What pledge were you ?


So you’ve heard it all. Pledgeship encompasses every type of fired-up freshman known to man. We could talk all day long, but we want to know about you…

The Token Fat Pledge?

Overachieving Pledge?

The Drunk Pledge?

Pledge Class President?

There’s no wrong answer. GDI’s need-not apply.

Actually, they can go fuck themselves for all I care.

Sound off in the comments. Please, throw in a story or two. Prove your point.

It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.

  1. PledgeMaster says

    Comment all you’d like. If you’re feeling generous, submit a story for consideration. You’ll stay anonymous, and your story might end up as the next post of the PledgeMaster.

  2. Alcoholic says

    drunk pledge all semester long. no better way to do it.

  3. PCP says

    unless you were the pcp, you have no clue what it’s like to pledge

  4. FratStar says

    fuck the pcp you chose to be the biggest bitch of the pledge class so dont bitch about it

  5. Not A Fag Like You says

    just keep on paying for your friends. you’re all so damn cool it’s not even funny.

  6. fratterday says

    Fuck off GDI. I pay for my friends and love every second of it. have fun sitting at the library by yourself on a friday night. the friends i purchase and I will be getting black out drunk, fucking your girlfriend, your sister, and your slampiece for a mother.

    I hope your 4.0 works out for you. I’ll graduate with a 2.6 and probably pay someone to haze your cargo short, graphic t wearing father when I’m CFO of the company he crunches numbers for.


  7. Bro V1 says

    Our PCP past six years in a row has not made it to graduation.
    I was the pledge who got it right the first time. kept my mouth shut.
    and to the GDI who says keep paying for friends, Come talk to me when you and your roomates can throw a party with big name artists. until then, shut the fuck up and go back to your fucking easel and paint some more homo things.


    Yo GDI aka “Not a fag like you”,
    Looks like your bitch ass just got served! Step yo game up, and lose that V-card. Pussy is great, ask any questions you’d like, im sure any frat boy wouldn’t have a problem explaining to your virgin ass what a vagina feels like. So next time you think about posting, you might wanna, ch-ch-ch-check yo self befo’ you wreck yaself fool.
    Oh and one last thing…GET MONEY, GET PAID….aight aight aight

  9. J. Brobert C says

    I was a mix of the Fat Pledge and the Drunk Pledge.

    And to the GDI who posted earlier, I have one thing to say to the people who say that all fratbros pay for their friends: Haters are gonna hate when they’re poor as fuck.
    Plus, if you want to say that you can graduate with your 4.0 and get a great job and whatnot, good for you. I, on the other hand, will be enjoying my trust fund. Hope you like the high gas prices yo.

  10. sigma frat epsilon says

    PCP and the drunk pledge

  11. Brotherhood says

    Drink Beer, Smoke Weed, and Fuck Girls……Now how could that not be a good time?


  12. Fratwagon says

    I was candy pledge/ PCP. I was called at all hours of the night when a brother or a brothers slampiece needed something sweet. $200 in candy. I’m going to use the shut out our next candy pledge. I was used to deliver boxes of candy (that I paid for) to brothers girlfriends… Expensive, but it’s an easy pledge assignment to give out.

  13. GDI KING says


  14. fratterday says


    you’re one load your mother should have swallowed faggot.

  15. Pro Bro says

    I was the Pledge class drunk ass and the house rat. I drank everyday and lived at the house. I was there more than most brothers; while I cleaned the house abour 3 times a day I got respect from the brothers and had the easiest pledgeship out of my fellow pledge brothers.

  16. Cool Guy says

    i was the high pledge that didnt know what was going on because i was always stoned

  17. FaF says

    i would always be at the house and i could make it look like i was cleaning all the time but actually i wasnt doing anything productive. But i was also the pledge who would laugh at the shit they say and “eye fuck” brothers during sessions, so i got hazed more then any of my pledge brothers

  18. SigTau says

    i was the slapdick pledge the whole time but i was also pcp for the most part. and i would get fucked over the most for laughing.

  19. SigPi says

    I was a mix of PCP/Drunk. It SUCKED to say the least, I was the point of contact pretty much for all the brothers and alumni. Brother needs a condom? PCP knows first. Alumni needs a cheap version of Microsoft Office through the school? PCP knows first. Although I would have to say that being PCP taught me a lot about time management and in the long run it helped since I’m on EC and IFC.

  20. thatguy says

    I was the pledge who wanted to become a brother incredibly badly but freaked out every time we had another ritual going on. I admit I acted like a pussy. Eh, I’m in now. But if I could do it over again and differently, I would.

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