10. Frat-Mart:

Your wardrobe makes the transition from Hollister and American Eagle, to food-stained, ripped, wrinkled, khaki pants, along with dollar-store polo’s and worn-out boat shoes. Doing laundry? Fuck no— there’s no time. Your outfit is thrown on and off countless times no matter how wet or rank. For the time being, the Salvation Army and cheapest Wal-Mart clearance items serve as your newest mall hangout.  It takes a solid 12 weeks of hell to transition into the beloved Sperry’s, Polos, Guy Harvey, Costas, Chino’s and a visor. Even then, a few years is needed to truly develop a wardrobe of frat perfection.

9. Anti-Bromance:

If you’ve ever spent a lengthy vacation with a buddy or two, you know how it goes. The guys you’ve loved for years can become major jackasses, and it doesn’t take long for you to want to rip their heads off. Here comes pledging, the age-old vacation of first-year college boys. Whether stuck with 30 post-pubescent, horny, testosterone junkies in the fall, or a smaller 15 cocky, egotistical alcoholics in the spring, there comes a point when you hit the wall. After 12 weeks with the same group of guys, you fucking hate them. Unity is stressed all throughout pledgeship; you want take unity and shove it up your pledge brother’s ass.

8. Cock-Blocked:

Your ideal slampiece walks across the room. You grab two drinks, and work your way through the crowd to make a move. The good old days— hitting on the sorostitutes with a drink in-hand. Problem? Pledgeship: cock-block central. Where should I start? How about your sexy outfit. Nothing screams PLEDGE more than stained khaki pants with a tucked in polo. Don’t forget about the ultimate accessory: a symbolic pin on your heart symbolizes your status as a bitch. Next problem: You can’t drink, you’re driving tonight. Pledge rides: the greatest invention known to frats. Last (and largest) problem: No matter how close you are to closing that ideal, drunk blonde– a brother won’t hesitate to jump on in. It doesn’t take much: a mere look of hatred, or a text that reads “fuck off she’s mine”. A brother has first rights on all women, and a pledge would get his shit rocked for even attempting the sloppy-seconds. As a pledge, cock-blocking is just another form of hazing. But hey, it’s not hazing—it’s brotherhood.

7. Frat-Style ROTC:

If there’s one slight upside to the hazing lifestyle, it’s the fact that your body just might look slightly better when all is said and done. Just like any workout session, pain is involved. Push-ups, sit-ups, sprints, squats, pull-ups, wall-sits: the list goes on and on. Each hazing exercise is made unique to each fraternity. Recite the alphabet while you sit against the wall, do pushups in the shape of an A (Alpha), or form your body in the shape of a Z (Zeta) when you do pull-ups. They’re gay as shit, but they make brothers feel oh so special. They pat themselves on the back for creating a new hazing technique. It’s an art of frat-passion. Hazing in the form of calisthenics might be the most common form of hazing. It’s not the roughest thing, but it’s an everyday occurrence. You’re a little army bitch, except unlike ROTC, your drill sergeants are beer-bellied assholes who have nothing better to do in their life except fuck with pledges.

6. Not-So-Golden Corral:

You’re always fucking hungry. If you’ve developed a classy beer belly in high school, you can kiss it goodbye. Pledges are thrown the scraps of dinner, almost no time to eat on their own, and literally starved during hell week. Yes— pledges are always fucking hungry. The meal of choice is fast-food, ideally Taco Bell and McDonalds. Now this isn’t a bad thing, but if you’ve ever seen the documentary SuperSize Me, you know how fucking disgusting McDonalds is after eating it the fifth time in one week. Either way, the development of a solid beer belly must come afterpledgeship, unfortunately. Most pledges drop a few pounds– very un-frat-tastic.

5. Blue-Balled:

Alright, this gets a little personal. We’ve mentioned this before in the #5 “You Know You’re A Pledge When…” post, but this must be brought to the forefront of all the bullshit. I fuck you not when I tell you that pledges have no spare time. You get up, go to school, serve lunch, study (sort-of), serve dinner, get hazed, pledge drive, and pass out. Do it all over again tomorrow. There just isn’t enough time in the day to reward your eyes with YouJizz, or MILF Hunter. Your manly jewels are left lonely, day after day after day. You find yourself getting hard at the most awkward moments. It’s almost as bad as that chick from last year not finishing you off like a broad is supposed to. It’s a man’s issue, and it sucks. Thank you pledgeship, my dick still hurts.

