IN THE NEWS: TKE Initiation Hazing Allegations


Hazing has and always will be a hot topic at all colleges and universities across the country. The most recent story in the news comes from Whitman College, a private college in the state of Washington.  TKE, Tau Kappa Epsilon, is in hot water in numerous respects. A pledge ratted on the brotherhood giving unique details in a lengthy report. Sound familiar? Mandatory cooking of breakfast and a side of verbal abuse pushed this pledge over the edge. The story hit less than a week ago. Check out the article after the jump.

The last initiation activity Hart participated in, and the event that ultimately compelled him to de-initiate, took place in the TKE kitchen.

According to Hart, he and his fellow initiates were instructed to prepare breakfast for the active members in accordance with TKE initiation rule number 13—provided to Hart by the TKE Hegemon—that all pledges must “make and serve breakfast”—a task made more difficult by the trash and food that had previously been smeared on the kitchen surfaces.

Hart said that when the pledges cleaned up the trash, it was smeared back on the floor and kitchen surfaces; when they finished cooking the food, it was thrown against the wall. He said this went on for four hours.

“It was senseless and I was terrified and I was scared by what the TKEs were doing. They were purposefully intimidating me into doing what they wanted: to clean this kitchen, which in the first place had no point other than to submit to their actions,” said Hart.

Hart alleged that the TKEs employed verbal abuse to force the new members into labor similar to that in the kitchen, as well as to “dehumanize” new members in an attempt to make explicit the power dynamics between new and active members.

According to rule number five of TKE initiation, all pledges must always “wear hoodwinks but not outside.” Hart explained that a “hoodwink” is a piece of cloth adorned by a number identifying each initiate. Hart’s number was “1876.”

“I despised being called 1876. These are my friends, these are my colleagues, my peers—these are people I look up to. These are people I tutor and they are calling me 1876. It doesn’t get a whole lot more depersonalizing than that,” he said.

In 2007, former Whitman student Daniel Bachhuber also approached the administration with similar concerns. Like Hart, Bachhuber de-initiated from TKE as a result of his dissatisfaction with aspects of TKE initiation. In his three days of initiation, he experienced comparable types of food and sleep deprivation and forced cleaning.

“Initiation wasn’t anything constructive; it was destructive. If we were going to deprive ourselves of sleep but we wanted to do something constructive, we should have built a house for Habitat for Humanity or something like that,” said Bachhuber. “The way I construed the situation is that they were trying to break us down and recast us into this mold of a TKE fraternity member.”

Both Hart and Bachhuber alleged that TKE initiates were forced to take communal showers in freezing cold water. According to rule number nine of initiation, all pledges can only “shower with direction.”

“I’m told that I can’t take a shower because another rule is that pledges can only shower under the direction of an active,” said Hart. “We are all lined up. We are in our underwear; some people are naked, and we are forced to go into the shower.”

According to Cleveland, Bachhuber’s accusations were dealt with at the time by Associate Dean of Students Barbara Maxwell, the Greek advisor.

Maxwell declined to comment specifically on Bachhuber’s allegations, but said that the administration has consistently addressed complaints about conduct violations during initiation.

“When an incident gets brought forward, there’s an investigation, there’s a finding, there’s an outcome,” she said. “One [claim] wasn’t handled any differently than the other one.”

Bachhuber had problems, however, with the way the administration dealt with his claims.

“[Maxwell’s] recommendation was to express my grievances with [the fraternity presidents] and she made some sort of promise that things would be cleaned up the next time around, but I didn’t ever see the extent of what that was,” said Bachhuber. “My interpretation of the entire situation is that whoever was involved wanted to sweep the incident under the rug so they could keep on doing what they were doing.”

After de-initiating, Bachhuber struggled to connect with Whitman, especially with his friends in his residence section.

“I lived in 2-West, so everyone I knew was part of a frat house,” said Bachhuber. “To de-initiate was really hard for my social life, not necessarily because anyone made it explicitly so, but because I felt ostracized from the community that developed from [initiation].”

Hart said he did not feel the repercussions of his de-initiation as harshly as Bachhuber. According to Hart, the fact that he was a junior and had already developed a support system at the college was a primary reason for the lessened impact of his de-initiation.

