Top 10 Worst Hazing Scandals & Stories


Fraternities will continue to be a social tradition as long as society involves adolescents, alcohol, sex & drugs. Sorry for partying. And maybe a few networking opportunities for those who don’t party. We don’t like to talk about them. Anyways, there are always the cases of pledgeship that go haywire. Serious shit can happen, and these top 10 moments prove just that:

10. Tyler Cross. Tyler Cross, pledging Sigma Alpha Epsilon at the University of Texas in 2006, fell from a fifth-story apartment. The night Cross died he had been given large amounts of alcohol and was physically hazed. Reportedly, the pledges were beaten with bamboo. Other allegations include sleep deprivation and shocking with cattle prods. The physical abuse caused injuries and traumas that not even Texas treatment centers for drug and alcohol addiction could do anything about it. Cross’ parents sued the fraternity and won a $16.2 million settlement they filed in the hopes that the legal case would serve to prevent another hazing-related death…

9. Matthew Carrington. In 2005, Matthew Carrington and a friend were pledging the Chi Tau fraternity at California State University Chico. One February night they were doused with gallons of cold water while powerful fans blew cold air on them. They were forced to do calisthenics while standing on one foot and made to drink several gallons of cold water. Carrington collapsed as a result of hypothermia and brain swelling from water intoxication. He died about two hours later from water intoxication. Carrington’s death was the impetus for stricter penalties for hazing. The Chi Tau fraternity was suspended.

8. Walter Dean Jennings III. At the State University of New York in March of 2003, Walter Dean Jennings III was pledging Psi Epsilon Chi. Jennings was involved in a hazing ritual that lasted ten days and included drinking numerous pitchers of water–sometimes through a funnel and often to the point of vomiting. Eventually, Jennings was forced to drink so much water that his brain swelled, and he died from water intoxication. 21 students were punished by the university over Jennings’ death and 13 were charged with, and plead guilty to, crimes that included criminally negligent homicide.

7. Benjamin Klein. Benjamin Klein was a member of the Zeta Beta Tau at Alfred University in 2002. He had been speaking out about hazing practices within the fraternity when four fellow fraternity members bound him with duct tape and held him in a hotel room. They beat him and kept him, still tied up, in the shower until he promised not to leave the room. The fraternity members were fearful he would get the fraternity into trouble over the hazing practices. Three days later, Klein’s bruised and cut body was found in a creek behind the fraternity house. Klein had killed himself with a drug overdose. One month after Klein’s death, Alfred University’s board of trustees voted to eliminate all fraternities and sororities from the campus.

6. Chad Meredith.Chad Meredith was pledging the Kappa Sigma fraternity at the University of Miami in November of 2001 when he and two of the officers of the fraternity began drinking heavily after a concert they attended. After several hours of drinking and with a blood alcohol level of .13, the officers encouraged Meredith to swim across Lake Osceola, where he drowned 34 feet from shore, unable to swim due to alcohol, fatigue, and the cold. Meredith’s death lead to the passage of the Chad Meredith Act, which expanded the definition of hazing and imposed harsh penalties on hazing at both the high school and college level.

5. Michael Davis. The beating death of Michael Davis in 1994 at Southeast Missouri State University uncovered a horrendous tradition of hazing at the school. The pledges of Kappa Alpha Psi underwent two weeks of physical battery that culminated on a Valentine’s Day event of multiple beatings where fraternity members set up “stations,” each of which issued physical and emotional abuse. Davis was beaten so badly that he was left with broken ribs, a lacerated liver and kidney, multiple bruises all over his body, and the bleeding in his brain that killed him. The state of Missouri made hazing a felony after this incident. The university presents a lecture each year in observance of Davis’ death.

4. Chuck Stevens.Chuck Stevens pledged the prestigious fraternity Klan Alpine at Alfred University in New York. One February night in 1978, with temperatures around zero degrees, Stevens was awakened from his bed, stripped to his underwear, and given a pint of Jack Daniels, a six-pack of beer, and a bottle of wine to drink while locked in the trunk of a  rent a bus . When the trunk was opened, Stevens’ body was ashen and he was dumped in a dorm room. Several hours later he was taken to the emergency room, but Stevens never awoke. The combination of massive amounts of alcohol and the frigid temperatures caused Stevens’ lungs to fill with fluid. Stevens’ mother, Eileen Stevens, became a tireless activist speaking out against hazing for 25 years.