4. Designated (insert item here) Driver:

Dip, cigarettes, toilet paper, beer, Checkers, liquor, girlfriend… They want it, you gotta get it. Now if there’s one thing (and one thing only) that any traditional parent would approve of—it’s the fact that frats encompass built-in anti-drunk-driving protection. Pledges make the world just so much better. But you better believe pledge-driving blows. Usually a couple hours long, driving can last from 7pm to 5am. You run shifts, write a schedule, blow hundreds of bucks in gas money and get your car fucked with. Life’s a joy. You’ve worked your ass off all day, are about to pass out, have an exam the next morning and you haven’t studied. Tough shit. The role as the designated driver is seriously important. The Brotherhood would die a quick death if no sober drivers were around to fuel their drunken munchies. That would be devastating.

3. Mind-Fucked:

The entire essence of pledgeship revolves around the concept in which pledges are fucking clueless. From day one, (and hopefully continuing up until the final hours), pledges have no idea what is happening, who is responsible, and what the fuck comes next. It’s all mind-games. As a pledge, you may have a small understanding of how mind-fucked you are, but you continue to walk blindly into the darkness and jump off the bridge when told to. If chicks were as easy as pledges to get mind-fucked, then we’d all be paying child support. Secrecy is key, and as long as a brother doesn’t open his drunken mouth, pledges will never know who exactly is fucking them over most. Pledging sucks because it fucks with your mind, you just don’t know how much. Here’s a piece of advice: more than likely, the nicest brother is running the show. But hey, you didn’t here that from me. You’re mind-fucked, remember?

2. Memorization:

If you’re a pledge, then most likely school doesn’t mean shit to you. I mean, you might be smart and all, but you’re pledging a fucking frat for a reason: to get shit faced and laid on a daily basis. That’s just the reason why pledging sucks so much— it’s almost like you’re in a mini-private school. You have to memorize so much goddamn shit it’s not even funny. First off, you better know the Greek alphabet better than your own birthday. Learn it, recite it, and never forget it. Let’s say there are 150 brothers in the frat— start learning pledge. Names, birthdates, hometowns, facts… it just doesn’t end. You thought fraternities didn’t give a fuck about school. Well doesn’t that suck; you’ve inherited a 10-credit course called PLEDGESHIP. Failing out is dropping, getting a C is quality, and getting straight A’s is just plain dick-sucking of the brotherhood. So get your pen and pencil, and prepare for countless nights of pointless memorization. It might actually teach you a thing or two about studying. Studying… ever heard of it? You will now.

1. Hell Week:

Well, you know a week of your life is going to be pretty shitty when it’s titled “Hell Week”. And no, this isn’t one of those play-on-words where the actual event is completely opposite of what was first described. Hell week might be the most painful, challenging and fucked-up weeks of your life. This is not an exaggeration. The worst of the worst involves a weeklong sleepover at the frat house: starvation, pain, misery and humiliation. If you’re lucky, they’ll let you go to class. As soon as that bell rings, you better get your ass back to the house for continued beat-downs. Hazing ranges through all sorts of levels; after 5 days of living in the same room (or cage, square, tent…) even the smallest activities can be gruesome to those enduring the pain. Of course, these situations are relating to the most hard-core, passionate frats. Yes, there are pussy frats that merely makes their pledges wake up at 3AM and go find a stick that’s 24.3 inches long exactly. And maybe give them a call to do it again at 5AM. Big whoop. How about not eating for 7 days? How about sitting outside in 30-degree weather while being pelted with water balloons? 7 days of “fun” as some describe; 7 days of ego-altering. It’s the fitting finale to a semester of hell, and the only true reason 9 out of 10 pledges survive hell week remains to be the fact that the light at the end of the tunnel merely gets brighter as the days ensue. Hell week is the cherry on top— oh, what a painful fucking cherry to swallow.

It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.





  1. pledge bitch says

    Well the worst part of pledging has to be the lack of sleep. I’m pre-med and pledging at the same time so i pretty much get fucked. Last week I literally probably slept a grand total of 12 hours over the course of the week. Sucks balls. By sunday I physically couldn’t function anymore and slept the day away. Those fuckers, the brothers in the frat, don’t seem to realize that there is more to my fucking life than pledging. So I have pulled all nighters once three nights in a row which was retarded because I couldn’t get all my work done effectively. I swear they just pull shit out of their ass so they can just waste our time. Which basically is the meaning of pledge-ship. To make you waste your time and to make you miserable.

  2. Anonymous says

    You are all pussies, and have no idea what a real fraternity looks like. Congratulations, you are pathetic and wish fraternities are how they are in movies.

    Grow up, and be less successful than everyone who is in Greek life.