“I already have my friends, whereas a lot of the freshmen are all friends with the TKEs, so they believe they would be socially ostracized,” said Hart. “I had all these other communities that were willing to welcome me.”

Maxwell agreed that the desire to be accepted as part of a group might deter some students from coming forward with allegations of misconduct.

“I think it’s hard [to come forward] if you’ve got an affiliation or attachment to a particular group, whether that’s a fraternity, sorority or an athletic team or another club on campus,” she said. “It’s human nature to want to be affiliated and want to be accepted.”

Interfraternity Council President, and member of Sigma Chi, junior Peter Olson contests the claim that participation in fraternity initiations is influenced by peer pressure.

“Not all the time are people pledging with all their best friends,” said Olson. “Theoretically you could see how that may happen, but at Sig we actively work to have an open channel of communication and really check in with them throughout pledgeship and initiation to make sure they’re comfortable with everything going on and that they’re having a good time.”

Maxwell added that national Greek organizations have been very proactive in developing communication channels for members, including toll-free 800 numbers where misconduct claims can be reported anonymously.

Bachhuber left Whitman in May 2007 after his first year, a decision which he said was influenced by his experiences both during and after initiation.

“I initially took a leave of absence and then I dropped out all together. A good 60 percent [of this decision] was because of initiation. The singular effect of de-initiating destroyed my entire community at Whitman and the community of what Whitman is supposed to be about,” he said.



It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.


  1. PledgeMaster says

    Universities are cracking down all across the country…

  2. Ryan C says

    I’ll start off by saying that I am a TKE and this article really pissed me off. Ratting out your fraternity for hazing is such a bitch move. Pledging is MANDATORY. If you don’t like it, GTFO but don’t ruin the fraternity for all of the other brothers that had a sack and were able to go through one hard semester.

    In the end, although you don’t think it when you’re pledging, pledge semester brings you and your pledge bros closer together. I would not have as close of a bond with my pledge bros if we did not shed blood, sweat, and tears all of last semester. It binds us for life (no homo) and makes us truly respect initiation into the fraternity we joined.

    If you’re going to be a GDI faggot, don’t even bother pledging. Join a theater club or something and leave the greek system to the real men.

  3. Ryan C says

    Sorry, pleding is NOT MANDATORY

  4. Squatch says

    Kid sounds like a bitch. Don’t ruin the fun for everyone just because you’re a pussy.

  5. FratStar1161 says

    2 things piss me off more than anything here:
    1- why his pledge bros let him leave initiation, I know if I had tried to leave at anytime those guys would have stopped me and gotten me through it.
    2- why you would be such a bitch and rat to the school, it’s fucking initiation! That’s what happens. So don’t go rat and fuck over your pledge bros bc they are the ones that have to suffer the consequences of your pussy ass!!!!

  6. Nip says

    “The way I construed the situation is that they were trying to break us down and recast us into this mold of a TKE fraternity member.” That is literally exactly what they are trying to do, that is the idea of pledging idiot. I am a member of TKE and because of pledging and the things I did with my pledge brothers I have never been closer to a group of people before.

    You signed up for it and you knew what was gonna happen. You do the things in pledging because you know the people before you have done it, talk to your histor. They asked you to join their fraternity because they like you, they are doing what they are doing because its a tradition, get that in your head.

    Your pledge brothers shouldn’t have let you quit. But, if you’re going to be a pussy and quit, don’t bring down the guys whom you tried and wanted to be a part of because you can’t man up. Also, you are not only bringing down TKE, you are bringing down all of greek life at your campus. Way to go a hole.

  7. Jude says

    Seriously if you are going to quit do it cause you obviously do not understand pledging. you will also must likely quit most things in your life if you continue with this attitude. But keep your mouth closed if that happened where I am from u would be long gone immediately.

  8. Cameron says

    I’m a member of TKE as well and I agree with Ryan C and Nip, my pledge bros and I are able to share a unique experience and memories that no-one else will be able to have, that is what brought us together and makes our house stronger.

