Underground Fraternities


It’s a sad realization that universities all across the country are cutting down on the sacred tradition that we call hazing. They don’t appreciate the intricacies of the ritual, nor truly understand #41 why we haze. The unfortunate result of society’s trend is a solid kick in the nuts. Fraternities everywhere are being kicked off campus, shut down and revoked of their national charter. With Greek life dwindling, fraternities are forced to survive underneath the public eye. Yet, when times get tough, fraternities always find a way. The Brotherhood always wins.

Why Underground Fraternities?

A recent submission came our way in need of some informational advice on the stance of underground fraternities. So, what exactly is an underground fraternity? It’s a fraternity that has been officially removed from university affiliation. Or, the national chapter of the fraternity could have disaffiliated the fraternity from the overall order. In either case, the once-know fraternity transitions into a mere group of guys with some common purpose. Hell, there really isn’t any difference between a rogue fraternity and the local basket-weaving club.

The ways in which a fraternity is forced to go underground are countless. The most common reason is a university sanction. Fraternities are charged on a weekly basis for underage drinking, hazing, and countless other bullshit offenses. Check out our series of IN THE NEWS: a week doesn’t go by without a fraternity getting fucked for some bullshit reason. Once a fraternity has used up the last of its nine lives, the university or college will “kick” them off of campus. If the fraternity house is on campus property, the house must be vacated immediately. Henceforth, the fraternity is no longer in affiliation with the university. The national chapter of your fraternity will most likely revoke your charter as well. For all those who need fraternal education, each fraternity on a college campus is a sub-sect of a larger national chapter. For instance, Sigma Chi at the University of Georgia is a sub-sect of the National Sigma Chi Order. Make sense?

So there are the basics as to why chapters are forced to go underground. Once a fraternity has fallen off the edge, it is up to the group of guys as to what happens next.


Like previously stated, once a fraternity has lost it’s official position on campus, the group of guys is no different than any other club, society or sporting group. It’s up to them whether the brotherhood stays alive. In most cases, a fraternity will get kicked off campus for a select number of years (usually 4). In other cases, the national chapter might revoke any affiliation, causing the fraternity to affiliate with a different national chapter. In other words, Delta Chi might become Theta Chi. It’s one of the many options.

Either way, the brotherhood must stay alive. Even though your position on campus isn’t official, there’s nothing stopping you from maintaining the same traditions you’ve always kept. By no means should you simply fade away into oblivion. Fuck that. You’ve come too far. Continue recruiting, and continue hazing. Besides, #53 pledge attire is life attire. Stay fratty. The effort you’re going to have to exert will triple, but it’s worth every second.

With underground fraternities come underground hazing, underground #2 rush and underground parties. While no longer being affiliated with the university or national chapter, you have the freedom to do a few things differently. In due time, universities all across the country will slowly deplete our Greek system. Fraternities will have to learn how to survive underground. #16 The importance of secrecy becomes more important than ever.

You must maintain your hierarchy, and continue to recruit more than ever before. The more parties you throw, the longer you’ll survive. You must keep your name alive, and keep your fraternity image intact. Feel free to keep the same fraternity name, but nothing’s official. If your fraternity is evicted from your fraternity house, take over another one. Find an off-campus house that’s big enough, or take over an apartment complex. The key is unity. You guys must stay together and persist through time. It’s not fucking easy, but it’s better than being a #20 GDI. Look at the bright side, if you’re no longer considered a fraternity, then both the University and national chapter can’t touch you. But you obviously need to worry about the cops. #15 Brotherhood Haters: Fuck the Police.

Society butt-fucks us on a daily basis with their goody-good morals and values. Yet, fraternities have always found a way to beat the system. Keep the brotherhood alive through underground efforts. In the words of #52 Charlie Sheen, we always win.

It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.

  1. PledgeMaster says

    Any fraternity who has stayed intact after being kicked off campus is a success story

  2. Phil Sigma Tau Sucks says

    My underground fraternity has done way better without campus or a national. Then we got raided by ABC agents and everyone went to jail. Still going hard just not as hard. Went from come over to who do you know here kind of place overnight! Still good PR being in the paper 3 weeks in a row! at least they know we are still alive.

  3. AKAKIA says

    just pledge a fraternity, but a week before are supposed initiation campus kicked us of and Nationals revoked us. What should i do as a pledge who worked so hard to be in this fraternity???

  4. PledgeMaster says

    Akakia: Unfortunately, if you’re still interested in being apart of a fraternity, you have no other choice but to pledge another fraternity.

  5. IUnigga says

    Akakia are you accacia indiana?

  6. Charles says

    Fraternities are for losers.

  7. Anonymous says

    You got that right, Charles.

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