  3. Get Real says

    If you were a pledge, you sure as hell wouldn’t have time for this website.

  4. Winston says

    Weird thing is that my school doesnt have Hell Week. We haze the shit out of pledges but no Hell Week.

    Pledge Bitch- I know pre-med sucks and so does pledging but trust me its all worth it in the end and it wont suck so much when your pulling shit out of YOUR ass.

  5. Sorry bro says

    Sorry bros. no fraternity should ever haze anyone. While my chapter engages in risky activities its just up to you. No one should join any organization that physically or mentally hurts you. Sorry premed dude im premed or med now but ur chapter should be respecting your time. Leave if they don’t. Fraternities enhance our college experience not become the centre focal point of misery

  6. PA1856 says

    If you are in a fraternity you do not call it a “frat”. Perfect example of another GDI.

  7. Don'tworryaboutit says

    I can personally agree with all 10 of these topics. Getting up in the middle of the night to find a pledge brother that was captured and taken out 20 minutes out of town and they have no idea where they are, not being able to eat, sleep deprivation, lining up and reciting the alphabet until every pledge gets it right, push ups, bows and toes, it’s all pure shit. You truly figure out if this is the right thing to do…….I found out it wasn’t for me. At least not that fraternity.

  8. Random Dude says

    ZBT doesn’t pledge so it’s awesome. No hazing and no physical abuse!!!

  9. Reallynow? says

    You are a sorry little person who is simply following the crowd. Are you fucking serious? Why the hell would you go through all the shit if you are going to sit here on the com and jjust complain about it. You all who enjoy this shit or give it right reason are alll dumb fucks that desevre the treatment. Then why do you think its alright to refer to a woman as a dumb broad? Did you forget that the person who birthed you and took care of your dumbass is a woman? Dude get some fucking respect for yourself and people!

  10. DMAN says

    Random Dude, u dont pledge? that makes u a fuckin pussy ass gdi just like every little bitch that is too big of a pussy to join a fraternity. FUCK the dude who wrote this, he is for sure the biggest little bitch ass GDI

  11. Assistant Pledge Master says

    My pledging was hardest time of my life but i would do it all over again to be a brother. I don’t ask anything of my pledges that i didn’t go through myself. Pledge-ship along with brotherhood is full of history and tradition.

  12. gamerdude says

    This shit is all gay. Why would you even allow yourself to take crap? Might as well be gay. dumbfucks.

  13. LaraP says

    Curious: How bad does it really get? As in, this?


    Please tell me no. My nephew is about to pledge and I’m terrified for him. Pranks are fine, I get that, went through that in a sorority — but I DO NOT want his health/life at risk.

  14. tom says

    Who does this shit? Man you losers must be desperate for friends. All this so you can network with a bunch of alcoholic under-achievers?

  15. carrie says

    This is complete bull. It’s people like you that bash the greek system because you weren’t lucky enough to become a pledge and join greek life. WIth that being said, you can’t provide all these “fun facts” about how sororities and fraternities sucks if you’ve never experienced it first hand; and clearly you don’t have a life, you’re more concerned about making a big deal about being a GDI and how you hate greeks than you are trying to actually do something productive with your time.

  16. God says

    Don’t be skeptical when it comes to the Greek Life and it’s “hazing”. Judge until you have experienced it.

  17. Anonymous says

    Every pledging experience is different. Sometimes, brothers are going to haze the shit out of you, yeah, it happens. But the best part about pledging is that you’re not alone. You have your entire pledge class sticking by you and enduring the same shit as you day after day. That really brings people together.

    And when you make it through everything that semester, being initiated as a brother is the best feeling in the world. You have a brand new family, full of brothers that will have your back, not just through college, but for a lifetime.

  18. truecrip says

    i only have loyalty to the game mi clique and my gun bitch ass niggass they all the same until the barrel in da mouth lol frat boys so funny staring down an AK

  19. - says


  20. Anonymous says

    I gotta say for all the non-greeks, greek life is something thing that would be hard for you to understand. Its benefits don’t necessarily display themselves to you.

    Look I didn’t enjoy pledging, but i have to admit it was filled with fun memories. and the skills that you get out of it, you use for a lifetime. theres a reason why greeks both have higher demand and great success in the real world (ie when you start making money)…

  21. Anonymous says

    Definitely not for everyone. Don’t bash on things you don’t understand especially if you haven’t gone through it.

  22. Jack says

    Don’t judge all fraternities/sororities by the actions of a few organizations that make the newspaper for being boneheads or forcing pledges to binge drink.