  9. Frattlesnake says

    Hazing is not a big deal, it makes you appreciate your pledge brothers as well as all of the brothers who have gone through the hazing before you. If you do not like the hazing, the door is always open and you are welcome to head on home. These are fraternities we are talking about, not the YMCA. All of the chapters of fraternities that are transitioning to the Balanced Men philosophy of the pledge process will find themselves dissatisfied with their organizations in the future due to the fact that their organizations lack a tight knit feel. Hazing is the initial glue that binds fraternity men together, because if a man can get through the hazing, he should at least earn a baseline level of respect from all the brothers in the chapter. However, the binding forces tend to change as time in the fraternity continues

  10. Mr. Anon says

    Lol, who gave this pussy a bid?

  11. rush says

    I am wanting to rush TKE, after several attempts of suiciding for SAE. TKE is the most popular and largest fraternity on our campus so I figured I would give them a try this coming semester. After reading the comments above, it seems like it wont be easy, but it will be managable. I pretty much get along with the brothers that I know. What are some tips to make me look more favorable for a bid?

  12. Speakr says

    This kid sounds like a massive bitch. we make our pledges go through shit too but none of them ever whine like this pussy. The expectation is that they realize what they’re getting into, as well as what they will be getting out of it. We’ve been hazing for years,and have the strongest membership base I’ve seen out of any other fraternities on campus because of it. If brotherhood isn’t why you pledged a fraternity, then get the fuck out

  13. SweetTKEheart07 says

    Let me just start off with TKE is an amazing organization!!! If you get the honor of a bid don’t blow it!!! By the way I am TKE Sweetheart and I’m Greek myself so I am all too familiar with what is considered hazing. My perspective on hazing is yes it can be wrong if it is too excessive, however it is a necessary tool or evil (depending on how you look at it!) How else can we find out how bad you really want it??? The harder the process at least then you know you worked for it and didn’t just buy your way in. Think as hell week as a boot camp and the rewards can be endless. I agree with what the above brothers have said if you can’t suck it up and deal you don’t belong. If you can’t handle a little cleaning, cooking, and verbal abuse from these guys then you better never get married because what they dish out during hell week is nothing compared to an angry, tired, & nagging wife!
    Also if you to compare TKE’S hell week rituals to that of other fraternities you would find either their not that different or in many cases TKE takes it a lot easier on their pledges. Something else to consider when you’re pledging you’re the new kid so you have to earn those rights and privileges. Think about being a freshman JV player and how bad you wanted to start varsity, but you had to work your way to and prove to your coaches and your team member you were worthy. The process to brotherhood is no different.
    For the guy who wants to rush and you feel you have established friendships with some of the brothers… That’s great just take the pledge process seriously, don’t be cocky cause you know the brothers, study your information like you would any important exam, remember to be a good pledge brother an stay encouraging to weaker guys who my want to give up, if it feels like your getting a little more “attention” you are but don’t be alarmed, if you go in already knowing the brothers and the organization the expect more from thus your pledge process might be harder.
    Sweetheart <3!

  14. GYM.TKE.LAUNDRY says

    once a GDI, always a GDI

  15. TKEPledge says

    what a pussy.

  16. Voice says

    All you dumbass motherfuckers are cowards. Someone who is brave enough to stand up to the fuckhead hazers are the real men and women in the sorority/fraternity. Getting your ass beat, intoxicated, humiliated, is most definitely NOT brother/sisterhood. Whoever told you that is an animal. If anyone hazed me, I’d IMMEDIATELY take action to make sure the frat/sorority lost their charter like it was their virginity.

  17. Zane says

    Yea real talk. I hardly had any idea what I was getting myself into went through pledgeship, and I for damn sure didn’t expect what happened. But I nutted up and got through the shit. If it’s not for you, then quit. Why ruin something for others that has been going on for years just cause you couldn’t suck up having to get your ass whooped. And TKE doesn’t need a fag like you who can’t go out and have a social life after he pussed out of pledging.

  18. RoNiN says

    Im a high school Senior going to Graduate and the first thing I want to do at college is join a Greek Life Fraternity, I want to enjoy my college experience with a group of REAL HOMIES , Real brothers. I can socialize and make friends but Loyal friends are hard to find ! If im going to go through a Hell semester or a crazy ass Haze , then so be it !!! I ain’t no bitch like these Snitches. I completely agree with other Frats that this will be a initiation for me to prove my strength and Loyalty to the brotherhood.

    Ima try to join TKE most definetly for their legacy and I look forward to possibly being a member.