3. Donna Bedinger. A 1970 incident at Eastern Illinois University proves that Greek hazing doesn’t happen just to men. Donna Bedinger and another woman pledging the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority were taken three miles away from campus on a back road in the countryside and left. As the other women drove away, Bedinger attempted to throw herself on the back of the car. She missed, hit her head on the ground, and died days later from her injuries. Sororities now condemn this type of activity, known as “pledge sneaks” as dangerous.

2. Richard Swanson. In 1959, the pledges of Kappa Sigma were taking part in a hazing ritual that involved the young men to stand before a buffet table where a tray with raw liver was presented. The pieces of liver, each about the size of a club sandwich, were soaked in oil. Six pledges before Swanson were made to swallow the liver without chewing it. Swanson attempted to swallow the liver three times without success. On the fourth time, the liver lodged in his throat. An ambulance was called, but the attendant was not told about the liver, so Swanson died at the hospital less than two hours after he began choking. The incident was inspiration for the movie Fraternity Row.

1.Isaac William Rand. One of the first hazing incidents that set off 100 years of horrific Greek hazing happened at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1912. Isaac William Rand fell from a barrel on which he was standing. He landed on a broken bottle that pierced his jugular vein, and Rand bled to death. The four students associated with the hazing incident were expelled from the university. One was acquitted and the other three were found guilty of manslaughter.

Pledging sucks. It’s a statement. Now look, these cases are one in a million. Shit happens when you party, and shit happens when you pledge. Bottom-line is this: you signed the papers, and you knew what you were getting into as a pledge. As much as each of these events goes above and beyond what hazing should be, each pledge knew he could always walk away. Thanks to for the info.

It’s not hazing. It’s brotherhood.

  1. PledgeMaster says

    Comment all you’d like. If you’re feeling generous, submit a story for consideration. You’ll stay anonymous, and your story might end up as the next post of the PledgeMaster.

  2. kappa tau says

    each pledge knew he could walk away?
    is that a fucking joke?
    every brother that was responsible for these deaths ought to be shot.

  3. ... says

    “He had been speaking out about hazing practices within the fraternity when four fellow fraternity members bound him with duct tape and held him in a hotel room”.

    Yea he could totally walk away.

  4. Anonymous says

    easily could have walked away

  5. Squatch says

    On an unrelated note, isn’t it mildly hilarious that the one woman on this list died because she JUMPED ONTO A MOVING CAR! 100% her fault.

  6. Anonymous says

    yeah. what a dumb bitch. She should have known better..

  7. Rex says

    Around 1960 when I was a student at USC, a pledge at Sigma Nu choked to death on a chunk of liver. The pledge had to swallow it and then pull it out with a string that was tied to it. Sigma Nu was shut down by the university. I was not a member of that frat so I don’t know the details.

  8. Anonymous Bob says

    Bottom-line is this: you signed the papers, and you knew what you were getting into as a pledge.

    Yeah, I read it right there in the contract. “Our highly trained team of closet sadomasochists who get a jolly out of locking naked dudes in trunks will be preparing you for physical trauma that may kill you and stuff.”

  9. Josh says

    you frat guys are assholes. end of story. christ.

  10. Steve-o says

    Y’all need to grow some nut sacks. That’s what pledging is all about

  11. Reality-Check says

    No, sorry Steve-o, that is not what pledging is all about. It is about going through trials and tribulations that have a purpose…”bonding” and sadistic pleasures are excuses to do some pretty messed up things. No story up there should be a natural occurence in your fraternity therefore it is NOT what it is “all about”.

  12. Anonymous says

    yall gay

  13. Anonymous says

    This is ridiculous. You think you’re cool? Get over yourself. Your mommy and daddy pay thousands of dollars a year for you to go to college and partake in an idiotic establishment where you torment others and think you’re ‘badass’ because of it. Frat guys who do this are nothing but meathead jocks going no where in life who will drop out of college most likely within the next year, and will have nothing to put on their resume but “I can chug a bottle of Jack in 90 minutes and traumatize people simultaneously.” If I could give the makers of this website a slow clap and punch in the face, I would. But, hopefully your other cell mates will do that for me when karma eventually bites you in the ass.

  14. Anon says

    Well now we know not to swim across lakes, miss jumping on a car, fall off barrels, o.d. on drugs we took on our own, or fall off an apartment building. That being said, some of those kids took that hazing way too far.

