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Spring pledgeship offers a ton of advantages over that of Fall, none more than the week of Spring Break. Yet, not all fraternities let pledges ditch for a week. If you’re lucky enough to escape the haze-fest of pledgeship,  go gypsy style and give the middle-finger to high-priced hotels. Let HostelBookers be your #13 PCP for the week.

If you’re enduring any form of legitimate hazing, then there’s nothing greater than the concept of a week of solitude. If you’re the #13 PCP, then you’ll want nothing more than to shut off your phone. If you’re the #10 Token Fat Pledge, you’ll want nothing more than to go home and have mommy and daddy tell you how good you look. No matter who you are as a pledge, the week of Spring Break brings joyous freedom away from whatever it is that you hate most about pledgeship. If you’re struggling to find something you hate, we can tell you Why It Sucks.

Yet, if you truly believe #33 Pledgeship Is A Party, don’t even think about letting a week of college go buy without blacking out. Only the most hardcore #49 Future Frat-Stars know how to take things to the limit. Grab your soon-to-be initiated pledge class and head to Panama City, Key West or Mexico. Enjoy a week of sitting your fat asses on the beach without a brother in sight. Be smart about it though, you don’t want to end up where the brotherhood decides to party that week.

Feel free to fuck with the brothers while you’re gone. Let their drunken calls go to voicemail, and text them the number of a taxi when they ask you who’s driving that night. You’d be shocked at how dependent they are on pledges, especially when they’re deprived for 7 days straight. When you return the next week, you better be prepared to express some badass fuck stories from Spring Break. Yet, don’t be caught with your hand down your pants describing your Spring Break of family dinners and early-bird movie nights.

More than anything, the #62 Cost of Pledgeship takes a toll on just about everyone. Your everyday billionaire doesn’t endeavor to pledge, so the rest of us get by with cheap beer and couch pennies. When it comes to Spring Break, you need a cheap deal that does the trick. If you’ve never tried a hostel, you’re fucking missing out. It’s glorified frat-life, without the hazing. Hostel-hop around cities for mere pennies on the dollar, and fuck each and every gypsy along the way. If you’re looking to impress the brotherhood, that’s where you start.

There aren’t too many true believers of the brotherhood, but HostelBookers.com knows us well. Take 5% off Spring Break accomodation by clicking HERE! In the words of the beholder: “HostelBookers is an online accommodation specialist with a fun and young identity. They offer students and backpackers cheap accommodation around the world and run grate competitions and giveaways regularly.” There’s nothing better than cheap rooms when you’re going to need every penny to blow on drugs and alcohol! Check ’em out.

It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.

HostelBookers Spring Break
Hostels in Miami – perfect for students on Spring Break.

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    What’d you do over your Spring Break as a pledge?

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