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The hellish semester of pledgeship isn’t all bad. The Brotherhood needs to keep pledges sane, and continue to give them a taste of what’s to come once pledgeship is over. Every once in a while, pledges are rewarded with a #91 Pledge Social.

Pledge1The Greek system has been perfected over the years. Sororities and fraternities look out for eachother, for the most part. The “top-tier” fraternities will do anything in their power to maintain social balance with “top-tier” sororities, and vice versa. It’s political at the college-level, and it can get nasty. In order to keep the dream alive, the executives of each fraternity and sorority make sure that the younger pledge classes are being set-up with respective pledge classes of the opposite sex. More importantly, fraternity/sorority execs ensure that the younger groups are socializing with other fraternities/sororities in their tier. Put it this way, the 1%ers only want to hang out with the 1%ers. Make sense? The cool kids of high school don’t want to party with the geek squad. The older pledge classes want to ensure that the younger pledge classes are getting off to a good start. It’s easy when you’re a freshman to kindle the fire with fellow freshman. Yet, as the years go on, it gets harder and harder to crack into a sorority or fraternity if there’s no past communication, socials or events. Remember, at the end of the day, the older guys need you to forget just how much #8 It Sucks, even for a night.

Not to worry, pledges, the brotherhood does have your best interest in mind. They want you to party, and they want you to get laid. They’ll do everything in their power to get the hottest chicks over to the house, and give you ample opportunity to get your dick wet. It’s time to showcase your #30 Fratty Vocabulary. The age-old saying of two 5’s make a 10 doesn’t always apply. They want you to shoot for the 10, and have every chance of pounding the 10. Yet, there’s always a back-up list for those who like to combine. Pledge Socials are meant to keep the pledges happy, and not jump ship. The Brotherhood can dangle you over the edge, but always pull you back in with a little treat. How about a toga party with the hottest sorority on campus? Yea, that just might convince you to stick around, even after that below-zero dip in the pond on a chilly November night.

PledgeWhat exactly is a pledge social? It’s like any other social, but pledges are the only ones allowed (on the fraternity side). For the most part, brothers are not allowed to attend. Why? The brotherhood wants to give pledges a break, and let them hit on slampieces without any interference from the #4 Asshole of the Brotherhood. Just remember, the pledges are afraid of the brotherhood during pledgeship. It’s not easy to spit game at a smokin’ hot freshman while a senior breathes down your neck constantly forcing you to go pour him another beer. Pledge Socials are peaceful to say the least. Sometimes there’s a theme, other times it’s a day-drinking event. Whatever the reason, theme, date or time, pledge socials are a party. Whatever you do, don’t be the #9 Overachieving Pledgeand take it easy. You’re always being tested, so you better shotgun that beer and slam it down like a man when asked. And don’t mistake young tits and ass for only play, these girls are judging you as well, either as a favor for the brotherhood, or as a personal gauge as to what fraternity guy they’re looking to lose their V-Card to.


It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.



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