  15. J says

    fraternities are so gay haha. “brotherhood” hahaha such fags.

  16. fratty light says

    ^fucking this

  17. Anonymous says

    Some of the pledges could have walked away, honestly. Not all of them could but at least 3 could have said, “No, I’m not doing this garbage anymore.”

  18. Winston says

    I dont know why you guys bash fraternities like this. You obviously dont understand the things that we accomplish within our organization and the people we create; those same people who go on to become leaders of society. Im not saying that what these groups did was right, but not all fraternities nor chapters are like that and some of these instances are INDIVIDUALS going too far. Dont you dare begin to bash the entire fraternal system unless you have been through it and completely understand what it means to become a fraternal brother. You can walk away from ALL of these circumstances INCLUDING the one who was tied up and beaten. Dont drink the alcohol, dont kill yourself 3 days later, dont give in to peer pressure. I have avoided situations like this numerous times as a pledge by thinking SMART. What you people fail to realize is that every one of these individuals made choices to end up where they are, unfortunately they paid the price with their lives, but with that price came stricter rules and laws to improve our system as a whole. So dont begin to judge on a few individuals mistakes and dont hate the system when you can clearly tell that most of the haters have never given themselves to an organization that will have your back NO MATTER WHAT.

  19. Mays says

    Yall mather fuckers are stupied i want do that shit so u got probly with want i said suck a gaint fat cock

  20. Voice says

    When you sign your bid, you do NOT sign up for hazing in FACTFACTFACT it says boldly always everywhere and probably more than once, hazing at so and so university is strictly forbidden please sign here if you understand. So I GUARANTEE that is not what you sign up for.

  21. wcu says

    this is ridiculous. risking your life for peer pressure to be socially accepted… when I was in college. these frat kids were drunk playing with a pistol at 5am until it blew one of their brothers heads off. Frat kids are morons. This means a loaded gun was pointed at someone’s face… They live in the moment of selfishness with complete disregard to life. They really don’t do squat to change the world. It’s all about binge drinking, campus power, sex and self righteousness.

  22. jay says

    There’s something really pathetic and vaguely homosexual about needing to be in a frat. What, you can’t make friends or get girls on your own? Always struck me as nothing more than a crutch for socially awkward kids.

  23. don't worry about it says

    WCU, call it a frat again you stupid geed. I hope you know that fraternities are like this, from the outside looking in, there is no understanding it, and from the inside looking out, there is no explaining it.

  24. fraternity says

    can’t understand greek life unless your in it. Bunch of GDIs.

  25. Silly GDIs says

    This is the extreme of what could go on in a fraternity. Please go on and use a few incidents to justify hating the Greek system. How many geeds have died driving back from shitty dorm parties? By all means keep pretending you understand what we are about. Sorry you didn’t get a bid.

  26. Y'all are gay says

    Ever think the kid couldn’t swim. GDI’s won’t ever understand the reasoning behind hazing. It’s to make sure that the people coming in can endure anything to strive to something better than themselves. Ya some cases get out of hand, but the stereotypes of fraternities today are ridiculous. You can say I paid for my friends, but there a hell of alot better than the friends you have.

  27. Wow says

    It’s stuff like this that gives Greek life a bad name, this is pathetic. Greek Life is NOT about hazing and it’s a shame it has a reputation for it.

  28. Silly Frat Boys says

    I don’t know where y’all go to school but hazing is not accepted down here. Calling them GEEDs and GDIs because they’re against hazing makes no sense, as a member of the Greek life YOU should be against hazing. Greek life is an amazing thing and every day I get a reminded on why rushing was the best choice of my life, but if I had sisters like your guy’s brothers I’d hate it. Real members of Greek life do strive to changed the world, unfortunately a majority of us are brought down and given these negative reputation thanks to closed minded pricks like these guys.

  29. Anonymous says

    you are all obviously pussys. i got hazed and im a better person for it. i do not regret one second of it and i am happy that i went through that with my pledge brothers. dont fucking talk about things you do not understand

  30. Su Ei Idiotes says

    Replace haze with rape and it’ll be no less true. It’ll only unravel the horrid closeted BDSM nature of frat boys.

  31. bRO moNTANA says

    The only reason GDI’s hate fraternity men is because they cant afford it, and didnt make the cut. If you dont make the cut, then you probably suck at life.

