The Snitch


With pledgeship already a few weeks in the books, it’s time to discuss the elephant in the room. The process of pledging is one of gradual pain. Hazing begins on a small level, and works its way up. The brotherhood needs to filter out the potential snitch.


The snitch? The snitch. As UrbanDictionary so wisely puts it: 

1. A person who tells on someone.

2. A bum of a person.

Used in a sentence: “Check out these snitch-ass muthafuckas right here…”

With every #37 New Year, New Semester, New Pledge Class, there comes the risk of getting caught. Every university has their hazing policy, and no matter what you think, 99.99% of pledgeship is against the rules. Make a pledge drink a glass of water without his consent, and it’s hazing. Even if he consented, if he was “pressured”, it would be hazing. It’s a sad world we live in. Anyways, more about the snitch. The whole point of going easy in the beginning revolves around the liability of each new pledge class. There’s a reason why the brotherhood doesn’t stick their pledges in an ice bath on day #1. It’s a gradual process, and one that is done for a reason.

Think of it as digging yourself a bigger and bigger grave, or giving yourself enough rope to hang yourself with. As the weeks go on, pledgeship gets harder. Yet, in the eyes of each pledge, you’re becoming more and more invested. With every new level of hazing, a pledge tells himself: “Well, fuck, I’ve already come this far…”. And so the grave gets deeper. While each pledge devotes himself more and more, the brotherhood buys themselves a little more wiggle-room. It’s really the first few weeks that are the hardest. It is now that the brotherhood needs to be careful and ensure that no pledge has recently research the university’s hazing policy online.

In this day in age, it is our opinion that #2 Rush should be approached in a different manner. No longer should the brotherhood play innocent about what the future will bring. You shouldn’t tell that #49 Future Frat-Star that hazing doesn’t exist, and don’t ask questions about it. Instead, be honest, yet discrete. Once the brotherhood has approved of a rushee for a bid to be given out, talk to him in private about his thoughts on hazing. For example, take the brother who has been rushing him most, and have a quick conversation about how this semester might get tough, and if he’s okay with that. It’s better to be honest up-front to avoid the nuclear bomb later on. As a brotherhood, the liability is just too high to not have these conversations up front.

The snitch can come in all shapes and sizes. He can be the quiet one, or the most out-spoken. You just don’t know, which makes it even scarier. He’s the kid whose parents are lawyers, or the kid who tells his girlfriend everything. Whether the snitch reveals himself in a letter to the university, or a phone call to 1-800-Don’t Haze Me Bro, the world as you know it no longer exists as a fraternity. Cheers the eradication of snitches world-wide. In the word’s of a famous YouTube star, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”



It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.

  1. PledgeMaster says

    Sound off in the comments if you have any opinions on how to best reveal the snitch before he surfaces.

  2. k117 says

    I get what you mean PM i always have that worry that one of the new ones will snitch but eh we weed em out quick and cut ties before the process when they get suspicious

  3. d d says

    or you could just not haze? why are people so addicted to this cruelty?

  4. Harris says

    Honestly, what is up with all these pussy ass manginas joining fraternities if they ain’t going to do the initiation ritual. I suggest the best way of weeding out the snitches is by telling all new pledges that there is very inter greek mingling between your fraternity and a sister sorority and that for all those who join should work out so many hours or lose their membership.By doing this, you weed out all the betas and prevent the betas from slipping in.

    I have noticed alot of the fraternities just let in the very rich kids in who couldn’t get laid (and don’t even bother getting any gains) in HS who then bitch about getting drunk as they were essentially just expecting pussy at the door of their room the very first night. Like yes, have the money, but also weed out the pussies among the group!

  5. Harris says

    D D, You’re a beta…

  6. Site suckx says

    You’re all homos, lol. Brotherhood my ass. You got Stockholm syndrome. This isn’t the fucking military where the hard shit is for a purpose and it brings you closer together. It’s just dudebros going “brah, brah” being fags. Work out and have friends but when I hear homos say -DUDE ITS CALLED A FRATERNITY NOT A FRAT” and think hazing is not just you taking your anger out on peons for your chode, you even can’t deny you’re delusional. Gay post

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