1. PledgeMaster says

    This can’t be the worst thing that has happened to you while drunk…

  2. William waiamau says

    My question is whether or the you as brother say that when you haze your so called young and new freshmen to pledge to be apart of your group to building them brotherhood of the fraternity and while they pledge to your brothers they get tricky by getting forced to having gay sex action done to them as part of the pledge and then you brothers tell the pledges that they are not to tell any body what have happened to e
    them both on the pledge night that what ever happened in sigma stayed in sigma is there a secret not to be told or the brotherhood are going to get in to big trouble with the school about what have happened to the new fash men and getting punishment by being exstell from the school because of they part of getting that new young men trick how can you guys calling your selves brothers and do such a dirty like getting them sucking someone cock and then force them to taking ti up their assets hold and than making videos of them getting fuck and also taking pictures to sales and making money’s off ti so I feelthis is why you guys haze the pledge and to see if they are going to be loyal to they brothers and also to the fraternity house so if a brother girlfriend do not give his brother pieces of ass then that pledge have to give up his ass to his brother is what I understands part of this pledge and haze to be all about ti has nothing to do with building brotherhood it all come down to they loyal to they brothers who they made they pledge to do what ever they want to do to them if like if a.brother want that new pledge member to have gay sex even if that pledge never wanted to he would be force to do ti is because he was force in to ti not by he own doing and he is being watched by other around and being videotape and plus having his pictures taken to making money’s offer the videotape and also the pictures go to the fraternity house were he is staying to help pay for bills and room and board and also foods I know that this kinda of things ti true I know ti true this is why you brothers don’t want your pledge say anything that had happened to them because your school is going to take problem answers questions about the sex abuse and other thing that happened to the new pledge members have to enter to be a member of Sigman

  3. William waiamau says

    I can see the freshman doing something like this is to belong some were to having a group of friend to hangs out put not join a group to get force in to gay sex action Done to a new freshmen in college I mean being haze is one thing to join a fraternity house put getting forced and also tricks in to gay sex and then you get told by your so called brotherhood telling you that ti is not gay when you so call sucking on another guy cock is not gay an c plus taken another cock up the ass is not gay to say something like that to you something is very wrong on your so called brothers to do a thing like that to someone brand new to the college as a freshman my question is how can a brother say to the pledge ti dose not matter if he is straight or gay he still going to get fuck ti to me saying I don’t.give a flying fuck if you like ti or not I do not really care what you say if you do not like it then you can quite and getting out ti is up to you to do so but still they still to be forced to having sex with the brotherhood if you do or not their might do something to you when you are asleep their will undress the pledge and then have sex with the pledge asleep and also do ti with a masks on his face and also having the pledge tied up while having sex

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