  32. Finny says

    A lot of what I see here isn’t so much hazing as sadism. The entire point, as so many of you are putting forth, is to show strength of character and test mettle, but in all of these cases, it ended with a death. There are limits to what is and isn’t acceptable, and these are excellent examples of the latter. This isn’t about unity or spirit, not in the least. It’s a warning about what happens when you take it too far. How is it Greek when someone dies and the campus bans all fraternities, or when people get sent to prison on murder, manslaughter and assault? This is a warning on common sense, people, and what happens when you stop using it.

  33. Anonymous says

    Sigman Nu arizona state stabbed a pledge

  34. UT says

    Tyler Cross didn’t fall off that apartment balcony, the awesome brothers at SAE made that kid jump from one balcony to another in a “ritual” called a balcony jump.

  35. Anonymous says

    Fraternities are the shit. Continue on, these shit sippers don’t know what they’re talking about.

  36. Reefercheifer says

    Fraternities are the shit. Continue on, these shit sippers don’t know what they’re talking about.

  37. Master Keef says

    alcohol kills people. so for our next fraternity challenge everyone smokes a pound of grass. and then everyone falls asleep and no one dies. LEGALIZE IT!

  38. Lol says

    Yeah we deprive people of liberty, assault them, dehumanise them, ply them with alcohol, ignore the laws on underage drinking, victimise women, and order our pledges to do all sorts of disgusting and illegal things, but hey, its all their own fault, they signed the papers.

    Fucking. Muppets.

  39. Lol says

    “i got hazed and im a better person for it”

    Considering youre an a-grade asshole now, i shudder to think what you were like before your pledge president deflowered your bunghole in a drunken stupor.

  40. lolercopter says

    bitch asses.

  41. Anonymous says

    For the ones saying Greeks will never amount to anything, go check the list of student organizations with the best GPA on campus and then look at the majority of your government and fortune 500 execs.

  42. None says

    For the ones saying Greeks will never amount to anything, go check the list of student organizations with the best GPA on campus and then look at the majority of your government and fortune 500 execs.

  43. sigma Nu and proud says

    Look fraternities can be a great thing but only if the people in them do the right thing. It’s like any other organization some people fuck up and ruin it for others. And to comment on the “beatings and rapes” in fraternities that shit doesnt happen any more. Oh and I’ve got news for you there’s another organization in this country that has done far worse things to their “pledges” only they’re not pledges they’re recruits and that organization is this nation’s God Damn military. But do people Damn everyone in the military? NO!! And neither do I people just have to realize that some people are fucked up in the head. But just because they belonged to a certain organization doesn’t mean everyone else in that organization is fucked in the head too.

  44. sigma nu lth says

    Its all about being a part of something bigger than yourself unfortunately some groups ruin it for everyone with this shit there are tests and trials that are hard because if it were easy it wouldn’t be worth it but causing physical harm does nothing for the brotherhood

  45. deltasig says

    Huge difference between hazing and beating the shit out of a guy

  46. joey says

    fuck this shit sounds gay

  47. Anonymous says

    Sure, the pledges could walk away, but that doesn’t change the fact that fraternities and sororities are filled with sadistic sociopaths who delight in torturing and humiliating people.

    Pledges who are faced with hazing should absolutely refuse to take part, and call the cops on these sick perverts. Any freak who wants you to guzzle vodka while he shoves a marker up your ass is someone to be avoided at all costs. Should be a no-brainer, but have some fucking self-respect for chrissakes! What the fuck is wrong with people?

  48. ashboo says

    what the Us military does is to teach you how to survive in deadly conditions, hazings that sexually humiliate others can not even be compared to boot camp. Its an insult for our service men and women. From a girls pov, how can beating and sexually humiliating pledges do any good? Why can those who insist on team building hazing just do thinks like scavenger hunts and house cleaning nights? Its just sad that some individual sadists have snuck into the system and get their jollies off by doing this crap. Whats worse is that some pledges will let girls beat them with paddles, im sorry that is some kinda kinky shit don’t tell me its not. Be proud and don’t submit to psychopaths.