    Class of 2012 !!

  19. I says

    Wow, I read this article and was disgusted with this guy. I’ve been in a committed relationship with a guy for 4 years now and 3 of those he’s been a TKE Frater. (RoNiN: as far as I know, they HATE the term frat. It’s fraters to them. Know your stuff before you make a fool out of yourself.) I was around when he pledged and I know it was a hard process for him and what they went through. But on the contrary, he learned respect, not only for himself, but for his brothers, alumni, and for women. I strongly agree to join TKE and not for the obvious reasons (drinking and partying while in college). If anyone joins a fraternity because they wish to get wasted and have drinking buddies is a dumbass. Go find another fraternity. TKE is full of prestigious men and they want to keep it that way. My boyfriend is now Epiprytanis of his chapter and about to graduate from college, and I can tell you this, this has been a life changing thing for him. He takes it seriously and loves it. I’m very proud of him and extremely proud to be a half scroll.

    I <3 TKE Men.

  20. RoNiN says

    ^^ Well thank you for telling me the correct way , Its gonna be tough but it will be worth it to say im a Fraternity member

  21. FraterinTKE says

    I am a frater in Tau Kappa Epsilon. I agree that cleaning, cooking, and verbal abuse is just part of life. The difference in a fraternity is its only directed at you for a semester or two then it stops. If you were at home with brothers and sisters more than likely you gonna have to clean something whether it be dishes or floors and your siblings are gonna make fun of you on a day to day basis just for pure and simple sibling rivalry. However, that in the fraternity is just trying to create those close bonds with the guys you want to be BROTHERS with. So if you can’t seem to man up and take being called a pussy or a fucktard or some bullshit then you don’t need to be a part of a lifelong family. These are guys you want to stand up with you at your wedding and carry the casket at your funeral. Family. Brothers. A lifelong support system. Thats what fraternity is. Its being there to help carry the burdens of other brothers and to help them party and celebrate their ass off. I love Tau Kappa Epsilon. Go TKE! I love this fraternity!

  22. YITB167 says

    this guy is such a pussy. pledging that way for a reason. we make you a better man for a better world and if you’re going to be such a bitch about it go pledge a sorority. put on the dress and make up if you can’t handle tone part of the best fraternity in the freaking world. oh no, you had to clean get the fuck over it before i make you play games in that trash before i make you clean it. listen and respect your F-ing hegemon!!

  23. ChapterMember says

    I am a member of TKE as well. More importantly, I am a member of the chapter in question at Whitman. I assure you we DO NOT haze our pledges. Let me elaborate.

    Greek life at Whitman is far different than anything at state schools. We only have a student body of around 1500 students, so theres only 4 frats. Most people that go to Whitman tend to be nerdy, socially awkward, and congenial people. Everyone just wants to get along with everyone else. No one is interested in hazing anyone, or getting hazed themselves.

    The rush and pledge process (Fall Semester) is devoid of any hardships. Everyone at the house tries to get to know you as best they can, to see whether you’ll fit in with the house, and more importantly, if you want to be a part of the house. All we do is host fun activities for them to do like playing mini-golf in the house, throwing BBQ’s, or taking them to go cliff-jumping at beautiful Palouse falls on a sunny day. They’re encouraged to come over to the house whenever they want, whether it be to have a few beers and play poker, or just to stop by for a mid-study snack. We do not have any missions, mandatory assignments, etc. We literally just have fun the whole time. Ask anyone: even Dan Hart.

    Our Initiation process occurs in the Spring. It is a relatively short process. I won’t deny or admit anything about the specifics of the process, not because I’m hiding anything sinister but because I think its important that pledges go into the process with no other preconceived notions besides the goal: to bring new members into the brotherhood.

    I admit this is a vague goal, and part of the reason that hazing does occur in other fraternities; its easy to defend hazing by just saying that it in some way supports this “hazey” goal (ha see what I did there?). But the Alpha-Theta Chapter of TKE absolutely does not do that. The Hegemons devote months of preparation to design a process specific to the incoming class, that we think will be most successful in bringing them together as a class, and in turn together with the house.

    Each aspect of Initiation has a specific goal, and every year it has produced outstanding results. At the end of my Initiation, I felt absolutely amazing. I look back on Initiation as one of the best experiences of my life.

