Summer Session


Society is extremely gracious in their acceptance of college as a tradition among youths. Yet, college will never settle. Hence, summer session. The greatest 4+ years of your life have not and will not be boxed into two semesters. When Spring comes to an end, you have one hell of a choice to make. Will it be a trip home to live with mommy and daddy, living a life of pure boredom and restriction? Or will you continue into the sun-filled gloriousness of summer session living in the moment of keg stands and sorostitutes? The luckiest will travel to some exotic island, maybe in Thailand, and try this web-site to find the best accommodation there. It’s your choice to make.

No matter where you’re from, summer is hot-as-hell. That’s life, so get used to it. Just be happy you’re not the #10 Token Fat Pledge. He can fill up a glass of water with his sweat. Anyways, where you choose to live up the last few (free) summers of your life is up to you. Granted, there are always a few options on the table. If you’re coming from money, a summer abroad is always an option (and a damn good one at that). It’s hard to pass up a summer in Rome, London or Melbourne. But hey, we’re not all shitting out hundred-dollar-bills these days. Need money? Get a fucking job. Frattin’ ain’t cheap, that’s for sure. And of course, there’s the internship. Not all of us can intern for a sports team, beer company or daddy’s law firm over the summer, so grab your nuts and get a job at the Golden Arch if need-be. An hour of work equates to a valuable 6-pack of brew. Well worth it.

If you’re a true #49 Future Frat-Star, you know what the long days of the year mean: Summer Session. Your college has it, so take advantage of it. Summer session could quite possibly be the greatest feature of college altogether. It’s a continuation of Fall and Spring semester, minus the packed schedule of classes. The old saying of “lazy days of summer” takes on a whole new meaning. Your days will never feel longer, and you’ll never have more free-time in your life.

When it comes to summer session, fraternity-life is a little more low-key. Frats and sororities usually close up shop, but the brotherhood keeps in touch. If you’re a potential brother in your first year, summer session is the perfect time to get to know various fraternities before #2 Rush starts up in Fall. It gives you an extra opportunity to figure out the #59 Fraternity Stereotypes ahead of time.

Benefits of Summer Sesh:


– Minimal Coursework (2 classes max)
– Don’t have to live at home
– More free time than you’d ever imagine
– Continuation of Fall & Spring semester
– Party Every Day

If you’re not sold on the idea by now, there’s something seriously wrong with you. Just try it, give it a test-drive one summer and see how it goes. Feel free to shoot me an email when you’re sick of the non-stop parties and overwhelming free-time. It’s a tough life. And if you need a reason to do it, throw around the golden words of “getting ahead in school” or “expanding my knowledge” to your parents. They’ll bite: hook, line and sinker. Summer session: just one of the many reasons why #12 I Love College.

It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.

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