  49. Bruce says

    yea, none of those people could have walked away…and if they could, they’d be known as the “pussy that couldn’t handle it”. Fraternities are bullshit. People who don’t have friends or a life and are insecure about themselves so they pay money to have friends and wear matching T’s so they feel like they belong. Pledged SAE, biggest waste of time ever… and I DIDN’T sign something that warned me I was getting hazed… Karma goes around…and I hope every frat boy that ever hazed someone gets it

  50. anon frat dude says

    listen, for those of you who say frats are stupid, and frat guys are gay, and shit like that should honestly keep their mouths shut. yes greek life is not for every one, but for the people like myself who have joined a fraternity, it means everything, yes some frats choose brutal tactics over the brotherhood bonding and that is a shame.pledging is about learning about the house, its history, and the brothers, every bit of “hazing” should be aimed at teaching the pledges something about the fraternity, and should have a purpose, senseless beatings have no place in pledging i agree with that but in all a fraternity brotherhood is a bond that is never supposed to be broken, your brothers should be your best friends even after college. not every frat guy is an asshole, meat head, or prick. you say we bought our friends? many of my pledge brothers were friends before joining our fraternity. pledging is a part of earning your way into the brotherhood. these cases while sad are extreme cases that have caused change in how greek organizations run pledging. not trying to start anything here just putting the point of view of a loyal Brother out there.

  51. LeftAndBetterForIt says

    This is ridiculous. I joined a fraternity as a freshman in college with several of my friends. We rushed, we pledged, we made the bid. It seemed great for a while. But it wasn’t really a “brotherhood”. There were guys there that were complete assholes to everyone. Even their own “brothers”. Yeah, we learned about the frat and the house and the history, but almost all of the guys were the most two-faced people I’d ever met. The only reason that most of them ever got good grades wasn’t because they were studious or because they were smart. It was because they got test answers from fellow members. And it wasn’t that they bought their friends, they were paying for the chance to be cool. I didn’t need to pay dues or attend frat parties to be cool. And I sure as hell didn’t need to risk getting kicked out of school on charges of academic fraud. At the risk of losing all of my so-called brothers, I decided to leave after my freshman year. I turned in my pin, left a letter to the president politely explaining that I felt that the fraternity lifestyle had been the wrong choice for me, and that I wouldn’t be joining another frat after leaving. I did take an oath, afterall. But I tell you what, I was a much happier person on the outside after that. My friends were my real friends when they were with me and when they weren’t. I didn’t hear them ever talking about me behind my back like I did with some of the guys in the frat. And I’ve been best friends with that same group of GEEDs for the last 10 years since college..whereas my friends who stayed in the frat hardly ever speak to one another anymore. SO after being on both sides of the fence, trust me people, the grass is greener where you’re at.

  52. StayedAndBetterForIt says

    Dear LABFI,
    You’re a pussy. You probably went to PIKE, and even they couldn’t take you. I hope you enjoy you’re little years as a GDI, because once its over, you can come work for me and my MBA, if I feel nice.

  53. Anonymous says

    I don’t get why people would want to do such shitty things to each mother’s anyway. You know, serial killers get prison time for doing the similar. Just sayin. Do these frat guys kill smalll animals on the side for a hobby as well? Watch that triad, cuz torture IS one.

  54. Anonymous says

    Left and Better for it, you are the epitome of a fucking faggot.

  55. You guys are gay as fuck says

    You guys are so gay about all this greek shit. Who gives a fuck if someones in a frat or not. Also, what is the point of calling people geed’s? Is it because they didnt walk around and touch each others nutsacks. And ‘stayedand better for it’. Im not gonna be your boss because im not gonna hire your stupid ass. I’m getting handed down my dads multi-million dollar company and not letting anyone work there who is a faggot part of greek life like you. Have you ever been in a fraternity? That will be the first question on applications and if they say yes, then get the fuck out. Asking this question might not even be necessary because i will be able to tell if you are when you show up in very very short and bright colored pants, similar to my little sisters. I won’t need cocksuckers like you that think they’re better than everyone else to be on the salary. You think that you will be handed a job just because you’re in a fraternity but thats not going to be the case. You better enjoy elephant walking around the room while you still can because when/if you graduate, you’re not going to know anybody and you’re not going to find friends by seeing if anybody wants to haze the fuck out of you to become their friend. PS if you want to get drunk and get your butthole licked by dudes, theres tons of places like that near the cities.