    When I was on the otherside of Initiation as a sophomore, I realized that it was essentially just a brief summercamp put on by the house. Active members spend all their free time meeting and preparing for each stage of the process, and in fact get less sleep than the pledges do as a result (which by the way, is a very reasonable amount). I had many flashbacks to the many times that I worked at summer camps in the past.

    Built into the process is several hours a day of strict study hall. Class attendance is also mandatory. If they need more time for a specific essay, test, or project, they are provided with as much time as they want. Pledges are also able to go to all extracurriculars that they are involved in including clubs, philanthropy, varsity sports, club sports, etc. Alcohol and Drugs are strictly prohibited for the duration.

    If for whatever reason they are feeling uncomfortable or unsure about their commitment to the process than we meet with them and address all of their concerns. It is true that sometimes pledges will realize that it just isn’t for them, and thats totally fine! Frat life isn’t for everyone, and its not better or worse than being independent!

    Hope I didn’t ramble too much, please let me know if you have any questions.

    Sincerely, AnActualChapterMember

  24. oldteke says

    I came across this article about “hazing” and read with interest not only the article but the many comments about it.
    All I can say is that the more things change the more things remain the same. I was initiated into TKE in 1968 at Chi- University of Washington. Some of the description of the initiation here reminded me very much of my own… I am now almost 63 and have no emotional scars from what may or may not have happened then. I do however have many fond memories of my time as an active member of TKE. Even after all these years I still have friends that also endured “such hardships” as the poor pledge described here.
    College is supposed to be about learning; but I can assure you the social lessons I learned did not come from the realm of Academia. Fraternity life is not only learning what is acceptible but what is not as well. The non-fraternity world is organized in such a way that anyone can just walk away from confrontation or personalities that don’t quite mix. Not so in a fraternity. For me, my membership was mostly about learning how to get along with people I might not have associated with any other way and being able to work toward a common goal even if it was just another dance, work-party or pulling another prank on the Tri-delts or DG’s.
    Our initiation inflicted no physical harm on anyone, nor was anyone’s property damaged; in such cases where that happens, I see no reason why the College and/or national organization shouldn’t take appropriate measures. In my ‘unprofessional’ opinion, I don’t see this happening at this alleged incident at Whitman either. It appears to me to be more of an attempt at “getting even” for a fragile ego that was unfortunately bruised.
    Alpha-theta Tekes have long been an excellent chapter of TKE and as far as I can see they still are. One might say they will always be A.O.K!

  25. Jack Herrer says

    There’s so many people on here talking trash about how this guy is a pussy for not obliging to be the active members’ bitch for a week and it’s kind of pissing me off. He was a pussy, but I completely disagree with yalls reasoning as to why he was pussy.

    When I pledged I wasn’t about to be anybody’s bitch and if you tried treating me like one I was ready to deck your fucking ass. There might have been 2 brothers at the time that could actually handle me 1-on-1. First week of pledgeship 4 of them tried to pick me up and throw me in a pool and failed. They didn’t really fuck with me too much for the rest of the semester including i-week since they knew I wasn’t puttin up with shit. I’m gonna be honest I was a terrible pledge. But they obviously didn’t care.

    As I was saying though, what’s pissing me off is the fact that I have yet to see one person call this kid out for not getting in the fucking gym. If his ass had actually worked out or gotten MMA lessons, he wouldn’t have found himself in the position of being somebody’s bitch. If they had tried repeatedly throwin shit in my kitchen and told me to pick it up I would’ve walked over there and told them that the next person that throws that shit is fighting me 1-on-1 (unless you’re a pussy and need help, in which case I would return the favor). I was the pledge that did not give two fucks about your established rules and shit. I walked into that place with a “here I am, take it or leave it” attitude, and I wasn’t about to change for anybody.

  26. Nick says

    As a proud member of TKE I would just like to say that these kids are laughable. Maybe if they were men and not boys, things would have turned out differently. Obviously they didn’t really want it. Useless wastes of a bid. They should have been given to men more deserving.

  27. TKE_DAD says

    As a proud father of a son who is going through I-week right now, I would like to say that I am happy my son is joining TKE. I know there will be things he goes through that are hard and some things I probably wouldn’t like(if I knew what they were). I don’t have a problem with the process at all. Like anything else in life, things can get out of hand by some individuals who abuse there authority. On the other hand, things can look much worse than they are by individuals that just are not in the right situation and should never have joined in the first place.

