nuts, you regret ever considering a life of boat shoes, khakis and polos. Yes, in all honesty, there are times when the life of a #18 GDI can seem pretty damn glamorous. Now is that time. Yet, when it’s all said and done, you only have yourself to blame. Remember, you signed up for this.

Society continues to take shots at Greek life. While we’re definitely not the most positive attribute to society, we’re not even close to the worst. Either way, society continues to have sympathy for pledges all around the country. Society cries, fights and protests for the so-called victims. Random people everywhere are shunning the age-old art of hazing, portraying young freshmen as victims of hatred. The Brotherhood’s response? It’s simple: You signed up for this.

Life has, and always will be, a mere compilation of small decisions made every second of the day. In the end, it is you, and only you, who decides what happens next. When it comes to #2 Rush, you’re the one making the choice to better your college career. You’re the one who walks in the door and meets the Brotherhood. You’re the one who shakes the President’s hand in acceptance of your bid. You’re the one who ties the shoelaces on your boat shoes to sport the ultimate #53 Pledge Attire. You’re the one who recites the Greek alphabet in unison while being pelted by food. You’re the one who embraces your pledge brothers in times of physical and mental turbulence. In the end, you’re the one who has the power to walk out that door if you can’t take it anymore.

Make sense? Let’s draw a comparison. If you join the ROTC, Navy Seals, Army, or whatever, does society come to your side because your drill sargearnt almost drowns you? Absolutely not. It’s training for the real world, if not for warfare. I find it ironic that all military training goes unnoticed to the public. Yet, their hazing goes far beyond that of the Brotherhood. Let’s remember that not all hazing goes down the lines of #23 The Top 10 Worst Hazing Scandals & Stories. Those are the very select few, literally one-in-a-million. In the grand scheme of things, there are very few differences between military training and brotherhood hazing. In the end, #41 Why We Haze is all the same. While one is for the military, another is for the Brotherhood. Either way, you’ve signed up for both. There is no contract, and there are no shackles keeping you from leaving. For whatever reason, if you can’t handle it anymore, the door is always open.

It makes me literally sick to read the daily reports of hazing incidents all around the country. Pledges everywhere are calling it quits. Yet, instead of merely walking out the door with dignity, they run home to mommy and daddy with more than enough stories to cripple the Brotherhood. In this day in age, if you don’t know what you’re getting into, you’re the only one at fault. It doesn’t get more clear than this: You signed up for this, so deal with it.

More than anything, the Brotherhood respects your decision to part ways. If a life of fraternal order is not right for you, then so be it. As a brother, we’ll never support a pledge’s continued presence if his heart is not in the right place. If both sides would be better off parting ways, then so be it. Yet, the difference is made post-pledgeship. What will you become when you walk out that door: bitter? rogue? vengeful? If you’re dying to know, the honorable thing to do has and always will remain the same. The #16 Importance of Secrecy stands strong, whether intitiated into the Brotherhood or not. Keep quiet, and hold your head high. You signed up for this. Don’t make the Brotherhood pay for your mistake.

It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.

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  1. PledgeMaster says

    Seriously, you signed up for this.

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