  56. Anonymous says

    These are people who were rubbed of their lives and some of you call them stupid and dumb!!! I hate people who do these kind of things to people!!!! The girl who fucking died because she jumped onto a moving car was probably scared and that’s why she probably did what she did!!!!! I just fucking can’t say all I have to in words but don’t fucking judge them….fuck!!!

  57. MemberOfAGoodFraternity says

    These aren’t fraternities. They are a group of jackasses that think cruelty is the only way to test a man. As a member of a real fraternity, one that practices values and actually lives its ritual, I can honestly say that I’m a better man for being a brother. I was never beaten, I never had to chug anything, and I never got treated like dirt. Did we have to prove ourselves? Yes. Was it hard sometimes? Absolutely. Did we abandon what we were just to make things difficult on pledges? No, and a whole lot of shame on anyone who does. Pathetic.

  58. jeff says

    the real shit…

    look…before you sign your bid you have been to that house many times, hung out with the brother,and most likely got fuck up with them. what im saying is you have a very good idea about the fraternity and its members when you sign. if its a party house, or a Jewish house,or the few geek ass frats that dont really count anyway, you know what to expect. i got hazed like a mother fucker. paddled, branded, left out in the cold naked, swim a few lakes, ate ho knows what blindfolded that i still have no idea what it was. when you have something great you cant share it with everyone. only the real mother fuckers make it through. yea im glad i had to do what i did. the boys that were standing there with me at the end are still my best friends and will always be. and why does everyone have the idea that a frat house is free. we have light bills, water bills, and try to imagine what we dish out for insurance. everyone in here that said that shit if a fucking retarded. yall are the mother fuckers still paying to be in cub scouts and bowling leagues. NOTHING IS FREE you dumb asses. but i do understand why people hate so much on fraternities. we are rich good looking white boys that have the time of YOUR life for you and still the pussy you tried to get… i get it. i would be pissed too. like i said when you have something great you cant share it with everyone. hazing is always going to happen along with accidents. but have a nice safe day and tell your love ones you love them because you never know when a frat boy might show up and kill you.

  59. walter says

    Why are all the pro-fraternity comments here so laden with obvious gay-ness? Yo frat-dudes… denying your attraction to other men is unhealthy. Come out of the closet. It’s 2013. You guys can even get legally married in several states now.

  60. Lmao says

    “I dont know why you guys bash fraternities like this. You obviously dont understand the things that we accomplish within our organization and the people we create; those same people who go on to become leaders of society”….. Thats the problem with America we put douschebag frat boys in power…. Take a bottle in the ass and get connections for powerful jobs.

  61. Independent says

    Hazing is for the facilitation of group think. It helps break an individuals sense of self, and make them obedient to the group. In addition, the cost of the physical and psychological pain makes the victim value their membership more. If you want to risk your life to become an obedient to a social group go right on ahead. Just know that ultimately we all die isolated in the same locked room we were born into.

    Side note: I got a few bids to different frats but turned them down. I’d rather not suffer to fit in to a glorified clique.

  62. Anonymous says

    Hell I remember while pledging ALWAYSSS having to give blowjobs to all my brothers – plus at parties they’d drop their pants while everyone was around and want all the pledges to suck their cocks while others watched us. I guess I am pretty good too since it seemed like all my brothers came to me more than the other guys pledging – was so extreme that they’d want me to do stuff everyday. My roommate pushed the limit though because he would get into my bed every night wanting sex – then when the other brothers found out he didn’t want to look bad so he got them into it too so he wasn’t the only one. It got to be TOTALLYYYY impossible to hook up with any girls at school because they’d always see me sucking my brothers’ cocks & getting gangbanged by them fucking me.

    Funny thing is that when I was an upper classman I did the same stuff to freshman guys who were pledging even worse, but was nice about it letting them fuck my ass; as well always returned the favor by 69’ing. Furthermore even as a senior most of my brothers would still want me to do things for them! On the weekends at parties they’d hook up with girls, but all week long all of us would have some drinks while we hung out together stripping naked followed by complete group sex!!! They’d never admit to anyone about our orgies, but yet we spent more time in bed with each other than any girls that came over.

