Sports Hazing: New York Yankees


While every college and university across the country cuts down on the hazing, the media drools over the countless hazing practices that go on in professional sports. By no means are they harking upon it. Hell no, it’s just a joke to society. Why then can’t universities have the same attitude towards fraternal hazing? #6 Even the great Tim Tebow gets hazed, so do the rookies of the New York Yankees. Let’s take a look at a few quality pictures. They’re definitely worth a look. In my opinion, there aren’t many ways to humble a multi-millionaire. No worries, hazing does the trick.

2003: Pimps

Pictured: Hideki Matsui.

2004: Elvises

From left: Andy Phillips, Bubba Crosby, Scott Proctor, Brad Halsey, and Dioner Navarro.


2005: Cheerleaders

From left: Robinson Cano and Chien-Ming Wang.

2006: George Steinbrenners


2007: The Wizard of Oz Characters


2008: The Village People


2009: Batman Characters

This year’s rookies donned Batman costumes, though we’re not sure massage therapist Lew Potter’s sweet Penguin outfit constitutes hazing.

From left: Radar gun operator Brett Weber, video coordinator Anthony Flynn, Joe Girardi, Mark Melancon, Ramiro Pena, Michael Dunn, and massage therapist Lew Potter.

Like I said, it’s easy to laugh at all this. But really, what’s the difference between these pictures and #53 pledge attire? Absolutely nothing. Just making a point…

All the credit goes to these guys.

It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.

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