  28. Adg says

    Jach Herrer, you’re a wild dude. I hope with that attitude you didn’t expect the subsequent classes you pledged to do what you refused to do. You may be tough, great with your hands, MMA, Ultimate Fighter, Green Beret, whatever, but the point of pledging is to humble yourself to the brothers pledging you. The fact that you can’t be beat in a fair one is irrelevant. I don’t know what frat allowed you to chump them like that, but you would have never came through my org with that type of attitude. I would have told you to get the hell out. Whether you could kick my ass or not. As long as brothers aren’t physically going above and beyond what’s acceptible, or disrespecting your manhood, no one should be above taking what every member before you has taken.

  29. James from NY says

    Dear TKE

    I was pledging, and I left at the last week of the process.

    I have to say though, it was an honor, and I am one of the luckiest person ever to even get a bid to have an experience with TKE people.
    I know it is difficult to go through the such process, and I cried a lot as well. I was the pcp in my pledging class, and I felt embarrassed because I felt like the weakest one. I also knew that crossing isn’t the end; rather, there will be much more responsibility after becoming a brother of TKE.

    Although I have lived in U.S for 7 years, England for 2 years, and New Zealand for 6 months, I was born in South Korea, and I am the citizen of South Korea. Therefore, I am going to serve for R.O.K force for 2 years.

    During the process, I learned that TKE brothers were there to really help me, not destroy me. They are successful people who have priceless experience and knowledge. I am pretty sure that the person who wrote about how demoralizing the process is, is probably regretting, because he knows that he didn’t deserve it.

    May be some of you who wrote stuff above me, might know who I am (I might have seen some of you during the process). I felt it is necessary for me to at least be part of the process, because the lessons that I have learnt, was priceless. I am already doing better in academics. More importantly, I learned to respect people around me, whoever they might be.

    So to the person who wrote shit about TKE, it would be a right thing to do if you apologize to the TKE (at least in your heart), and thank the people who even gave you the opportunity to learn the necessity in life. I am already planning to meet and greet the people after I come back from the army, whether I am going to take the process again or not.

    I wish to write more, but it might get too long.

    From one of the luckiest guy out there.

  30. TKE Dude says

    All I can say is this: Is that all. Wow, the kid got insulted, had to clean the kitchen and was called by a number, well Boo Hoo Hoo. I had worse to deal with.

    I just joined TKE this Spring. I knew a lot of the guys and thought they were decent enough. I had heard of some things they did (nothing special really) and I thought I could handle it. I was wrong, must of cried like a bitch 4-5 times that semester. It was hell. Pledging did suck but I also had more fun and excitement during that time than I’ve had in the past year.

    Yes I party, drink, smoke and chill with other people, but mainly the Brothers. Hell, a dude who I thought HATED me is the dude I chill with whenever I have time to burn. I admit, pledging isn’t for everyone, but I knew shit was going to go down. It was (as a Brother told me), “The most fun time in your life you never want to do again”; and he was correct.

    All in all, these guys shouldn’t have pledged in the first place. Pledging did suck but I also had more fun and excitement during that time than I’ve had in the past year.

  31. rihanna M says

    lol, Im not even a TKE (obviously by my name, I’m a girl) but this guy obviously did not do his research. why are u joining an org without knowing what your getting into???!!
    and if u already knew this and couldn’t take the heat, then fine! but why are you ratting them out! TKE is a fraternity=secret society, at least have the desency not to spread their business out there. Not everyone makes it through but why did u have to be such a douche lol

  32. GPA says

    TKE Dude,TKE_DAD, Nick,oldteke, FraterinTKE, Zane,TKEPledge, Mr. Anon, Frattlesnake, Ryan C, FratStar1161s
    Feel free to send me your scroll numbers. I would be more than happy to discuss hazing with you at the next RLC or Conclave in Washington DC. or you could just go ahead and demit now. Otherwise if I catch you hazing I’ll bring a wrath down on you so bad you will wish you never heard of TKE.
    Grand Province Adviser

  33. joey bananas says

    good grief greek apologists. why did this numbnuts or any other want to join a fraternity sorority? because of the philanthropy? gimme a break! bunch of insecure sheep who think sticking a carrot up your ass builds character and will win and influence friends for a lifetime. grow up

  34. ???? says

    I am a Teke and my chapter does not Haze because we belive it hurts brotherhood. I know alot of other Chapters feel diffrently but i feel really close to my brothers and pledge class without all of this crap so i really dont see the point.