  63. Anonymous says

    Childish, pathetic and useless are the first words that come to mind when I read these stories. Here is one simple message to every single Greek life participant on the face of this planet: you are completely useless as a human being. You have no skills, no morals, no respect, no intelligence and most of all, no standards. You think what you give to your fellow classmates (pledges) makes you big and bad, well let me tell you something. I am a former USMC officer who is currently attending a major university, and I have a reality check for each of you. Try watching your brothers and sisters who you train with get extremities blown off and possibly never get to see their children and/or families again. Think about that before you go thinking you’re all big and bad. You want be a bad ass, go get shot at every single day, then maybe we can have a conversation. Every single one of you need to be expelled from your respective universities because you DO NOT DESERVE any of what you have been given. Those who do not appreciate, do not deserve. Reality check you arrogant little infants…life will take from you what you took from others because you have no idea what REAL LIFE is.

  64. william k. waiamau says

    i would like to say that the fraterity brothers should be punish for the wrong that they did to the pledge brothers for having them do such thing as of forced upon them to having gay sex action done to each one who making a pledge and making videotape and also pictures taken at the time the pledge being sucking another guy cock and after taken it up the ass and saying to the pledge then it is not gay it is just giving another guy a helping hand and plus by saying whatgo down in sigma stared in sigma i know that this in a little dirty secret going on here in this sigma i see by watching this thing about hazing that it was told it is to building brotherhood i mean how can their brothers of the fraternity lie to the new brothers who are going to pledge i feel that this fraternity brothers should be in jail and have someone in jail do the same thing to them and see how they would like that happend to them i’m not sorry for what i saying here

  65. william k. waiamau says

    when the fraternity brothers come in to the pledge dorn room they have mask on they face and wering all black and then tie up the pldege and put on a blindfold their pledge why do they do such a thing like this so they do not know were they are taken them to do they pledge before the pledge getting fuck by someone that they do not know to be apart of this here fraternity house and plus be come a fraternity brothers to be with the fraternity you have to going from being a straight guy and then turn around and be forced in to doing gay sex action that this is not gay then what is it if they saying that sucking cock and also getting fuck up the ass is not gay then something is really wrong with this person or fraternity brothers for saying something like this to any one i know care if i was told not to say anything that this fraternity brothers have done to me person i would go and talk to some one in the school offing and tell them everything that was done to me like forced to such another guy cock and plus having it put up in side my ass i would make them pay by puting them in jail were they belong

  66. william k. waiamau says

    put them away for a very long time were they do not see sun light put nothing put darkness and have some one used them like what they did to they pledge brothers in forced to having gay sex even if they do not want but still in forced it and say that this is the only way and say once a brothers alway brothers for life time i do not buy in to some thing like that for any college that i would go if this was the case then away go to college and have something like this to show the fraternity brothers that i’m straight or gay or just to see if i’m going to be loyal to them to do what they say and plus what they want from me if like say if a brother girlfriend do not want to give him sex then i’m to lay down and give my own body to give my fraternity brothers sex cause this is what i see on your guy website and in your videotape it is all there in the tape of hazing you are say hazing is to building brotherhood to what i see and what i know it is bunch of lies on top of more lies and cover your selve to your pledge not to say anything to any body because of your dirty secret not to be share outside your fraternity brothers i can say that god do not sleep he in watching what all you fraternity brothers are doing to his children all of you are going to be punish for your wrong doing to god

  67. Anonymous says

    Fraternities are cruel. don’t start w that shit that i “don’t understand it”. i do, it’s sadistically torturing pledges so they will be socially accepted. the website name is the truest thing i’ve seen today, pledging sucks.

  68. William Waiamau says

    The guy’s who joining fraternity that get treated like they are wor’t like shit were you are force to such a other pledged cock in front other guy’s or taking another guy’s up your bull hole just to ne a brother i do think it is all mass up or wrong doing for a president of the fraternity to do plus the fuck up fraternity brothets need to be put in prison for a very long time serving lifetime will fo the president and also the fraternity brothers

  69. d d says

    there’s way too much homophobia in the comments section. all of you who participated should be ashamed of yourselves.

  70. Tedd Broosevelt says

    To everyone saying “all fraternities are terrible” and “they should be shut down”, think about this. My fraternity does so much for my school even thigh they fight us every year to use us off campus. Fraternities in general teach you about trust, being there for the guy next to you, and doing what needs to be done. Letters aren’t given, they’re earned. And to the anonymous former marine, we don’t know what that like, but to call every participant a useless human beings is ridiculous. Ill be sure to tell that to many brothers in the marines, navy, and Air Force. Get off your high horse, and actually look at a frat. Not all of them are good, but they hold an important place in college life.

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