    Pledging (at least in theory) teaches you time management skills and life lessons. Plus, there are opportunities for leadership positions. Many non-greeks don’t get the opportunities for life experiences that greeks get. Many non-greeks either study in their dorm 24/7/play video games or even commute from Mommy and Daddy’s house. That’s why Greeks possess qualities that employers want and need.

    Yes, there are parties and times when Greeks act stupid, but most people 18-22 have those moments. Pledges and fraternity members need to see beyond the parties and seemingly stupid tasks to realize that there is a method to the madness that is Greek Life. That being said, there are some idiot fraternities/sororities out there who make Greeks look bad.

  23. semodf says

    I am a brother in a nationally respected fraternity and we don’t have a system of pledging . We instead, respect new members through the steps prior to being an initiated brother. Doesn’t mean it’s easy, doesn’t mean we’re pussies, it means we’re respectable dudes and give respect to everyone, especially guys who we feel are worthy of receiving a bid. I wish there weren’t awful organizations like what was described in this article to make Greek Life look bad, but I guess some things just have to be accepted.

  24. Anonymous says

    This list is a bunch of bullshit if you cant take it or pick up a girl while you’re pledging you’re just stupid. If you’re going to complain and think that it’s wasting you’re time than what the fuck are you doing there. It’s your own choice to be there or not. I never got sick pf my pledge brothers enough to say I hated them we were and still are the tightest group I’ve been around.

  25. *New Member Education Adviser**AKA "Hell Master" says

    Being THAT pledge,

    Over the past few years, pledgeship has had some drastic changes. A decade ago you could line up the pledges and take a paddle to them day and night. Because of the “stigma” of a fraternity that has been collected mainly from movies and from a single chapter. Being at the “best house” on campus does not really mean shit. While there are many strong national fraternities with 300+ chapters, it could be the worst chapter. But to the main topic, you do not want to be THAT pledge (well called “new member candidates” now) because the use of the term of pledge is affiliated with hazing. You do not want to be the best pledge or the worst pledge. You may think that being a great pledge will help down the road, and it may. But if it is blatant that one pledge tries harder than the rest, Congratu-fucking-lation you will now act as the president of your pledge class otherwise known as (PCP)
    What does that mean? It means that every active will call you to get something and if not you must locate a pledge brother that is able to. All responsibilities are now on you. So unless you are the type of person who’s gotta do everything perfect or if you want to become President in the future calm the FUCK down, staying in the middle of the group is what you need to do if you want to reduce the amount of shit they throw you in. Last but not least that ONE PLEDGE brother that coasted through without doing shit, that they can just pay and go. FUCK that if your pledge brothers ride your ass till he quits, then we will do it ourselves.

  26. ex-military says

    all the cussing = Sad.
    arent “Brothers” suppose to be set at higher standards? you say frats are about grades, resumes, and brotherhood, but i see every frat, and even the one i am rushing, tear each other apart cause they are all self-centered little brats who prolly got beat up in High school, or are straight up losers in College. These people I only join because either mommy and daddy pays for them to party, or they are that desperate for “friends” (that will haze you, and lie to your face at the same time)

    To All fraternities, GROW THE F UP! you want to be seen differently? then change your stupid ways. learn from a large REAL Family…the military.

  27. Big Nick Digger says

    So much butthurt in the comments here. Chill the fuck out people, yeah pledgeship sucks but you shouldn’t bash fraternities just because you couldn’t take the heat.

  28. BroTurnedGDI says

    Okay, to all the people who made it through pledgeship that are posting on here saying that “all the geeds don’t understand greek life,” they understand it very clearly. Even if they don’t pledge, they understand. I understand because I made it through initiation and got kicked out as a NIB two months later for bullshit reasons. But you see it everywhere. Pledges look tired as fuck, they’re never in their dorms because they always have to run around getting sigs from brothers, and they come back to their dorms covered in dirt and sweat. You know that pledging is hard, and you know that this guy is 100% right. You’re just mad because one of your bitch pledges snitched out on the fraternity and gave out some “secrets.”

  29. Lowdad says

    The article forgets to mention all the homoerotic shit that just seems to go hand and hand with this type of shit.