  35. Juan Don says

    As a TKE candidate myself, this kid is a fucking pussy. Grow the fuck up. Every single part of the candidacy is designed to break you down mentally and physically, and then build you into a man. This fraternity is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and probably this little bitch too. Its a damn shame he wasn’t able to see that.

  36. Chris says

    You think kids quit boot camp and rat out the US government for hazing allegations? No, grow the fuck up pussy.

  37. TKE_NATION says

    This kid is a pussy. And all the GDI’s shouldnt comment on here because you have no clue what you are talking about. Hazing makes brotherhood’s stronger than ever. Thats why were not like FIJI or PIKE and a bunch of fags.

  38. heartland says

    As IFC VP at my school, this does not even scratch the surface of the stuff we see on a daily basis. I’m not defending this in any way; hazing is against the law/ bad practice regardless of the circumstances. He didn’t have it half as bad as a lot of other pledges in other fraternities, but I guess I can feel for him. My best friend was in a hazing fraternity and end up dropping during I-Week because they made him crawl on his hands and knees through broken glass and vomit. Cleaning the kitchen isn’t so bad now huh ? That being said, my fraternity doesn’t haze and we built brotherhood through the whole organization, not just our class. We found the true meaning of what we stand for , as opposed to contradicting what our founding fathers intended.

  39. noone says

    There is a lot of disparaging talk in here from supposed gentlemen using terms degrading to women. Any “man” who is comfortable with such terms shows his feelings about women and his abusive personality which reflects on his fraternity when he speaks for them. That is talk coming from a caveman. Not a man. I commend the men in the article who had enough personal strength to stand up for what they felt was right and for those who commented in a dignified manner fitting of higher institutions, brotherhoods, or sisterhoods. Others sound like thugs in gangs. I will speak as to my past experience with TKE. When I was attacked by a large group of men a single TKE pushed through them and pulled me out. When I accidentally encountered some TKEs years later and was flashing back they recognized me, pulled me aside, and spoke gently and kindly to me. None of those men would have been out here on a website thumping their chests about how manly they are and trying to show it by dehumanizing others. I never saw ungentlemanly behavior from them. And they wouldn’t have tolerated it by others. True men. Real men. Which those of you speaking like thugs are not nor would you ever be. Your quality of character is already within you. A label does not change whats in your heart, mind, body, or soul.

  40. PI_GAM_TKE_294 says

    I was Hegemon of our chapter for two years…AT NO TIME did we do anything THE PLEDGES were unwilling to do. I suspect this student was uncommitted to the process and missed the point…He missed out on a lifetime of Fraters that endured the same thing for a short period of time and, because the other fraters didnt show him esteem by depledging WITH him, it shows there is little merit to his claims…echoed by the Administration.

  41. val kilmer says

    I am a TEKE and this article pisses me off too. Pledging is mandatory, it has purpose. It strengthens you in ways you never thought you could be strengthened. The reason why the majority of presidents and CEO’s in America are so successful is because they were in fraternities. Pledging made them the men they are. I know if Reagan were still around he’d be pissed as hell to hear about this fucker ratting out his chapter. Our brotherhood and ritual is sacred, this one GDI fucked everything up for the kids he wanted to be his brothers.

  42. Anonymous says

    I am a TKE pledged in spring of 1992. Be an athlete and man up! You need to earn it. Boo hoo…I don’t want him in my fraternity.

  43. TKE memer says

    I am loving seeing my brothers responses to this. Also to Oldtke. One of our members is from Chi chapter in University of washington. good chapter most definetley. Love TKE and love seeing my brothers love it too.

  44. Old TKE says

    Dad was a TKE, I’m a TKE, My Son is a TKE…..Glad you’re NOT! Pussy.

  45. Anonymous Teke says

    Ya pledging sucked, but only pussies quit. We live in a society where people give up and quit because things got hard or tormenting down the road. You’re worse than a GDI if you rat out your “almost” future brothers because you weren’t man enough. And not being able to clean a kitchen for a couple hours? Pathetic.

  46. teke member says

    as much as i do agree with some of the statements claimed above. in general, greek life, isn’t cut out for everyone. i wish this guy would have maybe really thought about being apart of a something to this stature. and thought is this really hazing. i believe that this really isnt hazing. its brother bonding time. go look up some old hazing ways… thats what hazing is- not having to clean or take a shower. also the fact that he so easily exclaimed that it was hazing and told on his future brothers, clearly demonstrated that he wasnt cut out for a brotherhood or greek life.

    With that all being said, i feel that it was the current brothers responsibility to take him aside and explain it all. like they should have sort of been there for him in way. now this is another example of why greek life is “bad” and why people dont want to join.but it is what it is. and thats my two cents.

  47. TKE newbie says

    Honestly cleaning up and getting yelled at isn’t that bad. You weren’t in any dangerous or downright deadly situations. The person who should truly be hazing you the hardest should be yourself from not feeling as though your living up to your potential.

  48. TKE newbie says

    And by that I mean the overwhelming feelings of self doubt and worthlessness that makes you bond with the others that are feeling it too.

  49. Tiffany says

    See all of these young men on here so angry that someone would not tolerate abuse and outed their fraternity for a crime- yes, hazing is a crime, it has has led to the deaths of many young men and women. People who have gone through hazing also have the psychological profile as PTSD victims. All of this “unity” you men are speaking about among your TKE “brothers” that is there because of the initiation process is actually a form of psychological trauma bonds you together because you feel unsafe, it’s what a lot of POWs and soldiers feel as well.

    Reading comments like these makes me glad because I know that my money is going to good use donating to organizations that are moving forward in shutting down the Greek system.

  50. Concerned says

    Why does it cost almost $1000 to pledge for the hazing weekend? Why would they let underage brothers get drunk and sleep under parked cars? And I have many other questions as well that shocked me. When hazing is illegal???? Btw faggot is a fkd up word and shows low life mentality. No respect from decent society. Definately Not a model citizen.

  51. Fall 2013 says

    Hello Fraters of the bond and non brothers, I read this article and it did make me mad. If you cannot handle the hazing then just leave, don’t rat out the whole organization. I started with a line of 7 and ended with 4. Those 3 dropped in the 5th week and just dropped. They didn’t speak a word after and I respect them for that. Just man the fuck up and take it like a man. I’ve never wanted something more in my life and making it through the hardest process of my life has made me stronger and showed me what I am truly capable of. Also…the other side is so fucking worth it!!! When I crossed I couldn’t even describe the feeling, euphoria! The hell was worth it. Idk, you know what your getting into, I didn’t know the specifics, but I still made t through, with bloody fucking knuckles and lack of sleep for days and days and days. But it was all worth it. And no it didn’t cause me fucking PTSD. It’s not like I went to fucking war. Once you cross, it all becomes fond memories that I constantly look back at and smile at. They were the best times! Sure I didn’t think that while pledging but after, I wish it was all recorded so I could see it again! It made me a man, and a man of Teke! Pledging made me so close to my 3 line brothers, I have a bond with them like no other. And the hazing bonded me with the rest of the brothers. We all went through hardship. We all learned, and became men!
    FALL CLASS OF 2013

  52. #275 says

    Guess I’m too old school for any on this page to even know. When I pledged Tau Kappa Epsilon it was an honor, a privilege, and a challenge. All followed with the reward of life long friendships.
    After a full semester of what you now call hazing (you have no idea what we went through) our pledge class grew very close. We took it all in stride and laughed at it all. We knew it was all done with the intention of making us stronger and tightly knit. And now after nearly 40 years those same pledge brothers and actives who accepted me are still closer than can be imagined by most other “normal” people. Those “normal” people who declared their independence from fraternities and called us animals who could only buy our friends. Wow, how little did they know.

  53. epsilon thets 578 says

    I am a tke also, 35 years now and still active. Hazing is againest our values and undermines the integrity of our fraternity. Hazing is a crime. I’ll be at conclave if you haze turn in your badge. I’ll be at NOLA next week.

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