  30. Reflectionbookineverfilledout says

    Ha, I forgot about most this shit, though I’ll probably never eat sauerkraut for the rest of my life and not remember why…..I will remember my bros catching eggs in their mouth from 20 feet during a typical Midwestern winter with strong Canadian trade winds while the campus security guy (who later killed himself) was drinking a beer laughing… I fell out touch with nearly everyone I pledged with yet still keep in touch with a handful of the older guys… I happen to be by far the most successful (by any standards) than every brother I had met, fraternity was something I did, but what defined me more than anything was not pledging frat shit, sure as he’ll wasn’t my course program, but the right professors and doing what interested me intellectuallly above and beyond the classroom — little secret for wanna be rich boy 20yr olds that you have to actually want to work hard — I’m 29 now and living a life I never dreamed existed (I type this on my iPad on _my_ balcony having a cigarette in the southern hemispehere), and the first university graduate ever in my family (I grew up with nothing) (let alone having a Greek letter designation). As Steve jobs had once quoted “stay hungry, stay foolish”

  31. Cheryl says

    You are fucked stupid

  32. Anonymous says

    Wow, ok. i’ve been researching why fraternities should be banned for a debate coming up…. all i can say to respond to a few of these comments is that it doest matter how much your social life is influenced, once you pledge, you give up your freedom as an individual. not only that, you subject yourself to crazy punishment(like a few from the above). so the best resolution i could offer, would be to stay away from fraternities, dont get involved. otherwise, you risk your life and your college experience

  33. William k waiamau says

    I would like to ask a question about how can you guys called your guy self brother when I see the kind of hazing you guys doing to your pledge the way their are teated like your selves by taken order like animals what I meaning is teated like dogs getting fuck up the ass and your brothers say that it is like it be fun and also getting piss on I hope all who are involved get punishment for what they doing to the pledge

  34. William waiamau says

    Fraternity brothers fucking they freshman pledged brothers in they ass for hazing them all is this what you guys mean to join your fraternity house I must say that all you fuck are going to spend life in jailed for a long time for what you guys are doing I hope that your fraternity brothers get pay back for what they done to they pledged brothers your fraternity brothers going to be treated like someone slave or bicth there in jailed taken someone cock up the ass everyday of they life while serving time there in jailed I can see it now I would like to say good for them pay back is a bicth I am not sorry for saying that what go around come around

  35. Anonymous says

    What is wrong with this website? since when were flung back into ancient tribal times?

  36. Teri says

    To: Anonymous Doing Research for a debate on Fraternities
    From: Teri, a teacher, researcher, and freelance writer

    Obviously I am not in a fraternity, however I was
    SN-Eta Omicron – pledge class sweetheart, 1970s.

    Are you using these responses in your debate? I hope not.

    Please do not use the responses here unless and until you have verified all the info below, because some responses may have been written by GDIs or guys who may never have attended college.

    It is irresponsible to cite an article response from this website without verifying the following information:

    1. Name of person who responded
    2. College they attended
    3. Fraternity and chapter name
    4. Verification of initiation
    5. Pin number

    My response may be too late for you, but I hope it will help others.

  37. william waiamau says

    I do believe is that in the holy bible that every dog will have they day to face they maker like this so called fraternity brothers who tested other young mans like they are a nothing how they feel about they own self this fraternity brothers are all bunch no good piece of shit to have around

  38. DaFUck says

    To the guy who said ZBT doesn’t haze? You mad bro! Most of our chapters haze the fuck out of pledges!

  39. samual cook says

    A lot of the things are so right on this thread….a pledge being captured and taken into the woods at 3 am and 45 minutes out of town…blind folding the pledges and throwing them in the back of the truck and taking them to a dark room in a random house somewhere and making them stay the night no food no tv no light just you guys….having to bite into an onion, bell pepper, and pepper…I can say i went through this stuff but when I joined and crossed into the fraternity i mean brotherhood the perks of being a member was amazing and everything I went thorough was so worth it.

  40. Gary Teekay says

    This is all so childish. Grow up!

  41. trawww says

    Pledging- The most fun youll never want to have again.

  42. William Waiamau says

    I’m very glad that I’m not part of asshold in a fuck up kind of a fucking fraternity who act like they like you but really don’t give a shit about anybody who want to join in a fraternity this fraternity brothers just like watching the young men’s getting fucked in front of other guys to making fun out of them plus taking away they pride

  43. William Waiamau says

    I’m very glad that I’m not part of asshold in a fuck up kind of a fucking fraternity who act like they like you but really don’t give a shit about anybody who want to join in a fraternity this fraternity brothers just like watching the young men’s getting fucked in front of other guys to making fun out of them plus taking away

  44. William Waiamau says

    I would be very happy to see the brothers of the fraternity serving time in prison making them men sex slave in prison for all the in mate so they think that what they called hell on the out side they can see hell in side the prison wall have hell everyday for the inmate to fucked your ass everyday

  45. anon says

    Dude this is fucking dumb. Honestly fraternities are retarded. Get a life.

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